Dr. Behrmann delivered my baby while he was on call. I wasn't nervous because I hadn't met him beforehand but he was very respectful of my wishes for a natural birth and delayed cord clamping. I was also able to avoid the pitocin post birth. Great doctor, let nature take its course and only intervened when needed (post birth stitches and assisting delivery of the placenta)
Dr. Paris Brinkley is the most phenomenal doctor I've ever met. The Lord used her to talk me in to having a long awaited pap smear. She took the time to cajole, convince, beg, & plead. I was diagnosed with stage 3/4 invasive cervical cancer. If it had not been for Dr. Brinkley and her willingness to take the time to ease my fears, I would have died. It has been 15 years and I am still cancer free. I will always remember and thank her for what she did in my life. God Bless You Dr. Brinkley!!
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