She is outstanding in understanding the needs and offering solutions. She is very meticulous about diagnosis. She knows what it takes to make me healthy again.
Love this doctor! She listens and takes her time. I don't ever feel rushed.
I waited three months to get an appointment and Dr. Yoon did not take the time to listen to my increased symptoms. Having been on thyroid meds since early 2000's she said I didn't have a thyroid issue and THEN ran blood work. She called later and said all levels were normal. My previous endo. stated that she didn't run a full panel. She refused to listen to my symptoms and dismissed me from her office, after having waited 3 months. She refused to discuss my parathyroid at all.
After a year with my previous endocrinologist, I have felt defeated about my ability to manage my condition. After my first appointment with Dr. St John, I truly feel better about how I can manage everything that has been thrown at me. I would recommend this doctor to anyone in search of a truly caring individual who is willing to help you opposed to the care that I was getting.
She sent us away without testing or checking for anything as my husband sat there visibly ill and weak. She seemed to have made up her mind about my husband's condition before even talking with him. Nothing we did or said was going to change her mind. We left frustrated with no answers or even a plan to investigate anything. The appointment was a waste of time and money. Meanwhile my husband is just getting more sick.
Find another Dr who cares. Couldn't even get a phone call back, even after sending a referral letter which they requested before scheduling an appt. Even though our insurance doesn't require prior authorization. No one ever picks up the phone during business hours. All you get is an answering machine. Professional courtesy would've been to at least call back.
My problem and altimetely why I am taking my health needs elsewhere is all due to the office staff. Every phone conversation I have had with one of the office staff has been difficult and no productive. I feel that this office staff worker is vindictive and sarcastic.
Dr. St John spent a lot of time with me and ran every test she could think of that could explain what was happening. She took extra time to research my various ailments and situation before deciding what tests needed to be done. I see a lot of doctors and it is refreshing to come across one so dedicated and honest. She is easy to talk to and doesn't condescend. I am thrilled with her!
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