Wait time is just too long. My husband's appointment was at 1500. He was in the waiting room till 1705 and in the back till 1755 before seeing the NP.
2 hours wait every time I have an appointment. My mother who is very ill had a 4 hour wait a few months ago. I've been in twice in the last month for breathing problems and they never even considered sending me for an MRI of my lungs. The Dr said there is nothing more they can do for me. Unbelievable!
I had been a patient over 10 years. They closed their office and moved locations. I was never even notified. There is no excuse for this, period. Lack of visits with the actual doctor. Too many appointments made to see a PA.
Dr. Kellum Jr. is GREAT, love him, however, the office staff, specifically the front office staff, leaves ALOT to be desired. I don't mind the waiting 2 hrs past my appointment time, if it means I get to see Jr., however, I will NOT tolerate being called a liar & trying to force me to pay for something that cannot be explained to me what its for.
The staff are inconsiderate, forgetful and incompetent . Wait time is rediclious. It probably would take less time to drive into the city to be seen then be seen here.
Dr Kellum is a good and through dr is you don't mind the 3 hour wait past your appointment time! Even though this is the same every day you are not even able to call ahead and schedule your time accordingly. The staff are nice and are clearly aware of the issues yet this continues. Now I have to find another doc because I can't keep wasting my time at doctors office every time I need to come.

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