I just had surgery with Dr Allred here at Deaconesse hospital in Spokane, WA. What an amazing experience!!! He is so good at what he does. The surgery went great with minimal pain and lots of personal time with him. He answered all my questions! Just a great experience!
Dr. Bracken is very personable and knowledgable and does a very good job with patient education. We did have a mishap during my procedure, necessitating scheduling another surgery after I recover from this one. I am reserving further judgement until that surgery is done.
Dr. Berlanga is an incredible Doctor. Compassion, determination, and intelligent are only a few words to describe her. I have been a patient of Dr. Berlanga's for a year and have enjoyed every second I have had with her.
Best experience ever, The love he gives you knowing you are having a hard day, God Bless Him Aida Barbosa
Doesn't listen. Makes medical decisions without considering the patients history, presentation, or risk factors.
Best and friendliest cardio doc at scott & white
Very smart & kind
She is amazing i love the staff as well I'm always seen in a timely manner and kelso is just so great so careing i really trust her
I've seen Dr Courtright on several occasions. She is warm, caring and gives excellent care. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a well rounded Physician.
She is great! Thorough, professional, sweet and on top of things. Glad I found her!
Dr Marshall is incredibly friendly and kind. She made the appointment really rather enjoyable! I felt in control of the decisions made, but that I was well-informed and that we were making the best decisions for what I wanted.
Dr. Rashid never gives me the impression of being in a hurry during a consultation. She listens well and is good at asking pertinent questions and explaining why. I like that she explains why some ailments are unlikely to be the cause of the health issue. She makes good use of her available resources and is mindful of the cost/benefit of certain types of diagnostics.
The Doctor was very patient, kind, explained all procedures. Made me feel so much better about my situation.
shes wonderful and when it comes to overall care for kids she took her time in explaining tings i didnt understand and is very through
Dr. Tran has always been very knowledgeable about her field and has been an invaluable resource for our child. She takes the time to listen and has trained me as to how to care for him from head to toe in terms of listing those areas. She shares her wisdom as a doctor, but also relates to you as a parent. Love her...
Dr Hasan was so nice . I saw him while in the hospital and he performed several of my procedures including an upper GI scope and colonoscopy. I felt very comfortable with him and confident in his skills. He was clear , kind , and very helpful.
Truly a favorite physician of mine! Even though I only see her once a year, she's great! So thorough, explains everything perfectly well so anyone can understand, she's fun, empathetic, always bright and cheery and truly like you have a caring friend who's an outstanding physician! I highly recommend her and trust her to the utmost!
She is such a sweetheart ..very friendly and very professional..am seeing her for my second pregnancy too..absolutely recommend her..
Very nice, easy to talk to, seems like he listens and cares about me. Also very attentive to my family's concerns.
Dr. Halgrimson is an outstanding physician, well regarded in in his field by his patients and his peers. I can see how Dr. Halgrimson may not fit well with drug seeking individuals. However, if you wish to receive outstanding psychiatric care, and have a compassionate and truly empathetic physician, Dr. Halgrimson is your doc. I have been working with Dr. Halgrimson for several months now and his care has been outstanding.
I was so impressed with the time spent finding my history as well as what is going on in my current history. Explains everything. Most important to me, he listens. He seems genuinely interested in finding a way to help the patient. Also, his nurses are kind and especially helpful on the phone. So glad to have him for self and family.
I went to Dr. Halgrimson seeking drugs in the literal sense. I had a diagnosis for ADD in another city, and I had a prescription which managed it very effectively. I'm having trouble working without it, and was VERY up-front with the staff about the reason for my visit. Some psychiatrists have a phone consultation to see if a visit is appropriate. I feel this office took my $320 knowing full well that I'd walk out unhappy. I don't have the time/money to spend months jumping through hoops.
Dr. Lazol is amazing!! My Daughter loves her and so do we!! She's kind, patient, compassionate and it really shows!!! I highly recommend her!!
What a joke and waste of my time!Was called less than 24 hours before appt saying bring a driver for a procedure.Mind you, I'd never seen this Dr. I told them no procedure until I spoke to the Dr and had a plan.Got to the office had to inform them again no procedure.A PA told me in four minutes what the Dr would not do for me.The arrogance; to think one will follow blindly. What about patients input? It is our body; not theirs.I left informing the PA "This Dr is not a good fit for me." Be aware!
This doctor is very rude and disrespectful
Dr. Lange was warm and compassionate about my pain issues. He spent extra time with me at the last visit because I was so emotional about how my pain was restricting me from my normal activities. Dr. Lange even checked up on me the next day to be sure I was doing better. I will keep seeing Dr. Lange until hopefully I'm cured. A great doctor and such a good bedside manner. He really cares about his patients.
He works at a pain clinic yet has no patience or compassion. I've been to hundreds of appts for a serious problem and I've never lost my cool, but he makes me want to scream. He talks very condescendingly and it feels like everything is a lecture. I told him my current meds weren't working and he told me that I'd made it this long with the pain so I must be okay, despite me making an ER trip a month ago feeling suicidal from the pain. Try your best to avoid!
I have been a patient of Dr Shale's since May 2014. I went to see him before I went in for a bilateral mastectomy. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. He was wonderful with me. He made me laugh and feel comfortable as he spoke with me and my family about my options. I have had my reconstruction done and it looks great. I am very thankful my cancer team put me in touch with him. I can't say enough to express how much he has done to make me feel better through my cancer journey.
I had 3 hip surgeries, all with Dr Souder. I even had my family drive me 4 hours for the last one. He has awesome bed side manner. Answered all my questions and showed me all Maria/X-rays/pictures from the surgery. He always kept me informed. I went through 7 drs who gave me wrong diagnoses, Dr Souder correctly diagnosed me on my first visit. He has always gone above and beyond.
I have been seeing Dr. Williams for the past 8 months. She is by far the best Endocrinologist I have ever had. I've been seeing an Endocrinologist since 1994. And I can tell you Dr. Williams is by far the best I have ever met. She has a wonderful bedside manner, she really cares about her patients and tries working with them. My issue is that I have Diabetes and I've had many other physicians, not though as caring and attentive as her. She truly was a good choice on my part. Best EVER!!
She is very thorough!
Absolutely love Dr. Wenner. She is always so nice and takes time to go over my concerns. I would highly recommend her to others.
Great Doctor, wonderful staff!
Dr. Wenner is a great doctor and she is so good with my kids.
I worked with Dr. Ward for two years when he was a resident. He was an incredibly sharp, energetic, personable young physician. He always took a generous time explaining care to his patients and made sure what pain they may experience was as limited to as much health science could allow. I do not have any current professional or personal connection to him.
Extremely rude. Obvious he didn't want to be there. Kept having to explain my symptoms over and over again because he kept getting them wrong. Didn't clearly explain anything and dodged all my questions. Followed up with another doctor and turns out the diagnosis Dr. Weatherford gave me was incorrect. This experience was more than enough for me to never seek medical care at covenant again for any reason.

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Trichomoniasis Screening
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Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning
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