Dr. Wang is great. I would recommend him in the highest regard.
My experience has been nothing but good. His professional performance and patient communication translates to the highest level of trust (i.e., literally trusting him with your life).
This was my second meeting with Dr. Wang and I can tell you that he consistently provides very friendly and informative medical services. He does not rush, rather he takes the time to ask questions and explain his diagnosis and recommendations. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, even with complex medical topics.
Dr. Joe is the kind of doctor every one should have.. He listens carefully and responds in a way that you understand. You come away with the feeling that really cares for you because he does. I have already referred a number of my friends to him and they have had the same experience that I have.
Dr. Wang makes me feel at ease. I don't feel any anxiety when I go see him. I always feel that I am receiving the best of care. His staff is very cordial and friendly.
Dr. Wang is super friendly, clear, thorough, and a brilliant professional. I feel he sincerely cares about my health as well as my understanding of all the details and options of my treatment. The staff is super responsive and friendly too. The MyChart on-line feature makes it super easy to get information on labs, appointments, bills, and to exchange information and ask questions of the nurse(s) in between appointments if necessary. I've been pleasantly surprised at the speed of responses.
Efficient appointment, friendly staff!
My neighbor recommended Dr. Wang to me she spoke very highly of him. He was taking new patients and I was very happy to get an appointment with him. He made me feel very comfortable and listened to me talk about my stress. He was very understanding. He took his time explaining all the test for me and made sure I understood them. I also have seen his CNS Karen Blakley whom I was very pleased with her as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang and the staff.
I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone. Both my brother and myself are patients of his and have been provided excellent service. In fact, my brother was misdiagnosed in hospital and without Dr. Wang, he would of never been diagnosed with his blockage. He truly saved his life. Not only is Dr Wang very knowledgeable, he is also very kind. Anyone will find him to have a pleasant personality. Last of all, his office staff is very proficient as well. Everyone is professional and kind.
Dr. Vemuri and the entire staff at Austin Heart provide excellent care and follow-up for their patients. I am a Health Professional with over 45 years experience and would recommend Austin Heart to my family and others seeking care for Cardiac issues.
A very good Doctor
Dr. Wang was VERY nice and patient. He did not make me feel like an idiot and answered my questions in a way that I could understand. Even though they were running a little behind, I did not feel like he rushed through our appointment. The entire office was very comfortable and gracious with me. I would highly recommend this practice.
Dr. Vemuri is a very caring and knowledgeable cardiologist. He makes you feel like family, and explains everything thoroughly. He takes my concerns seriously and NEVER makes me feel like I'm unimportant. Dr. Vemiri treats the whole patient, not just the symptoms. I would highly recommend him to everyone!
Dr. Vemuri is a caring physician, with abtruly holistic approach to Cardiology. He makes sure to work on the "basics" diet, sleep and exercise, so as to prevent as much cardiac disease as possible. An astute clinician, he is able to get to the root cause of many heart conditions, so as to cure them. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Vemuri to anyone suffering from cardiac issues.
I am very satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Wetherold. She takes time to listen and to give you information that will help educate you on what you can do to care for yourself. I like her excellent customer service manner, and her staff is very caring, too.
I have been her patient for years and she has given me the best care possible when I have a question she has a answer i couldn't find better care anywhere Thank You
Very friendly fellow.
Dr. Joe has been "forthcoming " & seems honestly concerned about my health. I trust him with my health and wellbeing 100%
Great experience. Took the time to explain in detail and understanding. Left with peace of mind.
Dr. Wang made me feel very comfortable at the first meeting, asking all the right questions, and explaining what was needed to help me with my symptoms. His staff were very kind and efficient... Thank you very much for all you do..
Very happy with Dr. Wang's visit and the staff. Explained very well of test required, why needed, etc...Would highly recommend Dr. Wang.
Dr. Joe exemplifies a professional approach and has a very focused and consistent manner in the care of his patients.
I found Dr. Vemuri to be condescending and room. Prior to any discussion or exam he wanted to schedule a sleep study. He asked me why I take blood pressure medicine and then before I could even reply said oh I guess that's easier than eating right. That's only one example. I have never been talked to or treated so rudely by a Dr. I certainly will not see him again or ever recommend him to anyone.
I've been going to Dr Wang for about five years. In that time, I've not had a negative experience with him or with the Austin heart SW facility. Requests for appointments are well-handled and bale to be obtained in reasonable time. Waiting time is generally brief. Staff is efficient. I've recommended him to several friends and family and I know two people are now patients of his. Strongest endorsement.
I do sincerely recommend Dr. Wang to family and friends. He is trying his best to keep me healthy, reminding me of how important the heart is and how I need to start taking better care of myself. Love his friendly attitude and how he makes me feel like I am not just another Senior Citizen.
DR Wang is the best !! not only super smart, but very caring and respectful. Best manners ever!! thank you Dr for taking your time in my first consult.
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Wang. He has been treating my soon-to-be 99 year old father for many years. Dr. Wang is very friendly, caring, listens to our concerns, and provides excellent medical care. His bedside manner is awesome. If I personally ever need a cardiologist, Dr. Wang is the doctor I want to treat me.
Dr. Wetherold is the best. She makes sure you understand the why of treatments and tests. It is obvious to me that she genuinely cares and wants to make sure she does everything to make and keep you healthy. I would recommend Dr. Wetherold to anyone who needs a first rate cardiologist.
Dr Wang and his staff are beyond compare. I have had cardiologist in Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida and Texas. He is by far the very best. I always look for a physician who cares about my well being. He most certainly does. Earl Mullen
I had such a great experience with Dr Joe. He has a very calm demeanor, explained my risk factors and talked about what I needed to do to lower that risk factor. There was no sense of judgement. If I had to see a cardiologist in the future, Dr Joe would be the one!
Very friendly and knowledgeable
Its all to simple to rate A.H.H.,and Dr.Wetherold.Just walk through the door and you're greeted by staff and nurses,that attend to every aspect of your cardiac health.When your appt. time comes you enter the room and are treated by Dr.Wetherold's nurse staff and Dr.Wetherold knows exactly what your needs are,its always an easy appt. when I go to A.H.H. Thanks Dr.Wetherold for everything.
Although I have been an electrophysiology patient with Austin Heart since 2005 it was recommended that I establish myself with a local cardiologist. I didn't hesitate and chose Dr. Joe Szczytowski. He had taken great care of our 89 year old aunt and was so kind, patient and respectful to her. I can say the same was true for my recent visit with him. Dr. Joe was very clear in his explanations, encouraged questions, very positive and polite. I feel very fortunate to have him as my cardiologist!
Very thorough exam and clear explanation of results. Friendly, personable and professional. An excellent MD.
Dr. Wang is a pleasure, caring person. He is thorough and has great patience. Dr.Wang enters the room and his focus and attention is on you and your concerns. He explains your condition to where you can understand and advise what need to be done for better your health. Truly the office and staff are phenomenal! I'll refer anyone Dr. Wang.
Dr wang is the best! He's very attentive, extremely professional, and has a wonderful manner towards the patient. I'm very fortunate to have him for my heart health care. God bless him.
What a unique experience I have enjoyed with Austin Heart - Fredericksburg over the past several months. Having become accustomed to long waits in waiting rooms and impersonal management of health issues from other providers, it was truly a joy to be placed in the care of Dr. Gallagher and his team at Austin Heart. Dr. Gallagher is more than a superb physician, he has become my cardio health advocate and repeatedly gone that extra mile to ensure my care was timely and effective.
Dr.Siegel is very professional. He listens, explains medical conditions,and answers my questions to my satisfaction. His staff is always courteous and helpful .l would recommend him to my family and friends.
He takes care of my heart and I am pleased to have him doing that for me! I truly think his approach towards his patients is great.
Office staff very courteous and helpful. Prompt and knowledgeable. Dr. Risinger is one ok favorite doctors. Very concerned and explaining
Dr. Swett is one of the most competent, patient and caring physicians I've come across. He listens carefully, responds thoughtfully and clearly, and assures that one understands the situation he is addressing. He makes clear my health problems, treatment options and prognosis. I have a great deal of confidence in his professional ability. He has an excellent "bedside" manner.
Dr. Burket has a very caring attitude toward his patients. Usually the doctor is not present during testing, but he was present during my last stress and cardiac echogram. He was reading the reports as they were recorded. He explained what was found and reassured me. He is friendly to both his patients an their families. Sometimes there is a wait period that seems a little long, but it is because he has either taken an urgent appointment or is spending some extra time with a patient.
Dr. Burkit is a great doctor he cares about me. He always take his time to explain everything to me . And at the end of his exam we always have a prayer that is exciting to me . A doctor praying for me ! Dr. B keep up the good work and thank God for you .
IDr Liu is the best Cardiologist I've had. He is friendly, professional, listens, explains your concerns and thouroghly explains conditions, test results and treatments. My husband has our house in Georgia for sale now and will be joining me in the near future. I will take him to Dr Liu. I trust him as our Cardiologist.
Dr Mares is a consummate professional who is willing to delve into the patient's daily life to help solve our ailments. His easy going manner has been extremely helpful to me in that I'm a very private person who does not discuss my ailments. I sincerely recommend Dr Mares to any heart patient that needs caring guidence.
I have never had a better experience with a physician. He is the best, and his staff is great also. Did not have to wait, explained everything in detail, Got me in the very next week., Had my clearance for surgery within 2 weeks. No one in Kerrville could do that. And notified me of all results by phone.
I enjoy my visits to see Dr. Carlino because I feel as though I am talking to a friend and indeed he is someone who genuinely cares about his patients. I am a referral from another patient and I have referred patients to him.
Doctor was friendly and answered my questions as well as told me next steps. Enjoyed the appointment.
Dr. Carlino is the best! He actually sits and talks to me about how I'm feeling. He pays attention! I can't say enough good things about him. His staff is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend him!
My wife was in for a visit that was very pleasant for both of us the whole staff was very friendly, the nurse and Dr. Swett. He was kind and patient with us in answering questions also explaining what was being done in the way of medical treatment along with some helpful suggestions. I recommend his service's to any who need it. Most of all I appreciated his willingness to spend some of his valuable time with us A big thank you to the whole crew
Dr. Burket has been my husband's cardiologist for approximately 7-8 years. We (Dr. Burket and I) discuss past, present & future care of my husband. He always listens and answers my questions. Dr. Burket is a very compassionate doctor. I would recommend him to those seeking cardiac care.
Takes his time. Explains things and is very patient.
Dr. Swett and his staff are terrific. He listens and explains things so that they are well understood. I have been going to Austin Heart for 11 years and would highly recommend Dr. Swett. His nurse, Tara, is so kind, professional and a pleasure to see. Thank you Dr. Swett, Tara and staff.
Dr Swett is a very personable man. He makes me feel relaxed visiting with him every time. He is Very informative as he passes on the results. Thank You Dr. Swett Gary Alderman
Dr. Siegel and the rest of the team are fantastic. I always get answers to any question I have and have always received the best care. I have special requirements as a pilot to maintain my medical certification and he always goes above and beyond to take care of me and provide all the information needed to send to the FAA.
Dr. Gilbert is the most kind and professional cardiologist that I have ever know. He is amazing!! Very thorough and makes you feel that he cares.
Excellent doctor and I do recommend him to family and friends.
Dr. McCollough likely spared me some serious grief, if not worse, in making a diagnosis of blockage in both of my carotid arteries and the aortic valve of my heart. He was able to obtain quick surgical care for me and the follow-up, now a year later, has been positive. He talks to you straight and answers your questions in language without 'medical jargon'. I highly recommend Dr. McCollough to anyone requiring a cardiologist.
Dr. Carlino is great! He made me feel at ease, took the time to explain information in a way that I understood and answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend him.
I am very happy to have Dr.Liu as my doctor. I trust him.
He is the "BEST"....knows his medical stuff and he cares for you the patient. I feel blessed in finding a doctor who will be contacted to my well being. Dr. Denyer is a very good doctor and he cares very deeply about his patients.
My appt. with Dr. Jackson was a follow up to ascertain if the previous treatments and medications I had received from him were doing the job. They did. His recommendations, treatments, and medications were spot on and corrected the physical issues I was having. I am doing so well that my next check-up was scheduled a year in the future. I find Dr. Jackson to be extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He is courteous, timely and professional, and has a no-nonsense manner.
Outstanding doctor and staff. I highly recommend Dr. Carlino
I highly recommend Dr Swett to be your cardiologist. He is approachable, he listens to your concerns and questions and has decades of experience. The staff surrounding him are friendly and I had no problem getting an urgent need appointment within 24 hours of my call. When I had questions, his answers were easily understandable.
I like this cardiologist! He stays informed on the latest information and likes to talk about what is happening with your own heart. He is the one that actually performed my trans-esophogial echos, so he enjoys the technical issues.
Discus your problems, even the little ones, he listens and reacts to check you out.
I have seen Dr. Gallagher twice and have found him to be consistently caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable about his specialty. He gave me information and advice that I have found to be helpful to my health issues and was not in a rush to move on. I feel like he is extremely trustworthy and capable. I recommend him highly.
I was first treated at Austin Heart in 2000. Since that time I have received superb care from Dr. Sweat and all Austin Heart doctors and medical staff that have treated me. They are the best.
Another one of the best out there, and easy on the eyes! ??
I feel confident referring family and friends to Dr. Gallagher. His reputation as a physician is beyond reproach. He is easy to talk to, listens to what I say, and welcomes any questions. I couldn't be happier or feel more confident with having him as my cardiologist.
Dr. McCullough listens! He answers questions on layman' s terms and is very patient. He gives you the time you need so you don't feel like you are just a number. He gives information clearly and precisely. He is very positive even when things aren't perfect. He gives me confidence.
Dr Syed is a very compertent, well trained, and caring physician. He has been my cardiologist for several years as I have AFib. I have done very well under his care. If I have questions about procedures, he is willing to explain answers to me. In addition Dr Syed's nurse handles prescription refills promptly & efficiently.
I have confidence in Dr. Swett.
The Austin Heart team is outstanding, Liz and Dr. Siegel do outstanding job, our family thanks you for the kind, compassionate care.
A very positive experience. Dr. Liu and all the Staff at Austin Heart Marble Falls are extremely knowledgeable and ready to share the information to the patient in a way that is easily understood. Very professional and they all work together to assure the health and well being of the patient is their top priority.
Dr. Swett has been a Great "Find" for us, we were new to the area, and found Hill Country Medicine quite different for us than any other Practice we had ever been exposed to for visits & treatments in our History of having a Family Doctor. Dr. Swett is friendly, easy to talk to, has a good sense of humor, takes time to listen to your complaints, and then explains his diagnosis of your examination, and how Prescriptions should affect you. We definitely prefer to keep "Picking" on Dr. Swett.
Experience with Dr. Denyer was excellent. However, the experience with the technician that supplied me with the Holter Monitor was rushed with limited explanation on what it was for or how it was to be used. I went home and looked it up the information on line. Not sure what her problem was, but we felt we were intruding on her time, and felt very rushed. We were told we did not have an appointment, but we had it in writing, so they worked us in. Maybe that was her problem.
Have been a patient of Dr. Jackson since 2003. He has always taken good care of any issues I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Jackson and the people at Austin Heart to anyone experiencing an heart related issues.
I can recommend Dr. Gallagher in both sleep disorders and cardiology. He is direct, honest yet kind in his delivery. In other words he will give it to you straight. I also appreciate his delightful personality. He is tops in my opinion.
Dr Gilbert is open to your concerns and questions. He made an adjustment in my medication and I. Immediately felt much better. It was as if the light switch was flipped on.
I am very impressed with Dr. Mares. He took time with me to learn my background and health concerns, then set up tests to learn more about what maybe causing my problem.
Dr. Syed is a very caring Doctor and talks to you in terms you can understand. He always ask if you have any questions.
I never mind coming to Austin Heart because it's always a pleasant experience.
I had a heart attack out of state and when I came back was put in touch with Dr Risinger. He is an outstanding physician. He is attentive and concerned and I am very grateful to have found him. I would absolutely recommend him.
Dr Gallagher is a very meticulous physician. He listens carefully and proceeds with his diagnosis and the solution to the patients needs.
My experience. At Dr Swett's office has always been excellent. Staff is friendly,efficient and thorough. Waiting time is minimal.
I am a new patient of Dr. Burket, as of last week. He was genuinely concerned and listened to me like an old friend. He did not appear to get in a hurry, but rather devoted his full time to me, my health and well being. He truly earned my utmost respect and belief in him, and his ability to treat my heart health. I am completely satisfied. I would recommend him and the Austin Heart System, without any reservation, to anyone needing a Cardiologist. My experience has been totally positive!
I would welcome an opportunity to recommend Dr. Jackson and the Fredericksburg staff of Austin Heart. Collectively, they operate efficiently, courteously, effectively, professionally, and without dropping the ball. I am particularly impressed with Dr. Jackson and his willingness and ability to convert a highly technical assessment and diagnosis to a level of communication understandable to the patient. Finally, no matter how busy, he takes required time to answer thoroughly all questions.
Dr. Denyer was very professional, compassionate, knowledgeable. I appreciated his willingness to talk about any question I had and the fact that he gave reasons/explanations for his recommendations. He is a person who passionately wants to help us get better and looks at all the possibilities and how they might fit into our lives/abilities. I am not, by nature, a trusting person, but Dr. Denyer has earned my confidence.
The staff was great! Dr. Risinger answered my questions and explained what he believed what was going on with me.
When I first visited Austin Heart. I was a little nervous about the procedure they were performing, but once I met Dr. Rinsinger, he made me feel at ease about everything. I would recommend him to everyone. He"s such a wonderful person at heart.
Dr. Jackson is very serious about the patient and caring and concern attitude. Very knowledgable and always looks at all the tests results and cares.
Dr. McCollough has been my cardiologist for years. He has always been great at looking out for me. I would not want to know what would have happened if he had not placed that stent in my 99.9% blocked artery... just in time I am sure.
Dr. Gilbert and staff were very attentive to my questions and concerns, taking the time to consider all factors and to explain in terms that I could understand
Dr. Gilbert is a number 1 on my medical "Dream Team". He is hugely professional and genuinely cares for you. He goes so far as to explain cost variables for medications. i can not give enough accolades.
Dr. Gilbert is a joy to visit. Not only was he instrumental in helping me gain back my health, but he has monitored my progress regularly and suggested things which I can do to maintain. He is direct, positive, and explains the process fully. And I love his staff. They help with appointments and ALWAYS call back when information is needed.
Dr. Risinger, and his staff, are professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He is a Cardiologist with Heart, and has my best interests and continuing good health (after two serious heart attacks before I was directed to his practice) in mind. His staff are pleasant, thorough, and quick, unless he has an emergency I never feel rushed or like I have to wait an excessive amount of time for appointments.
He was courteous, took time to explain everything. Made me feel comfortable and cared for
Very good at listening to patient and very good at explaining his recommendations. I did not feel rushed at anytime during my initial appointment with Dr. Carlino and he obviously took the time to review my prior records in advance of my initial visit. I was very impressed with him and his entire staff!
Dr. G talks our language. He definitely knows his business and has great bedside manners.
Dr. Liu is an outstanding & knowledgeable cardiologist. I did not feel rushed during my visit. He is a caring Dr. who was interested in my medical needs. I am thankful he is at Austin Heart Marble Falls. I Highly recommend him. I have confidence in him for my care.
My visit with Dr. Burkett was a very positive experience. I would definitely recommend him.
Dr. Burket takes time to listen and explain. I always recommend him to people I know.
He and his staff are fantastic. He was recommended after my heart surgery and he has not been a disappointment in the care he provides.
Dr. Garland is very personable and is concerned about your health issues and makes you feel confident with the diagnosis and the plan of action that he recommends. Makes your visit more pleasant. I will miss him very much!
Dr. David Swett is the absolute best cardiologist I have seen since my health problems began 8 years ago! He is an extremely good cardiologist, friendly, has never made a mistake in diagnosing my heart problems, and explains everything he is doing to you, and telling you why he is doing it. He will take all the time you need to explain your illness and what medicine or reason you have to get better. I have trusted him for 8 years, and am so very happy that I found a Great Doctor!
Dr. Swett is an excellent doctor and he is willing to spend time with his patients to understand their concerns.
I was referred to Dr. Norman Risinger by my General Practitioner. Completing all of the new patient forms and setting up a patient portal went very smoothly. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. I feel blessed to have been referred to Dr. Risinger. He has a very warm and friendly personality. He walks into the examining room...always with a big smile and a friendly greeting. I trust him completely with any health issues that arise.
Dr Risinger made me feel comfortable when discussing my testing results. Very straight forward with no beating around the bush, which a communication style I prefer.
I have been seeing Dr. Swett Jr. for almost 10 years now and he has always been friendly, informative, generous with his time, and always professional. I wouldn't trade him for anyone. Thanks Doc
Dr. Risinger is awesome. Straight forward and to the point, but won't hesitate to have a deep dive conversation around the areas you ask about. You will quickly pick up on his knowledge and experience, which sets the stage for knowing you're in good hands.
I find Dr Gilbert a very intelligent & caring professional. I have a hard time with any medications, due to being sensitive to dosages, fillers in the medications, and reactions. Dr Gilbert listens to me, as an individual, to concerns, side effects of medication, possible needs & outcomes. He answers any questions I have without feeling rushed. Then works with me on a plan of care allowing for flexibility in medication and dosages that are tailored for me. If I have any questions I can call.
Dr.Swett is very knowledgeable and considers all of your medical conditions when he evaluate your course of treatment. He also supports your decision about treatment options and supports you in them.
I would recommend Dr. Burket to family and friends. He is very friendly and make me feel at ease. He explains test results, listens and answers my questions.
Dr. Mares was very professional and knowledgeable and really put my mind at ease. I want to thank him and I am glad to recommend him to others.
Dr. Risinger is very thorough and very helpful in my medical care. I feel very comfortable asking any questions and get detailed answers.
Truly, I hope my family and or friends health condition never get to the situation where I need to refer or recommend Dr. Mares. Should one of them need medical support or they have a health condition related to Dr. Mares profession I would surely recommend him. Dr. Mares listens and provided great advice and recommendations for me to take care of myself and health. On serve occasions I informed him on my PCM changes my medications and he pointed out - let him take care of condition.
I have been a patient of Dr Siegel for several years and have always been treated with respect both by him and his staff. My appointments have always been timely and conducted in a very professional manner. He has shown the utmost concern for my well being and has provided me with excellent care at all times.
Austin Heart Staff has taken care of me since 2007 with my family and I owing a debt of gratitude for the care I have received. With the condition of my heart and leg blockage I am a live because of them and GOD. I highly recommend Austin Heart to anyone wanting outstanding care and quality of live.
Dr. Siegel is a very considerate and thorough Cardiologist. He was asked to see if my 90-year old heart is strong enough for surgery. After a 24-hour monitor check and an Electrocardiogram, he said, "Go for it!" and that he hopes when he's 90 that he is in as good shape as I am. I felt very comfortable with him during all our visits.
Dr. Risinger is one of the best. He is excellent in Doctor patient relationship. I always feel at ease in his presence. The information he shares concerning my condition is always clear and easy to understand. Two years ago when we moved from Portland Oregon to Austin, I felt I had the best cardiologist and I was fearful of not finding one as good as the one I was leaving. I am very thankful for being directed to Dr. Risinger.
From the receptionist?, Doctor to the exit staff I was treated with a high level of medical expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Swett and his staff to my family and friends.
Dr Carlino is competent, through and caring. I feel safe safe under his care. I feel he truly cares about me.
When I was sent to a cardiologist I was thinking I had something totally different and when he diagnosed me I was scared but he was reassuring, he spends time explaining things and going over meds, and making sure I understand everything. The place is clean and friendly. I would recommend Austin Heart.
Dr. Gallagher is an excellent cardiologist. I'd encourage anyone in need of one Dr. G is as far as you need to look. Dr. Gallagher is the best in the business. Let him be your life extender. He has been mine. Thanks Dr. See you in 6 months. God Bless
I highly recommend Dr. Siegel. He takes the time to discuss your concerns, results, progress and conditions. He is also prompt, I usually see him within 10-15 minutes of check in. He has been my Doctor for years, an excellent choice.
Dr Mares is very committed to his patients. He answers your questions in a precise, clear way. Dr. Mares, understands your health concerns and helps you to have peace of mind while you deal with your health issues. I brought my husband to his practice and my husband is thanks to God, and to the doctor recommendations doing fine.
Dr. Mares is a wonderful cardiologist. He takes the time to listen to his patients and he explain what action he is going to take in terms you understand. I would recommend him to my friends and family. He is the best.
Very professional, understanding and explains everything so I completely understand it. I have been seeing Dr. Siegel for over 5 yrs. now and he and his team have kept me up, running and operational. I was very fortunate to find him.
Dr. Gallgaher answers my MyChart questions in a very prompt manner. He is fun to visit and I feel very comfortable with him. So far the treatments that he has prescribed to me seem to be working.
This was my first visit with Dr. Burket and it went very well. I am 73 years old, have seen many doctors since I have astham, emphyzema , and COPD. When the examination was over he asked would I mind if he prayed with me. It was such a great feeling since this is the very first time I have had any doctor do this. I would recommend any friend or family to become a patient of Dr. Burket.
Dr. Syed has taken care of me and my husband for several years. He is a conscientious, kind and caring doctor. My husband experienced some puzzling symptoms over a period of about 18 months. Dr Syed worked relentlessly to discover the cause of my husband's symptoms, never giving up until the puzzle was solved. I would recommend Dr Faisal to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, conscientious and thorough cardiologist who is completely patient oriented.
Not only does he know what he is doing, he takes the time to explain. I feel that Dr. Swett is one of the better cardiologist in the hill country of Texas.
I have been involved with number of cardiologists in the Austin area some from Austin Heart, some not. I would have to take a large step forward and say my experience with Dr Gilbert was far above any of the past. He has a way of communicating that I had not seen in the past. His attention to detail and ability to thoroughly explain things was outstanding. I am looking forward to my next meeting with Dr Gilbert. I would, with enthusiasm, recommend Dr Gilbert to family and friends. THANKS
What a great, personable professional Dr Risinger is. He makes your visit feel like you are the most important part of his day, I didn't feel like just another number.
Dr Gilbert is knowledgeable and professional. He has been my cardiologist for about four years. In the beginning I felt like I was getting the personal care I needed but that has not been my experience lately. It seems as if he is incredibly busy and getting an appointment to see him in the office can take up to a month, even after a procedure. I am happy with the medical care he provides but not with the time it takes to get non-emergent care.
He is one of the most caring and knowledgable doctors I have seen in my 5 year battle with a chronic illness. He takes time to listen to my concerns and he is quick to help address any changes needed in my medication. I cannot say enough about how special of a doctor he is in a profession where others always seem to be in a hurry. He never makes me feel rushed and he values my input.
I could not be more satisfied with a doctor of any area of specialization. I began seeing him in September, 2016 and my esteem for him grows with each visit.
Dr Jackson is a wonderful Doctor. He and his staff are very caring and really are concerned about you not only as a patient but as a person.
I love this office and Dr. Mares is awesome. The staff is friendly and professional. Even when my insurance changed, I still come here because of the good people.
Doctor Carlino his one of best doctors I've ever see for my heart problem. He has a very good bedside manner and he takes time to explain everything to me. I like him very much.
Dr. D. is a GREAT Doc!!!
I had my first appointment with Dr. Robert Denyer and it was a pleasant experience. I will be turning 65 soon and felt I needed to see a cardiologist since I have always been told I have a heart murmur. I was impressed with all the staff from the people at the front desk, the nurse, and the checkout staff.
Dr Gilbert is very courteous & professional. He explains everything & as he goes along, he makes sure you understand. He is not a quick in, quick out doctor.
This was my first visit to Dr. Liu. He was professional, knowledgeable and took time to explain my heart situation. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.
Dr. Denyer and the staff at Austin Heart have been absolutely phenomenal in diagnosing and treating my 25-year long battle with heart disease. Dr. Denyer is thorough, caring and has provided all the referrals and medications necessary to keep me going in as good health as I could possibly expect. I have recommended him to several of my neighbors.
Dr Liu is very good and has helped me Through my bad times . He is efficient, kind and brilliant. He is an asset to your Marble Falls unit. Sincerely, Gwen Driskell
Dr. Carlino's explantion of my medical situation has been done in a very straightforward manner that has been easily understandable. I also appreciate his friendly demeanor.
He was very knowledgeable and clear in his explanations.Was a bit difficult getting in to see him.
Very knowledgeable, professional, & personable. Explained conditions, treatments, & alternatives thoroughly. Very respectful toward patients.
I had a wonderful experience on my first visit with. Dr. Mares. He is very easy to talk to and encourages questions. I found him thorough in his care.
Dr Carlino and Staff are great to work with and help in seeing their patients ASAP when you need to see them
During my visit to Austin Heart to see Dr. Siegel, Both he and his staff treated me with the utmost respect; it was quite refreshing. He listened to my answers to his questions and answered my questions fully and respectfully. I am very pleased to have found Dr. Siegel. I highly recommend him and Austin Heart.
Dr. Liu is caring, compassionate, incredibly thorough and very smart. His medical knowledge goes beyond the heart, as I have cancer, which complicates my heart problems. Dr. Liu is knowledgeable about chemo and other drugs as they relate to the heart and is on top of my situation. I feel safe and secure under his care. He is the absolute best cardiologist I have had, bar none.
I have been a patient of Dr. Risenger for many years. I consider him a very important Dr. and friend that has kept me heart healthy for many years. His advice and professional expertise is so important to me and so much appreciate him and the entire staff at Austin Heart South. Thanks again Dr. Risenger.
Dr. Garland has been helping me for over ten years. Of all of the physicians I see throughout the year, he is the most compassionate and caring. I feel like family is taking care of me. My only regret is that he is retiring. Happy trails!!
Five star MD. Very caring and thoughtful physician. I would highly recommend Dr. Swett to anyone seeking Cardiology care.
Personable. Always greets you with a smile and a handshake. Is concerned with your overall well being as well as your cardiac health. My brother became a patient with my recommendation. Overall a superior qualified physician take will take care of your family.
I have been a patient of Dr. Siegel's since 2011. He is exceptional and I highly recommend both he and his staff. Dr. Siegel,MD is caring,compassionate and extremely competent. I am indeed very fortunate to have him as my cardiologist. I am a very satisfied patient. Sincerely, George Hearne
Dr. Gilbert is not only my cardiologist, but my dad's as well. He was also my mom's prior to her death. The care he has given to my parents through the years has been outstanding. His very professional, yet personal approach makes for a great combination. When I needed to find a cardiologist for myself a few months ago, he was my first choice and I couldn't be more pleased with the care I have received from him and his staff.
Dr Denyer is great! I would definately recommend him to other people.
Dr. Swett and his staff were so Very nice and friendly. It was easy to set up my appointment as well as my future appointment. He listened to me and heard my concerns. He also put me at ease and made me feel fairly certain my heart is ok, but I am still going to take the stress test to be sure. I would definitely recommend him with no hesitation.
Dr Randy McCollough with Austin Heart Harker Heights, is the best at explaining and treating my condition and he has been very Proactive in treating me. I will recommend him to my family and friends.
I am very please with my recent care. Complete and thorough explanation of my health issue. I give it 5 stars
Dr. Gilbert is a very competent cardiologist committed to his patient's care. He's a good listener. He provides direct, clear and visual answers to your questions. And I highly recommend hiim to anyone who needs an interventionist cardiologist.
I experienced a professional atmosphere from my arrival to departure. Dr. Denyer was very thorough and answered all of my questions. It is this kind of positive experience that encourages me to recommend his practice to my relatives and friends.
Very knowledgeable, listens and filled out VA paperwork that was very needed...
Dr Gallagher took time to explain all options and carefully answered all of my questions without ever trying to rush the appointment. He wants to make sure his patients understand their treatment paths. It's nice to have this kind of medical expertise in the country.
Dr. Sayed is one of the very best physicians that I have been privileged to have in recent years. . Expertly knowledgeable, he is also thorough and curious, following all leads in sifting the facts to help arrive at the best possible diagnosis. He more than any other has helped me understand how all of my symptoms fit together and to help me cope with even those not specifically related to the heart. An A+ physician.
Having been referred to Dr.Risinger by my family physician, I was confident that this would be a good fit for me. I had been with my original cardiologist since 1997, but in 2011 it was time to make a change. I was happy to learn from my first visit that Dr.Risinger and his office was indeed a good referral for me. He advised me early on that I had a pending situation to deal with and a potential serious problem was averted. I continue to see him every 6 months.
Dr. Garland has been my heart specialist for more than 15 years. I have always been positively impressed with his candid and thorough approach to my heart and physical condition. I appreciate his personal approach to me as a person not as simply another patient. I also felt secure that he was abreast of the latest findings and techniques of heart medicine.
Dr Gilbert is an exelent llistener & always answers my questions . His friendly manner is sweet & thoughtful . He makes sure I understand any changes he gives , along with notes with the changes . With his friendly handshake I know he will help me & my family . His knowledge & assurance he gives comes from knowing my health issues . My family has been blessed to find the best Doctor to care for us . Sincerely Jennie Messina
Great Doctor & Great Staff
Was with him a couple years ago, and glad to be back. I have an annual echo and checkup for a valve replacement. Never been anything gone wrong, but Dr. Risinger's very good about addressing questions, explaining, and comforted if you will. If I had any gripe, it would be that the policy at Austin Heart is to not give out any specific number readings from the echo either during or after.
Felt the doctor was thorough in gaining knowledge of my case & guided me to take the proper first steps.
Dr. Siegel is my husband's doctor. I have gone with my husband on some of his office visits, and I was impressed at how Dr. Siegel listens. So when I developed some issues three months ago, I wanted him as my doctor also. He listened, asked questions in such a way that I understood, ordered tests. When I returned for the results, he answered all my questions. He is very personable.
I had an emergent situation and Dr Risinger work me in to his schedule. Very reassuring.
Dr. Siegel and the staff are always courteous, approachable and caring. All my questions and concerns are answered respectfully.
Dr Carlino takes time to listen to you. He is very patient and caring. Rare these days. Would highly recommend Dr Carlino
Dr. Risinger and his entire staff is A+.
Although I've seen Dr. Denyer several times, my appointment was with Steven this time. Steven took time to explain the result of my CT in great detail. I would totally recommend both Dr. Denyer and Steven.
Dr. McCollough is very attentive, very patient and comforting. I leave his office always knowing without a doubt that my questions have been answered and I understand fully what he is saying to me. I would greatly recommend him to everyone.
A few years ago, I had a very serious episode of A-fib. The E.R. doctor told my family and me that I would probably not survive as he had been unable to get my heart into sinus rhythm. I was there for hours before Dr. Denyer, who was on call, was contacted. Once Dr. Denyer took over, my heart responded and I was released the next morning. He has been my cardiologist ever since as, had it not been for him, I would not be here to write this review.
It was my annual checkup. I like Dr Segial a lot. He is alway pleasant when I come in. I give him 5 stars ?
Dr. Siegal has been my Cardiologist for a number of years. I have always felt I got excellent care from him as well as his staff, and happily recommend him to anyone needing Cardiology services.
Dr Mares is so kind and shows genuine concerns for his patients. Dr Mares never rushes me through my visits and he makes certain that I understand the medical information that He converses to me. Dr Mares has a great sense of humor and he makes me feel better when I'm feeling down. I would recommend Dr Mares as one of the best Cardiologist in Central Texas.
My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Gilbert for many years. He is by far the most professional, and caring doctor we know. He also has a great bedside manor, which keeps us at ease. What a great guy!
This was first visit with Dr. Liu although I have been a patient with Austin Heart for eight years. I was very impressed with Dr. Liu's knowledge of my medical history and his explanation of my current condition. He is easy to talk with and is open to questions. After routine office testing and examination he was ready to recommend bi-annual testing for greater determination of my heart condition. I completely agreed. I recommend Dr. Liu to anyone in need of a great cardiologist.
I had a stroke & saw Dr. Carlino. He checked to make sure that my stroke was not caused by any sort of heart condition. It was not.
I have been under Dr. Risinger's care for several years. I have found him to be professional in every way. He offers options -- when I can have one, after all he is a heart doctor! He tells me the truth, and gives me good referrals when I have needed them. I appreciate his whole staff, who is friendly and professional, and makes going to the doctor almost easy.
Very understanding and took the time for me to communicate my concerns. I received more information about my health than any other Doctor I have seen.
Initial visit was a sham and we won't be back. Dr Risinger came in for a minute or 2, made small talk, did some very basic minor checkup on my wife then walked out. Then later got a big bill for a 45 minute extensive evaluation. I raised it to their internal audits and they said checked out because 'it has all the documentation. He has someone come in with him to do the documentation the moment the door opens, but they're not documenting the exam and conversation. They're filling out the docum
My dad is Dr. Syed's patient. My dad was hospitalized and Dr. Syed kept us informed and answered all our questions and never made us feel uncomfortable for asking. Dr. Syed and his staff are very professional and attentive. Words cannot express our gratitude for the level of care may dad received by Dr. Syed and his colleagues at CTMC. They communicated closely with Dr. Ren, my dad's nephrologist every step of the way. Dr. Syed is the best! Sincerely, Mrs. Patton
Dr. Garland literally saved my life. How can this ever be less than excellent. He was a blessing to my family and will never forget that.
Dr. Carlino is a real person with real answers, he speaks with you not to you!!
I was very nervous and a little scared because of the symptoms I had been experiencing but he and his staff let me know that although this was not a good situation, I could trust them and they would take care of me. I believe them completely. Wonderful experience
I have never had a doctor be rude to me before I met with Dr Garland. He entered the room, did not introduce himself. Told me I needed to see a primary care physician for blood pressure. I have had open heart surgery and needed to find a cardiologist I could trust to take care of me. I came to the wrong Doctor. I would never recommend Dr Garland to anyone!
grfeat Doc and top[ on everything going on with the Heart.
Excellent Care by Dr and Staff And Nurses. Hospital outstanding.
"To provide exceptional cardiac and vascular care to every patient every day with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride." Spanish

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