I have had my triceps re-attached to my elbow and I have had my left rotatory cuff repaired. Both by Dr. Budoff. His attention to detail and specifics when conversing with you is unparalleled. He does not act like you are on his time and nor is he ever condescending. Dr. Budoff is an excellent surgeon and from what I know of him after having appointments with him for over two years now, he is a great human being as well. Dr. Budoff is the man! In my humble opinion, you can't do any better.
Fast , friendly. thank you very comforting.
DR. Esses is a great friendly doctor who understands my issues and responds accordingly.
My experience at this office has been great from my first visit after surgery. I recommend Esses to everyone.
I have been knowing Dr Dickson for 28 years since his days at Tulane University Medical Center. He is an excellent teacher, stays current with the latest technology and is superior with his bio mechanical skills in surgery. No case is too difficult and he is passionate with his care for the patient. I recommend him highly!!
Dr. Lionberger and his staff are the most caring and thoughtful group in the orthopedic field that I have ever been treated by. After dealing with two other orthopedics for more than ten years with no relief of pain Dr. Lionberger knew within five minutes of my exam what the problem was and what it would take to correct the hip. The surgery was successful in the estimated two hours of anesthesia. Recovery has been easy. Best of all I have a life pain free.
MD and staff very knowledgeable and friendly. Website very useful with videos to answer most questions.
Dr. Lionberger is treating me well and trying to start of conservatively. This is most appreciated.
I have seen Dr Budoff on 2 separate occasions one involving hand with surgery following the 2nd a shoulder problem not requiring surgery. I cant thank Dr budoff and his staff enough for the excellent attention given to both these situations. Dr budoff's bedside manor is phenominal and he is a straight forward on the medical situation/problem ,i highly recommend Dr budoff and his awesome attenative staff ,,kudos.
Just love Dr. DeYoung he is so caring and spends time with me. He as the best bedside manners. I am hoping he will do my knee replacement.
Very good attention excellent service, really nice people.
Dr. Budoff is very knowledgeable and spends all the necessary time with the patient. Just a great doctor and his staff is wonderful.
Twice I have seen Dr. Budoff for trigger finger on different hands, after the injection the pain, locking and clicking problems have gone away. I am so happy I did not have to have surgery.
The office staff was very professional and caring . the x-ray techs were nice and made me feel comfortable in the x-ray room. I love the the doctors bedside manner and concern about my health concerns. he fully explained my condition and his staff advised me as to how I can improve my condition. they all get A's in my book.
Doc is very direct and honest. I trust his opinion!
Very pleased with every experience. Dr.Lionberger is the best. Facilities are great.
Got in and out fast . Dr. really listens to you!
Dr.Lionberger is very pleasant knowledgeable and easy to understand. He proposed a very reasonable plan for improvement. I feel relieved and confident in his care.
Swift ! Courteous! Efficient !
this office is wonderful. Everyone is professional and polite.
Attentive, thorough and professional.
Everything was good !!
Everything is very good and efficient in all aspects .
Very good doctor.
My first hip surgery in December 2015 was highly successful so I confidently scheduled the second surgery for December 2016. The comfort level was hi the staff professional and supportive. I am very pleased with final result and all the surgical and supportive skills bestowed not only on me but undoubtedly all patient at this fine institution.
I am extremely happy with Dr. Lionberger and have referred patients to him with confidence. My knee replacement has been a surgery which has caused little pain and responded well to the physical therapist worked with me. Dr. Lionberger has a surgical procedure that keeps all the tendons, muscles,etc. in the line so that you are able to walk without any assistance and little pain so glad I chose Dr. Lionberger and the prosthesis he used in my knee! This was very important to me.
Dr Budoff was fantastic to say the least. In spite of all the pain and discomfort I was feeling before and soon after the surgery, he was able to make me feel comfortable and even laugh a bit. I would highly recommend this expert to any and everyone I know.
Dr. was very caring and competent. Alleviated my fear as to my condition in a non-dismissive way; offered options for what my condition actually was, and took time for ensure that I understood treatment. Very personable during the visit and I left feeling hopeful and relieved.
Very pleased with my experience with Dr. and his staff. Surgery and all follow ups were great and my repair was awesome. No pain and full mobility.
Dr. Esses di a great job , fast and friendly staff.
The staff and Dr were very helpful. The appointment was always on time, therefore I did not have to wait a long time in the waiting area. Dr is amazing! Helped me a lot wit the pain and numbness in my hands. Very grateful to have found him.
Doctor Esses is great doctor !!!
I have received great care and will recommend to others.
The staff is nice. Does not take all day. Employees seem to care about patients.
I love this office Very courteous and professional staff who really listen.
Dr. Esses is awesome! Would not go to anyone else.
Great effective and efficient Surgeon!!!! I was very impressed with Dr. Dickson in his care of me that when my mother needed hip replacement I called him first!! I love Dr. Dickson!!!
Total jerk! When you try to speak, he'll shut you down. He is just here for a paycheck. Oh and makes you wait forever when he is literally doing nothing. I've also witnessed his nurses put a woman on hold and call her an idiot.
enjoyed the courtesy and professionalism of doctor and staff.
Great visit, fast and to the point I was very pleased with this visit.
Service was great and Dr. Esses was extremely knowlegable.
This has been an excellent experience with Dr. Lionberger. The procedure was awesome and now can walk with very little pain. Dr. Lionberger made everything relaxing and stress free. I would recommend only him to anyone. His Staff was courteous and professional.
Right knee is virtually pain free, Mobility is improved and fluid. Flexibility is vastly improved. Dr. Lionberger's professional expertise and ownership of my problem is over the top.
Great doctor !! Great STAFF !! In and out. Did not have to wait.
Best Doctor I have ever seen. I come in and out of my appointment in 30 min. My back feel so good.
my visit was excellent.
Great doctor fast appointment.
Impressed with prompt and through doctor Esses took his time to listen Great office!!!
Everyone has been very helpful and I did not feel like I was talked down to. If I had questions after the visit I can call and leave a message and my call is always returned and my questions answered. On surgery day use the Valet service you will have trouble finding your car when it is time to leave.
Everything from the first meeting with Dr.Lionberger till today has been very good. The hospital experience was super. My walking without pain is wonderful.
Dr. Budoff did both carpal tunnel release, & trigger finger release on my right hand 10/26/2016. I had very little pain and left with no bandages over the surgical sites. It had surgical glue of some type that came off on it's own as the incision healed. The incision was so small you could hardly see it & it healed very quickly with very little discomfort. By the following day I could already bend my wrist, and open and close my fingers. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.
Very professional.
Fast and to the point.
very happy with all this doctor would recommend to friends and family.
I have been a loyal patient since 2005.
could not have been a better experience.
It was good I trust Dr. Esses.
Frequently canceled or rescheduled major appointments (pre-op, surgery, post-op suture removal) with little notice. Poor bedside manner.
Staff very friendly, good experence.
Everyone was professional, nice no complaints. Look forward to working with Dr. Esses.
Everyone is extremely nice and patient.
Horrible experience, doctor acted inappropriately, staff is rude and horrendous
Good Experience waiting in waiting room goes fast. Staff is super friendly.
Fabulous care!
Dr. Esses and staff know what they are doing. Thanks to all who helped my pain.
Always friendly staff and comfortable environment.
Everything was great. The doctor and nurses were very kind. I was confident that the surgery was going to go great.
For my visit due to back pain, Dr. Esses' office performed a drug test on me without my knowledge. The charge of the drug test was over $10,000 each time when the test was performed. Nobody in the office felt the necessity to inform me about the drug test or the cost of the drug test prior to being performed. I wasn't aware about the drug test until it showed up on my insurance claim. The office didn't only performed the drug test on me once but they did the same thing on my follow up visit too.
Very satisfactory experience.
Receptionist are great wonderful job.
Everything is good.
Friendly staff!! fast and efficent.
Timely appointments great staff.
My overall experience was great. Doctor and staff great !!1.
Very helpful-informative had to leave before more questions were answered will ask on next visit.
wonderful front desk and staff.
very good experience and friendly people.
Fast , friendly , and Dr. Understood me !!!
Very pleasant with all evaluations and treatments. Staff very involved with care.
Dr. Lionberger is an awesome doctor. My husbands knee surgery and recovery were excellent.
I had a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Dr. Budoff recommended exercises to strengthen the shoulder then performed surgery. He was able to repair and rebuild the rotator cuff without adding the bolt, which was awesome. By following his after surgery treatment and physical therapy sessions I now have a pain free shoulder with 95% recovery in only 10 months. Dr. Budoff is professional, he cares for his patients, and takes the time to explain and listen. I would recommend him to anyone
Terrible experience! Very condecending. Was in the room about 1-2 minutes, did not disclose or explain what was on my MRI. Got very aggravated when I attempted to ask questions and still did not answer. It was basically "you don't need surgery, see ya later" kind of visit. I'm glad I sought a 2nd opinion and am getting the treatment I need. On a good note, the office staff were great
When I came in just over 3 months ago, I could not lift my arms over my head. Now I have free movement. The doctor and staff are very friendly. My experience was great. I would recommend anyone with arm or hand pain here.
When I came in just over 3 months ago, I could not lift my arms over my head. Now I have free movement. The doctor and staff are very friendly. My experience was great. I would recommend anyone with arm or hand pain here.
Dr. Budoff has excellent customer service and is certainly highly skilled at what he does. I had a full recovery from surgery and injury without a scar. I am very pleased with the care he provided me and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Budoff!
When I came in just over 3 months ago, I could not lift my arms over my head. Now I have free movement. The doctor and staff are very friendly. My experience was great. I would recommend anyone with arm or hand pain here.
Surgery was performed previously on my wife successfully by Dr. Esses.
I emailed Dr Budoff about a hand surgery I just had in Tulsa, Ok and was able to get great advise from this Dr. There are few physicians today that would go out of their way to take the time out of their busy schedule and answer questions from a person who isn't his patient.
Sorry I could not see Dr Budoff. He needs to take care with the system used for his appointments. After a week waiting to see Dr Buddoff, the appointment made using Zocdoc, was cancelled by his team, and them did not have any of the information that I submited to the page. Worse, them did not had the courtesy of the re-schedulling the appointment before ask again for the insurance information, that, was the most important concern for his team. Of course, I got how to pay, what a disapointment.
Everything is handled in a very professional manner.
Overall visit was great!!! Dr.Esses very professional!!
Everyone was excellent. Dr.Lionberger is the best. Hugs and kisses.
My husband went to Dr. De Young with painful knees--xrays showed he was just about bone on bone. Dr. De Young took a lot of time outlining all of the options. Not only did he give my husband excellent care, he was so personable and spent lots of time with us. He never seemed in a hurry and was always gracious. Sadly, we've moved from the greater Houston area and my husband is having to see someone else now, but we would ALWAYS recommend Dr. De Young! His staff are always wonderful, too!!
Everyone is great Always there to help always listen Always with a smile.
No problems, great service from making apt, to see the doctor. Highly recommended.
Very quick and efficient.
Experience was Great.
He is simply the very very best. He replaced my hip 17 years ago and he was awesome. Kind, professional and really cares. I must have this hip revised as it has worn out. I wanted Dr. Lionberger to do this surgery also, but my insurance won't let me us him. I'm so comfortable with him because of his experience with me and the cleanliness of Methodist Hospital in Houston. I'm having it done by a newer surgeon closer to my house. I would tell anyone who could to use this highly skilled surgeon!
Very friendly. courteous. Helpful and Smiling. Very satisfied with everyone, got lot of respect my doctor.
Great environment !!
Dr. Lionberger and staff are professional and friendly. Very informative and seems to care about you condition and concerns.
Great staff and great doctor. I trust Dr. Esses to provide me with the treatment I need to recover.
My visit was good very satisfied with this doctor, hoping his treatment plan will help me.
It was quick and questions answered, the staff was polite and through.
Great visit as always.
Doctor was professional and attentive answered all my questions.
Very good Dr!!!
Very good experience. Staff is knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Lionberger was very good.
In June of 2012, I fell from the tailgate of my pickup truck and landed on my left elbow. X-rays taken at the ER that night showed that the joint was shattered. The ER referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who told me I can fix your elbow, but I know someone who is better than me and he reffered me to Dr. Budoff. Eight days after my accident, Dr. Budoff performed a six hour operation to fix my elbow. I saw him many times over the next year. I grew to have great respect for him and his staff.
He is very knowledgeable and is good at what he does. He fixed my carpal tunnel on both wrists and did a great job and recently treated me for a trigger thumb. I would definitely recommend him.
he was awesome! I will tell anyone that has back trouble to come here.
I had very good care.
My visits here have always been efficient, timely and easy in easy out.
very good assistance time best service that any other Dr's office I have been.
Friendly, efficient and to the point thank you.
Great doctor great service and great staff.
He has sucessfully done surgery on one thumb several years ago and then on one finger recently. He is a great doctor and we appreciate his excellent expertise and skill. The recovery time is so minimal. Immediate relief from trigger finger is achieved.
I am satisfied with treatment I have received from Dr.Esses and the staff is super.
Without Dr. Budoff I would not have use of my left hand. I contacted a rare marine bacteria,not vebro, that invaded tendon sheaths and bone requiring (7) surgeries to resolve after which I have very good use of my left hand. I credit Dr. Budoff's skill and resilience in resolving my issue.
everything went well.
great job !!!
Everything was good ,and fast.
Terrific! I have Dupuytrens's in both hands. In May 2015 Dr. Budoff released three fingers on my left hand that we're affected. I was quite pleased with the results. As a result in April of this year I had my right hand (dominate) done. Quite satisfied with results. I highly recommend Dr. Budoff if you need relief from Dupuytren's. Mike H 5/27/16
explained ever thing very well. did good job with very little pain. would highly recommend him to others.
everything and everyone are cool, friendly.
My experience with Dr.Lionberger has been life changing ! Dr. Lionberger did a total knee replacement on my left knee then later did a total knee replacement on my right knee.I am totally satisfied with the results of both knees !! I absolutely recommend Dr. Lionberger to anyone experiencing knee problems and considering surgery. I can't say enough about the amazing way I was taken care of by Dr. Lionberger and his entire team / staff. Thank you all for all you've done for me ! Robert Abshire
Always have a pleasant experience with everyone. Trust integrity of Dr. Lionberger staff-excellent.
front desk associates very friendly,treat everone very fast and friendly maner ,keep up the good job.
Dr. Budoff and his staff were professional, responsive, and took the time to explain every step of the process. He is a pleasure to work with and took great care of my teenage daughter's wrist injury. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a skilled and professional orthopedic surgeon who actually has a great bedside manner.
Dr. Budoff did an excellent Job with my Finger Surgery as well as working with an infectious disease Dr, and Physical Therapist. My surgery was successful and I am almost back to full motion with my Finger. I also liked the convenience of the Katy Office instead of going to the Med Center. He and his staff were fantastic and easy to communicate with.
He is very nice@ explains everything step by step.
Dr. Lionberger very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me understand my condition.
The staff was very friendly and courteous. I felt taken care of. The staff was efficient.
Dr. Budhoff is an expert surgeon and extremely knowledgeable. He did an amazing job on my open Bicep repair and years later I'm still going strong. I highly recommend him for Orthopedic Surgery. In addition, his offices are clean and friendly and all of his staff is courteous and professional.
Best staff ever!!
Dr. Budoff correctly diagnosed my carpal tunnel issue quickly and gave me options for treatment. His website is also a great resource to help understand the condition, treatments and recovery. I chose surgery which was quick with no downtime or pain. All my symptoms were relieved from day one following the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Budoff and his staff for carpal tunnel issues.
Dr. Esses is always nice and honest and the staff are very friendly.
staff was very polite , knowledgeable and friendly Dr was straight forward with his plan of treatment and follow up.
care and after care excellent.
very welcoming . told me everything needed to know.
Dr.Esses is a kind and gentle man that understands his patients points and concerns. Dr. Esses is one of the best doctors that I know and I am very lucky to have him as my doctor. I will and have recommeneded Dr. Esses to family,friends and co-workers.
Intelligent P.A. Informative and Professional.
Rosie is great Sarah was very helpful.
Everything was done in a professional detailed maner. Dr. Esses was very helpful.
overall good !
I love the treatment here everone is very curtios and professional. we get the royal treatment.
Staff was friendly and responsive to all of my queations.
will reccomend.
Good doctor and staff.
I recently had a radial fracture reduced by Dr. Dickson. He is a terrific person and a wonderful doctor. Great sense of humor. I especially liked the fact that I felt I could ask him anything about anything. Dr. Dickson always answered me with respect and in terms I could understand. Only one complaint....long waiting time in waiting room and in exam room. I have had two appointments...first one I waited 40 minutes in treatment room and second time...one hour and 45 minutes in waiting room
less pain, more comfort.
He is a really good dr at one point I couldn't bend my elbow and now I can and its pain free and he is a really nice person he's been my dr for the last 5yrs
I received apt confirmation emails for Dr. Lionberger. I would like to suggest that the doctors address, suite and phone number be included in those confirmation emails. I believe this information will make those email confirmations much more helpful and informative with the confirmation it.
Very good job.
Both of my hands were impaired because of several of my fingers folding back on themselves. Dr. Budoff fixed both of them without any pain or limited use. Now they are like new. He predicted the recovery time and reduced need for physical therapy. I would highly recommend him for future hand and feet issues similar to what I had.
You can find a much better ortho surgeon and you shoul I had a rotator cuff repair that would be simple and arthroscopi. I had no idea that I had two incisions until 2 weeks - he had to sever my bicep tendon during the rotator cuff repair. The bicep incision stiches looked like Frankenstein. Amazingly, my insurance paid for plastic surgery to make that incision not look so amazingly freaky. Can you imagine? My therapy was misery for 6 months - never have regained full range of motion.
Sarah is wonderful did not feel a thing she is GREAT.
I suffered an undiagnosed wrist fracture for 4 months which resulted in non union of the bone and avascular necrosis (bone death) to my dominate arm. Dr. Budoff discussed the problem and treatment options with me which included surgery. After surgical intervention by Dr. Budoff, I am happy to say that I am fully healed. Dr. Budoff does amazing work, my scars are minimal and most importantly I can use my hand again.
Horrible experience. Dr. Essex was very in sensitive to my extreme pain and lacked bed side manner. He did not offer many any remedy for my pain or condition, just that he would not be performing any surgery. He contradicted himself on several occasions. His clerical staff was also incompetent, loosing my information, incorrectly entering my information, mistaking my appointment times, ect. Very unorganized. I am still suffering after seeing Dr. Essex he was useless
Doctor visits are great please do not change anything Sugar Land office is convenient for myself easy to get to.

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