Most rude doctor I've ever seen. And doesn't even know what he's doing.
Dr. Boeck has been one of the two attending pediatric neurologists caring for my daughter at Dell Children's Hospital. He has a baby face, which makes him look younger than he is. But, he is an incredibly smart guy. Not only is his depth of knowledge impressive, but he has a skill that few doctors have.....he is phenomenal at not only breaking down information in easy to understand language, but laying out the steps of each process, his thought process, what he's looking for & analyzing, etc.
Makes disparaging remarks about parents in his notes and does not like to listen to parents.
He was rude, sarcastic, unbelieving and downright mean to me. All in all it was a horrible experience and I won't return to him
Terrible doctor worst one we ever been too. Very disrespectful and not helpful at all. Bad with kids. And throwing bad comments about my child laughing at my face about my child hasn't talk yet at 2 years old and my conserns about him might be autistic calling me stupid!!! Oh my god what a mistake I made to go see him never again in my life I'll take my child back again.
We are new to the SWCC family, however the care we have received since being here has been phenomenal. My 8 yo and 13 yo sick at the same time for 2 weeks with pneumonia and asthma issues. Dr. Basaldua and her nurses went above & beyond with their attention and care. Dr. Basaldua even went as far as contacting us for an update on the children Fri. after business hours, calling in a RX so my son would not get any worse over the weekend. Since then they've checked on us daily. Amazing care!
Dr. Afshar is a an excellent cardiologist with superb knowledge and a kind heart! You'd be lucky and blessed to have him. He and his team at Good Shepherd Hospital (Dr. Mahgoobi, Charlsie Phillips, NP and DR. Akvan) in Longview, TX were wonderful with my mom. Thank YOU!!!
Office run by MedTechs/Medical Assistants who parade as licensed professionals giving out lab results via phone with no comprehension of their meaning. As an Advanced Practice Nurse I find this practice agreedious and insulting. Perhaps PMS will consider charging MT/MA prices for visits if the follow up results for tests ordered by MD are being delivered by MT/MA's and not a licensed professional. This reflects an office that is not monitored or controlled by the MD to ensure safe patient care
Dr. Hemsell was awesome. She made me feel very comfortable and eased my anxiety. She took her time explaining everything and answered all my questions. Would highly recommend her!
Horrible doctor with horrible staff. They make appointments and don't keep them. When you question them about broken appointments they deny. Horrible place and doctor. Lafayette women deserve so much better!
Dr. Hemsell is one of the few doctors I have had recently that has taken a significant amount of time to ensure I understand my current medical conditions and possible solutions. She has a positive, friendly attitude and I feel lucky to be one of her patients.
Dr. Holloway is always so willing to explain details. She is truly invested in her patients care and birth experience! I feel so comfortable with Dr. Holloway and wouldn't go see anyone else!!
Wonderful doctor I would highly recommend her. Listens well and give great advice. Very helpful.
This guy probably was a C student in medical school. He not only doesn't listen to the patient but he doesn't seek alternate solutions for a medicine, etc. that is not effective. He'll only prescribe a higher dosage which creates further problems. When Open Enrollment comes around, it's sayonara jarhead looking cowboy baboon.
Horrible doctor. Stay away. Always had good experience with UT Health Science Center till I went to this guy.
She's my favorite! So nice and very easy going, will always love her!
Dr Hollinger is a good doctor he was my i have to find a new pcp. I wish i could find hollinger he is the best doctor
Dr. King was very knowledgeable about Asthma. She took plenty of time to assess my needs and was very clear about the treatment I needed.
I picked Dr. Contreras for my wife and liked her enough to switch my PCP. Dr. Contreras has gone above and beyond to help my wife.
Great doctor! She really listens and helps with your concerns. I had an easy time getting in and felt less anxious for these dreaded exams. I have a friend that had a baby with her and loved her experience there and the quality of care she received. Highly recommend.
This doctor seems a bit inexperienced. Bedside manner is rather cold. The entire practice seems to treat all pregnancies as normal, rather than treating high-risk pregnancies with the appropriate attention. Everything is "come back in 2 weeks"--even if there is an evident problem in the pregnancy. We will not return.
Love my doctor!
First, the wait was more than an hour, second she missdignosed my case, I had to do an ultrasound and pay for it only to turn out I don't have what she said and she was so sure about it, and that the ultrasound will show it. Third one of my blood test level was high and she prescribed the wrong medication that would make it even higher.
Dr. Contreras is, with much certainly, the best physician I've ever met in my life. Being the only physician in the clinic, I'm astounded by the sheer amount of care and compassion she provides to every patient. Sure, wait times will vary, but you're waiting for one of the best physicians in south Texas.
I arrived at 1:39 for my two o' clock appointment. After a full hour of sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen I left at 3:00pm.
As nursing professional, I was very pleased with her bedside manners, intelligence and great knowledge. She answered all of my questions. Her staff was excellent.
Dr. Contreras is a breath of fresh air. She is a tell it like it is kind of doctor which I prefer. Her clinic and staff are awesome!
Very Professional, Listens well, Excellent Medical Doctor!
My mother fell and had a subdural hematoma as a result of her fall and was in the ICU at University Hospital. Given her age, surgery was not an optiion. During this time, Dr. Seifi went above and beyond to find a solution. His bed-side manners are first class. He is the most gentle, caring and compassionate doctor. He reassured not only my mom on a daily basis and made her feel at ease, but the family as well. He kept us informed constantly and still keeps in touch to see how she is doing
Prompt, courteous and thorough! I feel better knowing I'm in Dr. Tessier's care.
So far Dr. Tessier has been direct and informative and helpful. The video was good but I didn't see how he would actually fix the tear just the impingement so I will contact the doctors office before surgery.
Dr. Wiesenthal is so thoroughly kind and professional. We are thankful for the love and strength she shows her patients and those they love.
Dr. Wiesenthal helped my mom when we needed it most.
Dr. Van Ramshorst's lacks of experience coupled with a complete lack of compassion and concern for her patients makes her dangerous. She performed multiple uterine biopsies with no pain melds or numbing agents leaving a pool of blood on the floor. It was the most painful experience I've ever encountered and her only words while I laid there crying were "Your going to have to quit tensing up your pushing out the speculum." Ended up in the ER afterwards due to nonstop excessive bleeding.
Dr. Wiesenthal included my whole family in our visits, which really helped all of us understand my treatment plan and helped everyone feel included and important. We always felt better after our visits with her. She is a caring and compassionate doctor, and we are so grateful for her knowledge and support.
She was so helpful with my wife. I will be forever grateful for her care.
Your better off seeing a vet, pets get better care. Everything is normal for her, from contractions to pain to fainting! She don't listen and you have to ask for results if you want to know! I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to her!
Terrible bedside manner, seems forced. Very uninformative. Dismisses patient concerns. Suggests unnecessary blood work during pregnancy. Switched out of her care partway through pregnancy for someone else in the practice. She ended up being the doctor on call for delivery. Thankful she addressed some concerns before the delivery. Delivery went well, but still not great bedside.
We been twice with him at Yale children hospital New Haven,CT. He knows very well his job. Thanks Dr. Yamani
Excellent listener and engaged professional! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr M.
Dr. Mancuso is a very attentive and knowledgeable man. From the first day he met me at the ER he has been friendly and very honest. I am thankful that he is my cardiologist and would recommend him to anyone that needed his services.
I really liked Dr. Lautner but like another reviewer stated, my PCP did not tell me I had breast cancer and the task was left to her. As stated earlier, they send emails from office to office; how often do you check your email? Therefore the message is seldom, if ever received. However, as of 12/31/2016 Dr. Lautner is no longer there, she is somewhere in New York.
GREAT DOCTOR I will be Recommending Dr Mancuso to all of my family and friends Dr Mancuso explain my medical conditions . he listens and answers my questions Spends the amount of time with me so i can get my inf, My NAME is Jesse oviedo Patient of Dr Mancuso
I am early in my experience, but so far I am very pleased all the office and support personnel. I like Dr M very much so far. Excellent bedside manner, helpful and not overly technical. I will update as my experience continues.
The staff and office in New Braunfels is very top notch. Everyone is very courteous and friendly the moment you walk in the door. Dr. Mancuso is very knowledgeable about your situation and will discuss everything and answer your questions. I am very glad to have found Dr. Mancuso and his staff at New Braunfels and would recommend him to anyone that needs a cardiologist.
God invented the whiskey to keep the Irish isolated from distractions like ruling the world. Their time in and for this world is better utilized for all concerned pursuing excellence in healthcare. Find Dr. McDougall and you will see for yourself.
Dr. Mancuso is the best and kindest physician
Outstanding physician UNTIL you need to contact him as he advised us to do.
Dr. Nguyen took my issues seriously and did a very thorough investigation into my symptoms. He showed me all my x-rays and MRI scans and explained the findings very well. The medications that he gave me have been very helpful and have allowed me to live my life with as little pain as possible. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Montes is professional, personable, and explains things in a very understandable manner. I would recommend him to anyone requiring treatment for eye or sight issues. I had cataract surgery on both eyes and I am so very pleased with the outcome....I'm a little sorry I don't have more problems he could address as I really appreciated his attention and expertise. . Also the ophthalmology staff at the S. Zarzamora clinic is first rate!!!
Outstanding Doctor he addressed all my concerns and answered my questions in great detail.
I've never met a doctor with so much dedication to his patients.I truly wish we had more doctors like him.My diagnosis was extremely hard for me to accept and he and his office,nurses,the hospital all of them were Amazing!!! I love this doctor.
We are a pain management team to assist patients in getting better and controlling there chronic pain through medication management and injection therapies. We have multiple locations in Houston Texas. Spanish

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