very poor service. Anhalt was suppose to tell his counterpart about my girlfriend being in the hospital. She sat there for 4 days, then she was released. No surgery and told to come back on Monday.
Dr. David Kent is the kindest Doctor I had run into in my life. He had treated me like his family member and always concerned about my feelings; he was always kind to my family members as well. I am really impressed with his professional abilities and most importantly I looked up to him as my friend - felt confident he could cure any problem of mine. Unfortunately Du Pont Company changed the insurance Company from Blue Cross Anthem to Aetna. Aetna informed me that I couldn't see Dr Kent
I was referred to Dr. Selzman because my PSA was elevated. He is a kind and straight forward doctor and I would highly recommend him. After learning that I had prostate cancer, he spent a lot of time answering my questions and allaying my fears. His clinic is staffed with very caring professionals. Despite the fact that I do have cancer, I felt upbeat after my appointments with him.
Dr. David Kent is a wonderful, talented and caring doctor. He is concerned with his patients' health and is thorough during the examination. I would strongly recommend him. I have been his patient for about 7 years now.
A doctor that makes the time to listen is not very common these days. Dr. Krishnan provides good and clear advice. I recommend him.
He made my son feel so comfortable. We had been struggling to get answers and he immediately knew what to do. It's been great for the last 6months
Would give negative stars if possible. This doctor was arrogant, dismissive, and flat out wrong. He wanted to do surgery for what turned out to be an autoimmune disorder, even after I told him a prior urologist aborted a surgery in progress because of unexplained inflammation. Never went back after first office visit. Total waste of money. (The support staff was great - very friendly and courteous.)
I first saw Dr. Smith in the Katy Hermann ER, where he quickly diagnosed a very painful kidney stone and a much larger bladder stone. Dr. Smith was very professional, explained everything thoroughly, and formulated a plan for me quickly. He explained all my options and once I decided, he was very proactive in "making it happen." I highly recommend him and his associate, Dr. Kent.
Dr Krishnan has been my Urologist for over 8+ years now. I have had several scopes and operations to remove polyps that did turn out to be a type of Cancer. He is always sensitive to my needs and I truly would not have anyone else at this point. He is like family to me.
Called after hours and got this dr., he was rude and couldn't care less about helping address the problem.
I have been waiting for treatment for 2 hrs.
Although he looked young enough for me to offer to buy him a six pack of beer for him and his buddies, he was very professional, took time to explain and I couldn't be happier considering the fact I was having surgery on my testicle.
Dr. Kent did my vasectomy in August of 2016. He was very friendly and we chatted during the procedure. He did the entire procedure himself without an assistant which was nice for something so personal. I was in his office and out the door in under 25 minutes. No stitches required. Would recommend him for a vasectomy to anyone who is looking to have the procedure.
Had surgery that was not successful. Have to redo the surgery with another urologist.
He really quickly responded and explained very details to make us understand his plan to treat patient. Very skillfull and experienced. All staffs who work with are so kind and professional. We are so satisfied with all we received.
Submitted a lab, was told to wait for a call for results. No call came, called office, no answer left message. Nurse called 24 hours later to let me know that the doc would be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and I wouldn't get my results for another 2 weeks. 6 weeks and no results. Not to mention they lost my file and had none of my information when I called in.
Inconsiderate rude thieves. Office manager is unproffessional jerk who refuses to return calls. Multiple messages with no return call. I've been waiting for my prescription for weeks. It's been over a month since my office visit. They double book appointments, so be prepared to wait long hours because they try to get as much money out of the public as possible. Screw helping people when you can get paid.
I had the worst experience ever at Dr. Kents office and I mean ever!!!!!!!!! They charge me for a procedure, $150 based on my insurance. No problem with that, but then when I wanted a refund they charged for not one but two office visists when it was not my fault the procedure didn't go through it was Dr Kent and his assistant who lied and said they sent me prep instructions on time when they sent it only two days before. The Dr Kent completed his final report & put all blame on me.
Office staff is very unprofessional, the nurse was taken notes for my health record on a dirty napkin she had in her packet. I was not very impress with this Dr.
Very knowledgeable, explained my condition and options. Answered my questions. Could work on bedside manner.
He has no concern for the patients needs and spends half the time on his lap top Told me he is to busy to give testosterone shots to his patients. He in no way as good as my previous urologist
Perfect, very mannerly and great at explaining. Dr. Anhalt actually stayed past normal hours on a Friday afternoon to take care of an acute problem. Did exactly what was needed and my relief was immediate. Would recommend him anytime.
He did 2 of my lithro surgeries and both times never helped me to figure out why I produced kidney stones. He would run the urine analysis and tell me not to eat rhubarb.. I didn't even know what it was.. Not to mention he billed our insurance company twice for only one surgery!
Dr. has terrible bedside manner. Not sure he is competent. Terrible personality!
very personable and listens to your concerns. he is wonderful. I would highly recommend him
I see Dr. Kent for kidney stone issues and had surgery to remove them. He is personable and professional, able to answer our questions and repeat information we didn't understand. On surgery day, he was confident and had great bedside manner. I would recommend him to everyone.
Recommended a procedure that on further analysis had negligible chance of success. 2nd and 3rd opinions confirmed this, but I was already in the hole to the tune of $x,xxx
He has been my urologist for over six years, and I appreciate his knowledgeable & forthright manner. Truly seems to care about the whole patient-i.e. Altering imaging requests to limit repeat patients' radiation exposure. When I was hesitant to undergo repeat lithotripsy as studies suggest it damages the pancreas and I already have chron. pancreatitis, he didn't dismiss me or my concerns, instead offered alternative treatment plans and honesty re:risks/benefits & then respected my choice.
Dr. Smith saw us on an emergency basis, managed to get us scheduled for a stent placement the next day and fit us in (less than 3 months later) for a corrective surgery over the winter holidays. He's been available, responsive and really able to calm the fears of the teenaged patient. I could not say ENOUGH good things about Dr. Smith and his team!! His PA and even Jessica in the office were amazing.

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