great LASIK surgeon!! Wonderful, friendly staff too. Highly recommend!!
In the last 27 years of going to foot doctors Dr. Michael Chavis is the only Podiatrist that has been able to heal my feet. I can now walk pain free, fungus free, and I am no longer ashamed of my feet. Dr. Chavis saved my life by saving my feet. I have zero waiting time getting my appointments with Dr. Chaves. He cares about my feet as if they are his is very own. Dr. Michael Chavis is the Father Of Podiatry! He resurrected my feet back to life!!!
I believe with all of my hearts that Doctor Michael Chavis is the Father of Podiatry. He is one of the BEST Podiatrists in the United States of America, and at Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in Biloxi, MS. I am a Veteran with 27 years of federal service. Dr. Michael Chavis is above a 5 star Podiatry Doctor. I had serious pain in my feet, and nasty fungus. I can now walk again pain free, no more fungus and I am no longer ashamed of my feet! Dr. Chavis is the only doctor who cured me!!!
Dr. Chao is a levelheaded and practical individual. She goes straight to the issue and does her best to treat her patients. She's very friendly and a great doctor to go to for the past 6 years!
I see Dr Crawley in the sleep disorder clinic in Wilford Hall. I was also a patient of Dr Crawley's while stationed in Okinawa several years ago. He listens carefully to what you have to say, and really cares for each of his patients. He's incredibly well informed on a vast array of illnesses, including rare ones. If you've been struggling with an illness and can't figure out what it is and/or can't find a method of treatment that works for you, he's the doctor you should see!
Quick in and out. Not personable. Would not recommend him to family or friends.
His follow up with patients is the absolute worse. I waited over 4 weeks to find out a biopsy (done elsewhere) that was going to be sent out for a second opinion was discarded. I left a message after 2 weeks to find out what was happening. I called back today, 4 weeks after my first appointment with him, to find out that he had finally gotten around to the issue and was recommending me to see a Mohs surgeon. Didn't even have the decency to call me to tell me this. I had to call and speak to a nu
Dr. Martyak is an outstanding hand surgeon! He and his team effectively restored the use of my right hand. I highly recommend anyone with hand issues to get in touch with Dr. Martyak.
Poor surgery outcome for a simple procedure. Asked for "memory anesthesia" and was put under completely. Huge amount of scar tissue remaining in entire thumb including both knuckles which impedes motion or bending. Needs sewing lessons since incision was sewn with huge bubbles at base of thumb creating an inability to flex thumb. Sassy when confronted with errors using excuses of arthritis (never had any there before the surgery) and age (never had any problems like this with knee surgery).
Dr Furey is the best dentist I have ever seen. He's caring, kind, and helps you relax. Most everyone I know is afraid of going to the dentist. I was one of those people. Not any more. I have no anxiety what's so ever when I go to him. He's just Mr. Wonderful in my eyes. The VA got the best when they hired him.
Consultation appt for eye lift generated estimates for 3 types of lid/brow/bags under the eyes estimates. Ins. would pay for the bottom option. Somewhat of a Costco shopping experience (much more upscale) than a Walmart/Target experience. Office seems as tho should be in Beverly Hills for a plastic surgeon, altho they did stick mostly to eyes and not the full beauty options.
I had a lot of apprehensions about undergoing eyelid surgery, however Dr. David Holck and his team were exceedingly accomidating and attentive. I am extremely happy with my results and have received numerous compliments since my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Holck to my friends and family without hesitation. Brittany
I was referred to Dr. Holck by a friend for a Mohs procedure to my under eyelid area that required the skill of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Holck came so highly recommended that I cancelled my surgery with a different plastic surgeon just to get in with him. It was probably the best decision I made. It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and the results are truly amazing. You can barely see the scar! The only negative I experienced is he spent no post-op time with me to discuss my results.
Met at satellite office in Victoria. He is all professional. First visit to analyze situation with eye lids and recommend what was needed. He recognized a receding hair line and spoke of procedure needed. Answered all questions I had at the time and showed me in mirror what he speaking of. He gave us all the time we indicated we needed.
He is great Doctor he listens to you he is kind of quiet but he seems to care about his patients his staff is great I really like my results as of now for a such big surgery that he had to redo after another bad surgeon thank you Dr. Holck
If you have a loved one, being treated by this doctor, don't expect a response from the doctor or her staff even in the most dire of circumstances. It's sad and frustrating dealing with this medical staff.
One of the best Doctors ever
First visit with doctor today at 1045, haven't seen DR . But based on his front desk staff I rate a 0 for professionalism, and 0 on practuce efficiency. At time of payment which is colllected up front i asked if cash was an accepable payment , received yes for a response, proceeded to pay woth a 20 and then told they didn't have change . Instructed to walk down to cafeteria and make purchase to bring change back...... unacceptable. Clearly this office is not prepared for business. Hope Dr is
After 15 years in need of a mental health recovery. Dr. Quinlan changed my path to recovery in such a positive path!
Dr. Sanford Roberts I thought I could trust because his credentials show United States Air Force. I thought he is the only doctor in San Antonio that could help us because the very best I believe are usually Military. This doctor did not help my child at all and gave an erroneous prescription and stated "long like football field" on a piece of paper given to me to describe my daughter's beautiful eyes. This man is an enemy of mine now because he cannot be trusted. Eye prescription not filled.
Dr Roberts is amazing; however I have been waiting weeks on weeks to get the surgery scheduler Lucy to give me a call regarding a surgery date. Left multiple messages and no response.
He listens intently and explains everything in easy to understand terms. Very knowledgeable and professional.
Worst pediatric specialist in have ever met. Does not listen or care, only wants to ascert his perceived superiority.
Dr Zernzach is as good as they come. I cannot say enough good about him. He takes the time to get to know each patient and their parents. His diagnostic skills are finely tuned and draw on decades of practice experience. He loves kids and people in general. He is knowledgeable about current research and best practices, caring on a personal level, and responsive. He provides the treatment plan that is tailored to work best for each patient. He is top notch. LOVE him! San Antonio needs 50 of him!
We took our 4 year old daughter/granddaughter to Dr. Zernzach for an initial visit. She is experiencing speech delay and ADHD behaviors. He was so knowledgeable and so loving with her. We know we have found a doctor who is genuinely concerned with her well-being, and will provide her exceptional care. Dealing with your child's developmental delays is so challenging, discouraging, and fearful. But we left the visit knowing Dr. Zernzach will be there for her every step of the way.
Dr. Zernzach was very thorough and answered all of our questions. I felt like he really listened to us, and developed a good course of action to help with our son's issues.

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