He unnecessarily took out my gallbladder and caused more issues for me. There is a lot better GI in Lbk than this.
Dr. Kharrat is very kind, patient, always pleasant and works very hard to find the right medicine for you . Gabe his NP is also very kind and knowledgeable and his staff is awesome. Dr Kharrat has been my Dr. for several years. I also take my mother-in-law 81 to him. I have referred him to anyone asking if I know a good Dr. He has saved my life and my mother-in-laws. There is usually a little wait but we plan for it. For a Dr. you can trust with your life what is a little wait.
He takes excellent care of his patients and I wouldn't be alive without his care.
There was a little wait time, but the best doctors are going to be popular and Dr. Kharrat is no exception. He's knowledgeable and thorough and has left no stone unturned in finding the correct diagnosis for me. I'm grateful that he's approved through the VA Healthcare system. I drove from Midland,TX to see him and I wouldn't hesitate to drive farther or wait longer to see him.
Dr. Kharrat is an amazing physician. He truly cares about the patient and makes sure you understand everything before leaving his office. He answers your questions and takes the necessary time to spend with you.
Good physician, very thorough. I had seen 7 other gastroenterologist before I saw him and they all Said I had IBS and wanted to do a biopsy. Dr kharat was the only one who actually ran a c diff test and could do an FMT to treat it. All other gastroenterologists in Lubbock are too old to offer you up to date treatments for your disease
Dr. Kharrat was so patient and understanding of my needs. When I was upset and crying he reassured me and made me fill comfortable and at ease. He is very understanding of his patience's feelings and very knowledgeable. His nurse prac. keeps you informed and is also very knowledgeable. They both made me feel better about what I was going through.
Admittedly, I had to wait an hour to see Dr. Al Kharrat, but having worked in a doctor's office before, I understood this could actually be a good sign, in that people were willing to wait to see him because he was a good doc, which ended up being the case. Dr. Al Kharrat listened to me and took time to explain my condition. He worked me in for a procedure since I had already met my deductible for the year. He is a great doc, and I highly recommend him.
Great doctor. Very knowledgeable and understanding. Very thorough in check up and knows exactly what to do. I highly recommend.
Having had a very bad experience with another gastroenterologist in Lubbock, Dr. Kharrat was a Godsend to me and my family. With multiple gastrointestinal issues, he helped me pinpoint the issue that bothered me most and found a solution. The first thing you will notice is he listens intently, doesn't rush you, and makes you feel he has all the time in the world for you, even though you know his waiting room is packed. Always a 5 with me!
Dr. Kharrat treated my father like a person and not a science project. He was truly concerned about his care.
My mother was under his care for a very complicated problem. Tests even showed that blood flow was constricted to her stomach. She's dying. But, he couldn't figure out the problem, which is OK as no doctor should be expected to know everything, but instead of acknowledging his limitations and referring her, he told her to contact a psychologist. Last refuge of a doctor who pretends to know everything is when they blame the patient. Very disappointed. He was her last hope.
Smart guy, good thorough physician who does his job well. I'd have died if not for dr Kharat
Dr. Kharrat, his nurse practitioner, and entire staff are among the best healthcare providers we've encountered, in any field. He is highly knowledgeable, and his sincere compassion for patients is obvious. His diagnoses are accurate, and treatments are effective. He has literally saved the lives of two of my family members. No one could be in better hands than Dr. Kharrat's.
We would recommend Dr. Kharrat to family or friends! He took care of my dad and we appreciate all he did for him! Johnson Family
Extremely knowledgable, experienced and compassionate. Dr. Kharrat takes the time to assess and analysis your condition. And he is creative and tenacious in finding ways to treat you - never giving up.
I were very impressed with his attention to my 82 year old mother. I feel like he saved her life and would recommend his care to anyone!
Dr Al Kharrat is one of the most compassionate doctors we have ever had. Him and his staff have been kind and understanding during a very difficult diagnosis. He is always willing to listen and we never feel rushed. He has gone above and beyond to help my husband and our family during my husband's treatment.
Dr. Kharrat has been amazing with my husband.. Very thorough,very patient, and honest. He is a great resource. He has been a true asset in this long journey of liver problems and processes. Always a 5 star to us!!!
I initially consulted Dr. Kharrat for bloody vomitting. His concern and sense of urgency to perform endoscopy led to a discovery of cancerous tumor in my stomach which I would've ignored. He gives you his complete attention and probes with questions to make sure he recommends the best course of action. Dr. Kharrat is a compassionate and is always available for questions over the phone. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a good doctor.
Dr. Kharrat is very understanding. He listens to you and is very compassionate about the care you need. His staff is very nice and always pleasant.
Amazing doctor with great environment! The only down side is there is a huge time difference in appointment and when you see the doctor due to how busy he is. He will sit there and talk to you to figure out what is going on and explain everything. My mom is a fellow patient and he always ask how she is doing.
Dr. Al Kharrat is an excellent gastroenterologist. He gave me his total attention while I described my symptoms and recommended an upper GI endoscopy for my hiatal hernia. His procedure was able to locate a stricture in my esophagus (that I was unaware of) and treat the hiatal hernia as well. Dr. Al Kharrat and his staff, especially Gabe and Hilda, form a great team!
Dr Kharrat is the best Dr I have ever been too. He listens, cares, and does not give up. You will be very happy seeing Dr Kharrat. Not only is he a fantastic Dr but his team Gabe, Hilda the entire staff is wonderful. Thanks for everything you have done for me.
This was my 1st time using Dr. Kharrat. I wad an issue with blood in my stool. My 1st meeting with him I felt warm and confident in him. Pretty good feeling for me since I don't see doctors as often as I wish I could, especially at my age of 54. He was genuinely concerned about me. I had to under go a colonoscopy. I very uncomfortable procedure for me but he was able to put me at ease.
Wait times are short. Works well with cash paying patients.
I would not recommend Dr. kharrat based on the fact he did not listen to me when I had questions about my diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis, he never responded to phone calls about my biopsy, and he was in and out of the exam room in 2 minutes.

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