A caring & compassionate doctor with great bedside manners.
I was very displeased with my consult with Dr. Hoffman. Upon feeling unusual after allergy shots, I described to him my symptoms. He examined me and refuted and dismissed my claims. He then tried to charge me an office visit which is not warranted in such an unpredictable situation at their practice. I was veryuncomfortable that he argued with me. I later refused payment. It is obvious he tried to take advantage of me.
I find Dr. Kline to be a highly intelligent doctor, and he seems to be very current with the latest treatments. I do not find him condescending at all, in fact quite the opposite. While he's not gushy or hand-hold-y, he is very attentive, he listens well, takes my input seriously, and does it with a dry sense of humor. He comes across to me as professional, serious about his work and my care, and as very good at what he does.
He is extremely caring and considerate. He thinks about all aspects of the issue and is knowledgeable about other areas than just what he specializes. He is an amazing doctor and I would highly recommend to anyone!
I give the office and staff a rating of "good" because they are polite and very knowledgeable. But Dr. Kline is very condescending and has a snobby and rude bed side manner. It is as if you "are an inconvenience to him and how dare you show up and interrupt him" type of feeling. You leave feeling like the worst patient/parent ever. Then you pay at check out.....for having been insulted.
If you line being spoken to with a condescending tone, Dr. Kline is the man for you! It is really disheartening when you come to a healthcare professional to seek answers but you're instead met with a complete lack of empathy.

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