Overall, very happy and satisfied with care received. Would definitely recommend.
I was seen by Dr. Fino yesterday (6/20/17) for moderate to severe sciatica. I was barely able to use my left side without experiencing an shocking pain that shot all the way down my leg. I arrived at Dr. Fino's office. Was immediately met by friendly staff and, after about 20 minutes, was taken to the procedure room. Dr. Fino performed a deep injection and explained everything as he was doing it. Experienced only slight discomfort. Almost total relief after only 16 hours.
I can not speak highly enough about Dr. Fino and his staff. I was so scared and he made me feel so at ease. Talked me through the entire procedure. I am blessed to have him as my doctor.
Dr. Fino is a great caring doctor. He actually cares if patients in pain and will do whatever can relieve pain.
Dr Fino has always been as gentle as he can be considering the things he must do to help stop the pain I suffer daily. We are still working on it but I can tell you this... he seems to be getting the pain under control for me.
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Fino. His office staff, as well as my personal experience with him has been top notch. Would definitely recommend him to others. He is very easy to talk to and he explains everything in detail, so that I have no confusion. Sincerely Helen Statham
I was referred to Dr. Fino for the pain in my lower back. Dr. Fino was very patient and understanding while trying to figure out where and why the pain was in my lower back. Dr. Fino listened to my questions and concerns and answered all questions I asked. Dr. Fino did an awesome job caring for me in my time of need. Also, Dr. Fino has an awesome office staff. They were very polite and gentle and mindful of my pain during my visits. Thanks Dr. Fino!
I initially visited Dr. Fino about two years ago. At the time i had severe pain in my hip and was unable to walk without severe pain. After injections for the problem my pain disappeared for about 9 months. I subsequently had another injection and again the pain was eliminated. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Fino and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
I love Dr Fino & his staff. His front desk clerk (Maria), is alway kind & trys to work with me on my concerns from scheduling, billing, & meds when I call, & is always friendly when it come to the front desk at appt times. His nurses staf fare wonderful & so helpful. Dr Fino is also very kind & patient. As busy as he gets I feel that he takes his time & listens to my concerns & takes his time to explain things. I also feel that during proceedurs he explains what hes doing & trys to be gentle
He is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable, yet is very clear and compassionate as he proceeds with treatment. As a bonus, his staff is well trained, and well educated,and really care about the patients. i would hate to have to switch to another pain management specialist.
Highly recommended, I had a very good experience. He is a very knowledgeable and patient doctor. I had an injection for my neck which went smoothly. My neck pain is much much better, and I am able to return back to work and workout.
I would not considering ever using another pain management physician. He is the best and very nice.
After various attempts and treatment for shoulder pain, I was evaluated and treated by Dr. Fino with excellent results, and now I am pain free, my issue and problem has completely resolved. The staff was courteous , kind and I was seen in a timely manner. I highly recommend this practice.
I was treated by Dr. Fino for a significant amount of time. Within that time period I noted his poor communication skills with other doctors, hospitals, and myself. Once it was obvious his treatments were futile, he prescribed a high dosage of narcotics and quickly lost interest in my treatment. While seeking another physician, I receive a letter stating he can no longer treat me due to an "excessive patient load." I would have received better service from a dope dealer on the streets!
Has successfully helped me manage my back pain and nerve damage in my feet.
yes well the doctor I like he is very good but the office staff besides Jackie is very poor you call for refills and seems like the nurse who gives them out don't care cause you cant get on time two to three days late,and for me that's bad cause I cant move with out them.
Mostly the office staff. It takes awhile for someone to answer the phone, their voicemail is always full and one can never leave a message. Even if you leave a message it takes more than three days to get a callback. Its time to find another doctor even if it means traveling elsewhere, where the office staff is competent, caring and more concerned about customer service and its patients.

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