Dr eberle is condescending and doesn't listen to the patient. She hurries through a few minutes with you after you wait an hour or more. She ran no tests and depended on previous dr write up on test but never saw herself, records in error and she inferred I was lying, I wanted to take less meds she doubled them , I did it for 6 mo , today she said just quit taking and don't call her if I have seizures , no follow up, just blew me off and was rude horrible Bully, mean, unprofessional
Dr. Monday has been treating me for the past month for Myasthenia Gravis (MG). I was originally diagnosed with MG in February of 2017 and was scheduled for an appointment with another Neurologist on July 3rd. I asked staff why it was going to take so long? Doctor who diagnosed me indicated that an appointment was emergency/urgent and I was told that this was the earliest they could get an appointment. I got appointment with Dr. Monday on my own through another doctor.
spent almost 2 hours waiting to be seen on my 1st appointment. once in the room the "fill in" nurse made an unprofessional comment to me, then the Dr. came in & made another what I felt was an unprofessional remark. was asked to bring in previous sleep study results & would get a call. 2 weeks later no call, so I called to ck, 3 weeks later still no I called again to find out next step. got lots of vague information. Would not recommend this office. Didn't feel I was important to him as a pt
Dr. Eberle is energetic, she listens to what you say. She includes you in the treatment she suggests. She has an excellent bed side manner.the only negative is the waiting time. Waiting for an hour is unacceptable.
Super smart, nice doc. Problem is you never see her and they have it set up so it's impossible to speak to anyone besides a receptionist who isn't "allowed" to take a message for the doc, her nurses, or anyone else. On the other hand, they are allowed to speak to you with total disregard. Incredibly frustrating - HNI you are staffed with brilliant doctors, NA's, PA's,RN's, and more so why is it impossible to speak to anyone besides a receptionist?
Dr. Monday is a great Dr, I really like, trust and feel extremely comfortable and confident in everything she says. The office staff has changed however along with the PA. Dr Monday approved a prescription last week on 1/10/2017 and it still hasn't been sent in to be filled 1/16/12017. I've called and left messages with the PA, and the front. Nobody has returned the calls. I'm lucky I don't require this to live. Just because of how poorly Dr Mondays staff performs I'm considering changing Dr's.
45 minutes late for the appointment time, and did exam with a recommended 4-6 week follow-up. In trying to make follow-up appointment, soonest available was 3 months out. I got my initial appointment in 2 weeks - come to find out they give preferential scheduling to new patients. Makes no sense - finding another Dr.
I've been a patient of Dr. Monday's since 1999. I respect her and her staff for the treatment of my illness and very much respect them.
She rushes you through and does not listen. Very condescending.
Dr Fayle took a long time to see me due to a family member he had present, it sounded like they were having a party. The intern came in prior to ask questions, then the Dr came in he made small talk and spoke more of his family than to treat It seemed like he was passing time until retirement. The student that was shadowing him seemed to feel uneasy because the doctor was repeating the same questions that he asked prior. It took to long to get my report and to get treatment.
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