Horrible experience He refused to treat my son due to my wife asking a question Would never even think of recommending this office to anyone. Not a place where you are treated as a decent human. As we were escorted out due to "hostile questions" ie "how many days would the labs take? And "What would be the next option?" The immature staff clapped as if to make the scene even worse and seem to enjoy making a child cry. Horrible people who care about no one.
Dr. Naron is a great doctor. My son (16years old) had chagas. Dr. Naron over saw all his treatments. He has been our doctor for more then 8 years. What I like about him is positive ways to improve my health.
At the recommendation of a friend, I recently changed primary care physicians to Dr. Geralde and I am very happy I did! He was extremely thorough and asked more questions about myself and my health in my first visit than my prior physician had in 7 years. He is both professional and personal, immediately making you feel at ease. He was attentive to my health issues and quick to follow up with test results. If you are looking for a physician who truly cares, I strongly recommend Dr. Geralde
Dr. Geralde is a very kind and helpful physician. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and addresses the issue at hand. I know his clinic is undergoing some significant changes and has made great effort to maintain communication with his patients with online access. I personally like this option as he is very responsive and always quick to make sure my needs are addressed. I have been with him for several years and my friends and family see him.
Dr. Geralde has always been a kind and caring doctor. I am not sure what happened in the past year, but he seems to be going through the motions. Phone calls are not returned, routine lab results require an in-office consultation where you can be billed for an office visit again, staff is rude, and wait times are long. The PAs are knowledgable and friendly, which is a good thing as its hard to actually see the doctor. Front desk staff look miserable. I have moved on to another doctor.
The Doctor is wonderful. The stuff too. Very professional. I highly recommended to go there.
I would not recommend Dr. Geralde to family and friends. His bedside manner is poor. He comes off as uncaring and bothered. His examination does not make up for this. The physical examination is a max of 2 minutes. The rest of the exam consisted of close ended questions.
Unbelievably bad experience. I learned to expect nothing but unanswered, unresponsive, unacceptable behavior. Problems included; - Never a phone call to be answered by a person - Voicemails went unanswered - Assembly line medicine (I was told during my fi - Dr Geralde had no idea who I was after multiple visits - Wasting my time as I was only a patient in the assembly line - Obvious efforts to charge more I have never said that any product/service was the worst, but this was the WORST!
He sits down & listens. He's easy to get into & friendly. I was getting dizzy alot and he said it was likely one of three things. He was wise in testing, started conservatively. Sure enough, my dizziness was caused by a vitamin D deficiency, as he said it might (before doing any tests). I cannot find anywhere on google to reinforce that diagnosis. BUT taking the vitamin D fixed it! And if I miss a dose, it comes back. So I refer friends by telling them "he's smarter than the internet!"
You need a primary care doc this is the guy for you. Wonderfully interested and engaging he PARTNERS with you regarding your health. He makes you comfortable immediately and he LISTENS. I am wonderfully impressed.
He is rude and bad at his job.
Outstanding physician. Takes the time to explain his decisions and listens to my complaints despite time constraints of his clinic.
When my Dr. closed her practice I searched for years trying to find another good Dr. with a friendly, helpful staff. After visiting quite a few doctors in the span of about 2 1/2 years I finally found Dr. Naron! He is a kind and caring doctor. I never feel rushed through my appointments and he takes the time to thoroughly explains things. The staff at North Hills Family Medicine has also been great!
I LOVE Dr. Earp, and the PA's I and my family have seen. However, the staff isn't always so friendly. I have spoken with a Sylvia on several occasions, and she acts like a bill collector. She is rude, and when I was inquiring about a $50 no show fee, which I had discussed with someone else, she didn't want to hear it. I asked if we should find another MD because we were having these issues, she said we could if we felt like it. She is very unprofessional, and is the ONLY reason I would leave.
We just moved across the country to San Antonio and after doing some digging (because of my son) I found Dr Earp. He is awesome! I was very impressed. My husband went with us to our 4 month olds appt and my husband was\is impressed with him. This takes a lot because he HATES doctors (not the person, just their job.). I was not only impressed with the doctor but also with the fact that my husband liked him so much. Our daughters (5 &8) were there and really liked him too!
I am also surprised to see the negative review. I have seen Lindsay three times and have always left feeling cared for - very thorough in her exam/questions and knowledgeable in her decisions. Lindsay and all the staff I've interacted with at North Hills Family Medicine are very friendly and helpful!
I was surprised to read the negative review. I've seen her twice and she has seemed very knowledgeable and professional. The whole staff seemed to work well together.
Lindsay Cain Sebek is RUDE and very unprofessional. She is a DISGRACE to Dr. Earp's office. I wish I could give her no stars!!
If I could give zero stars, I would. This office is beyond ridiculous with the amount of mistakes made on test results, billing, and prescriptions. I cannot have anything done without having to call numerous times to correct the problem. They complete tests that you aware of and did not approve and they do not listen to patient needs, except if they are trying to sell you on a drug. I strongly urge anyone considering this office and doctor to reconsider, there are plenty of far better.
Does not listen to concerns, only what interests him. Reads off his computer with diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments. Wants to sell products. Would not give me my lab results when requested...3 times! Staff can be rude at times. Missed appointment, charge is $50. Offered to pay when going to appointment and was refused. Told it had to be paid before an appointment would be made.
He cancels appointments without regard to patient's time/schedule and wants to hand you over to two incompetent PAs who never know what they are diagnosing. He used to be good, but the last couple of years he has become a careless Doctor.
Dr Earp is amazing, always listens thoroughly and really makes me feel like he cares.
Interested in selling products and services, not treating patients.
Dr Naron has been our family doctor for many, many years. We were blessed to begin receiving his care even prior to his North Hills Family Medicine office located in Stone Oak. Yes! He is THAT good! We chose to follow his practice as he is the very best family physician you will ever encounter. Before the Westover Hills location, we would drive one hour, each way to be seen by him. Again, yes being seen by him was worth the drive. He is a one in a lifetime physican. You will treasure him too!
The problem is his staff. They don't answer the phone or return calls. Once you see the Dr. if you need anything, they will not call you back. The office staff is lazy and unprofessional, first time I have ever seen an office staff like this.
Dr. Earp has been the ONLY Doctor I have been to in San Antonio that has really invested his time to find out what was wrong with me!! He has so much knowledge!! I have tried everything to lose weight for the last 8 years and I went to him 15 days ago and have already lost 14lbs!! I cannot Thank him enough!! I am going to recommend him to everyone!!
Excellent Doctor. Sometimes hard to get an appointment.

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