Excellent choice in general practitioner. She is always able to see me if I need something urgently. Her advice has been stellar. Would recommend.
I would recommend Dr. Grieco highly. He is an excellent doctor, very through and caring. His staff is excellent as well.
Dr. Hinh was assigned to me when I was inpatient for a week at MHSE for a kidney infection. I am so glad for it too. He has been treating me for almost 2 years now because I have chronic kidney problems due to a birth defect and he has the best bedside manner, is always kind, and really listens to his patients. He is very patient and helpful and wants the best for his patients. I am always seen quickly and his office staff are amazing! I totally trust Dr. Hinh with my health care.
Dr Farmer was great with my children. Always very polite and entertaining them. She was also very thorough.
Office staff is very rude, long wait times, appointments are weeks out, office politics, they do not listen to you and treat you like you are annoying them, they do not do what you ask nor do they care about their patients. Someone with MHMG needs to step in and investigate this office.
I really like Dr Hunter. She is thorough, compassionate, friendly, explains things so I can understand it, is helpful and knowledgeable. She is great with referrals, as I have been to a cardiologist and a sleep doctor through her, and really like both of them.
Have no reservations recommending Dr. Hunter or nurse practicioner Stacey Bell. I have seen both and their care was excellent. What I could not live with was the lack of returned calls, missed refills, etc that seem to point back to the support staff. I refuse to mange the medical profession to make sure I get the medications they say that I need. If the dooctors office does not see a need to refill or call me, then healthcare may not be all that important ... so I went elsewhere.
Good to the point care, put me in the path to a proper life style change to take care of myself. Exercise, weight loss, quit smoking. I prefer to enjoy my grandchildren in retirement. Dr Grieco helps you make the right cardio desisions. I recommend this practice Dr and staff highly
Attempting to make and appointment called today Monday 2/13/17 at 8:26am advised by system that the office opens at 8am closes at 5pm to call back during that time. ????????? Called back at 9:32 am phone just rang no answer.
Dr. Janecek is a great doctor. He has helped me with many sicknesses, and helped me to overcome Lyme disease. He is thorough, and genuinely cares about his patients.
I've been with this physican for over 30 years. She is tops! She practices medicine in a patient-centered way and devotes sufficient time to understand problems and look for solutions.
No Compassion and rude staff. I had difficulty finding office, called them WELL before my appt, they helped guide me there on the phone, I walked in 5 minutes late and Dr Hunter refused to see me bc i was late. It took months to get an appointment here. The nurse practitioner saw me- disappointing. I had even offered to wait longer, but they said no. I told my neighbor about this, and coincidently fired them for the same reasons. She said DR Hunter is not a true D.O. she is very conventional
Dr Glass was highly recommended to us based on the amount of time and care she supposedly spends with her patients. We recently moved to Houston and made an appointment with Dr. Glass. After waiting over an hour, she rushed us through our appointment in less than 10 minutes and didn't answer any of our concerns. She had no time for our child or us and didn't seem to care that she was rushing us. Really really disappointed - we've never experienced this before.
Dr Esper is the most caring Doctor I have met she help me in my Health . I would give any thing if I could come back and be her patient. Dr Esper cares about you she will go to furthest to make sure she finds out what medical issue you are having . Thank you Dr Esper for helping me finding what was wrong with me . I had to leave her practice due to my insurance went out. Wish I could back and be treated in your office. : (
Dr. Hunter is a good physician, but her staff is terrible. The office is run inefficiently. When making a phone appointment, I am placed on hold and then disconnected...repeatedly. Communications are also difficult when trying to understand bloodwork results.
Rude, vindictive staff. Talked trash about me openly in front of me and my family. Great doc but not worth the awkwardness.
Awesome doctor, horrible staff. The first visit, I was humilated on the phone. When I arrived, the person taking me to the back told the person who was rude on the phone " this is Mr a****" it was awkward and humiliating to have them refer to me then loudly laughing and mocking me while in the room waiting to be seen with my wife and child. I came today for a test, didn't have the $35 and they same staff refused to bill it. My child is very sick, I must tend to him. The off Mngr didn't care.
Dr.Grieco, has been my Cardiologist for 20+ years. He WILL spend whatever necessary time with you to answer questions, offer options and listen to your concerns. He is a big believer in the patient being proactive in their healthcare, especially making lifestyle changes such as, proper eating and exercise. He makes it easier for the patient to make the necessary lifestyle changes as he Pracitices what he preaches.
Dr Esper has a very busy practice. Should you require more than fifteen minutes of her time chose someone else. She mainly refers when she could deal with health issues herself. I believe that her primary role is that of seeing as many patients in as short a time as possible . I felt that going to an internist as opposed to go to a general MD would facilitate more hands on and less referring. I was wrong.
Exactly the kind of doctor we were looking for when moving to a new area: wise and experienced, committed to the community
Ineffective. I thought I was paying for what he knew. I t turns out I paid to find out what he didn't know. Shoulder shrugging and IDKs are his method.
Awesome Dr. - I like his bedside manners and he listens to his patients - I feel like he really paid attention to what I told him in regards to how I was feeling and we worked together to get me off of a lot of meds. Excellent staff - soooooo friendly and caring and very organized - not a lot of waiting around time when we go for followups or checkups - oncall staff is also excellent!!
Dr. Esper is a compassionate doctor. She has a great bedside manner and really listens to what I have to say. I had been though a list of doctors previously that I felt would rush me in and out of the appointment and I did not feel that they were listening to all my symptoms/concerns. Dr. Esper takes the time to listen and takes thorough notes though the entire appointment. I have been a patient of Dr. Esper for the last 7 years and I do not know what I would do with our her.
Dr. Grieco's bedside manners are wonderful. He and his staff make you feel very comfortable at all times.
ever since I been going to Dr.Davis I have never felt so comfortable its like being with a family member and he understands and always make sure u are in great health!!!!!!!!!!!
excellent doctor and excellent staff.
Dr. Caplan has been my cardiologist for 17 years. I've recommended him to friends and to family, and can't say enough good things about him!
While Dr. Chen is thorough and does clinically-sound work, I would NOT recommend going to see her because her staff (especially her nurse) is totally UNPROFESSIONAL and very rude. The nurse is very condescending (without cause, as she has no clue what she's talking about most times). She comes into the room and tries to give her opinions on what may be going on with you, which is usually offbase and wrong. I'm a physician myself. I could not work with the sort of nurse Dr. Chen does. Nope!
Dr Chen is a brilliant Dr. She avoides prescribing antibiotics. She makes you feel like she's there to take care of you and she does. Dr Chen is in no hurry when ut comes to her patients questions and concerns.
Dr. Chen spent quite a bit of time with me listening to my concerns. Each appointment she has not been rushed to move on to the next patient. She explained her diagnosis instead of just prescribing medicine and sending on my way as I have experienced with other doctors. I have recommended her to several friends and family members.
Dr. Chang gives the personal touch in her care for me. She has been one of the most competent doctors that I have had through my health issues. Thank you to her. She listens
She is an excellent doctor, very professional and kind. She takes care of her patients on the right way.
Problem: dangerous lack of follow-up. Story: My wife was diagnosed with Shingles at a walk-in clinic and a urinary track infection. My wife has only one kidney. She was prescribed another antibiotic and blood was taken. After three days, she was not doing well and called back. She was told the blood work showed she did not have an infection. Only after asking was she told her bloodwork showed elevated kidney function. To not inform the patient of these things is dangerous. Much more I could say.
I changed cardiologists because I was tired of waiting 2 + hours to be seen though I was always on time for my appointments. What a pleasant change! Dr. Bassett was right on time, and spent the time listening to me, and asking all the right questions, also a pleasant change. My new go-to cardiologist.
Exceptional physician. Patiently listens. Fully explains logic and diagnosis. Is open minded and researches an issue if she's unfamiliar with it and follows up with you. Gives timely and personalized feedback.
I've seen dr Albritton twice. Both times she was thorough and prepared when she entered the room. She had read my chart and was ready to go. I liked her!
Dr.Avendano one of the few physicians I feel warrants five stars. Not only is he a skilled cardiologist he is also compassionate and listens. Never rushed and he gives you his full attention with a smile. He was instrumental in saving my 96 year old mother when others failed her. He has been my cardiologist since moving back to Texas and can unequivocally recommend him and I have to many friends.
Very bad experience. Was trying to tell her all the problems i was facing and she told me to stop telling her, Her exact word, you are telling me too many problems. I wonder why she was not ready to listen to all my complaints and recommend a holistic treatment.
I have gone to Dr Allison twice since moving to Katy. She takes the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment in term laymen can understand. She does not rush you, and I would recomond her to anybody
Dr. Chang has a relaxed, down-to-earth, focused style that I really appreciate. She is a good listener and seems to make recommendations on effective medicine instead of generic protocols.
He is a very caring individual. He actually listens tp you and addresses your concerns.
Horrible service..Dr.Allison is very money minded.During my physical I had couple of concerns that I wanted to discuss with her,[which were not urgent but i wanted to get her advise]. She refused to discuss them as according to her, Insurance would not pay for it.I was told to make another appt.to discuss my concern so the insurance can pay for her two minutes.Does not care for patients concern & comfort.She took less than 5 minutes for my physical for which she got paid well.
I love seeing Dr. Chen! You can tell she really cares about her patients because she takes the time to talk to you (a rarity in my opinion). She has always given me great medical advice, too! Highly recommend to family and friends.
Dr Chen is very professional and very compassionate with her patients. Great listener, you never feel like she is rushing you.
I have never met a Doctor so caring about his patient as he does. His always has a smile on his face, he can't always feel that good but he keeps smiling . There is no Doctor , that I know of with his conviction. I think he should hold classes for other Doctors , of coarse I know with all the patients he has he doesn't have time. Have a BLESSED DAY !
I love Dr. Chen! I've never had a problem making appointments, and I've never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes when I get there. Dr. Chen takes time to sit down and actually talk with her patients about what's going on, unlike some other doctors that don't seem to care and rush patients through like cattle. She always has good advice for me, and she has a great sense of humor. I enjoy going to see her and highly recommend her to everyone!
Dr. Bhojani is excellent
He is the most Lovable dr you'll ever meet
She is the primary care doctor for me and my toddler. She's very nice and knowledgeable, and her nurses are great. There is never more than a five or ten minute wait time in the lobby. In and out! :)
Great Experience. Very Helpful doctor, I personally came to have a physical and doctor was very helpful and informative. I feel like I actually learned something from this doctor. Answered all my questions and was very friendly.
Doctor was extremely helpful and informative. I was running 15 minutes late, but the office still accommodated me and the doctor was patient and helpful. Overall great experience.
He is by far the best Doctor the Stahl family ever had. We love him, his care and concern for our health. Great guy.
Took some blood work with this doctor and never received follow up. Finally called the doctor a month later and was told my results were posted in the patient portal. Checked them and discovered Results were abnormal. I had to GOOGLE what all the terms meant bc the doctor wanted to schedule another appointments for me to come in before she explained my results. Thyroid functioning abnormal w/ strong presence of antibiodies. NOT okay i was never followed up with. Sent my results to another DR!!
During my first appointment with Dr. Chen, I was very impressed, and I really enjoyed my visit. After that, it went way downhill. On one occasion, my appointment was 40 minutes delayed, which wasn't too big of a deal for me, but when I was 10 minutes late to an appointment (after calling ahead to let them know I would be a little late), I was treated like garbage from Dr. Chen. I would recommend finding a different doctor because she isn't too friendly.
He's the best in the Houston area bar none! He has made me better more time then I care to count. I can always count on him being there for me!
Dr. Allison is very pleasant and thorough in her exam . She is a very good listener and very knowledgeable. I am happy that I found a good doctor finally . I would highly recommend her .
Lacks compassion with patients; spent minimal time with me. Hard to reach the Doc. The phone gets transferred to her medical assistant, who apparently never picks up or returns calls. Finally got hold of med asst through appointment line for prescription refill. Turns out, doctor doubles my dosage and fails to tell me why. Tried reaching out to both her and her medical assistant but to no avail. Now I don't have my medication and looking for a different doctor. Use this dr at your own risk
Professional and trustworthy.
Dr. Boyd is very attentive and treats patients on a very personal level. He is very careful and accurate in his diagnosis process and discusses options in a clear way. I highly recommend Dr. Boyd as a general family doctor without any reservation.
My visit with Dr Allison was everything I had expected based on the reviews I had seen. I had quite a bit that needed to be discussed and she gave me the attention as a professional doctor would. I would definitely recommend!
Very personable; took time to explain. Recommending Dr Batista to friends and co-workers
Dr.allison is very money minded.she'll not discuss any discomfort,as according to her insurance won't payfor that .I've been to many family physician but nobody refused to talk about any discomfort a patient has during physical as I believe part of the reason for an annual physical to a doctor is to bring up any issues that are not life threatening but something to bring up to your Dr.'s attention.Just in case if there is something to be concerned about.patient shd be a good dr's priority not $
My mother had a heart attack in the middle of the night, we called 911 and arrived at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands, at 2:45am we were met by Dr. Avendano.I knew him and we immediately recognized each other and he assured me he would take great care of my Mom. My mother's physicians are in the Texas Medical Center, and initially we wanted to be transferred right away.His calmness and his compassion immediately made me know we were in great hands, we are now seeing him instead of going to TMC.
She helped me a lot to get treatment as soon a possible for my cancer. She was very kind and understand my needs and my fears. She explain everything that was going to happen and what was going on in my body.
She is very caring & pays attention to the patients needs. Very thorough & spends quality time to make sure we get adequate care.
Avoid this one at all cost! Zero communications what so ever. ZERO! Tried to contact the doctor with quick question/concerns and the nurse/assistant basically told me she won't talk to me unless I schedule an appointment with her. She also changed my prescription completely with no notification. Her style is my way or the high way If you want a doctor will not work with her patients, then she is not for you.
She was thorough, didn't rush out the door like most doctors. I felt confident that she will take excellent care of me.
She referred me to a PM & Phyc I called the services and nothing in over 3 weeks.
She is at ease with my son and makes him very at ease.
I wouldn't recommend Dr. Allison. I had a new patient appt with Dr. Allison and it was truly a waste of time and money. I was seen an hour late and there was no quality of care. Dr. Allison is friendly when she first walks in, but the clear goal is to get in and get out. Dr. Allison did not care to establish a patient relationship, listen to any concerns, or to provide any useful feedback to issues. I am disappointed in the positive reviews I read. Below subpar experience.
Impossible to get appointment when you need it. A month wait and unhelpful office staff
She listens. That's all that matters when visiting a doctor. She doesn't rush you, she actually takes the time to listen.
I've have so many issues with scheduling. Never got results for blood work until 7 months later when I happened to request them for a non-related reason
Would like to locate Dr. Marta Molina: excellent doctor would like to see where she is at now. Would like to be able to contact her. Re: scheduling an appointment. Best doctor I ever had.
We are patients who have been with Dr. Mueck for 22 years. I would not want to use anyone else for care. He does not treat patients as a # .... takes time to know you & doesn't push you out the door after 10 minutes. Knowledgeable, thinks outside the box if something stumps him (rare). Makes sure to answer questions & provide necessary information. Explains causes / what can be done to help avoid reoccurance(s). Does not hesitate to search for answers or refer you to a specialist if need be.
I absolutely love Dr.Pan. She is caring. She makes me feel so comfortable during my visits with her. She explains everything in a way you can understand. I would recommend her to family and friends.
The staff at this office is very inconsiderate . Very rude . Can not keep an office manger. Hard to get scripts called in.
Very pleasant, explains very well, makes you feel comfortable. I have no complaints
I saw Dr Odumosu for a cholesterol medication follow up from a different Doctor. I was instructed to get a liver function test after 3 months. I explained to Dr Odumosu my concerns about unnecessary testing as I didn’t want to bear the cost of these expenses. Only a liver function test was requested. Long story short, Odumosu ordered many unneeded tests against my consent and billed me for them. When questioned she said as my doctor it was her right to order any test she feels necessary.
I will recommend Dr. Toni Odumosu to anyone that needs a great doctor.
Dr. Mueck has been our family physician for approximately 20 years now. He is a wonderful man, and an excellent doctor. He has taken great care of our immediate family as well as our extended family through many different medical needs. If you need a family physician, we highly recommend him.
Caring, open, interested, thorough, professional.
Dr. Toni and her staff always provide exceptional customer service. The clinic staff is welcoming and professional. Wait time is minimal. Dr. Toni is very personable. It is evident the staff truly enjoys the work, environment and helping patients. Joy is in the air!
This man is a saint, he's companionate takes all the time you need without making you feel rushed. Trust him completely. Great man.......
We have left a message on Thursday earlier in the day for Dr Kodali to call us as my husband has shingles and the pain has been going on for 11 days now and has gotten much worse. We just had seen her two days ago and he is also a heart patient and 73 years old. Now it is Friday 5:30 pm and all her nurse did call some tramadol in which he was already taking tylenol with codeine. We needed to talk to her in regards to the pain getting worse instead of better wiil not use her again
Dr. Kwam saved my finger. I visited the 'next level clinic" in Sugar land having a serious cut on my finger and he fixed it quick and painless. :)
"Dr, Toni is knowledgeable as well as a good listener. As another plus, she knows insurance and what s covered and what is not on my insurance plan. She is warm and friendly and focuses on your needs I a very reassuring way. I feel very confident going to her.
I'm a patient from the Summer Wood area, I travel miles to see her. When you find a good Doctor that you can trust, you follow them! I been under her care for two years and if the Lord say the same I will continue to see her as my physician.
I was prescribed medication for my blood pressure a few years ago and I constantly complained about side effects including temporary blindness, shortness of breath, headaches, etc. The nurse kept telling me to continue it anyway. They also kept increasing the dosage by phone based on home readings but never suggested coming back in office to confirm. Long story short my home BP monitor was calibrated wrong and was giving me a higher reading. Ithe resulted in accute kidney failure.
I have sent all family members to her.
In my opinion the doctor was not a good listener. He appeared to be more interested in promoting an agenda of statins, beta blockers and blood thinners. There was no interest in homeopathic supplements, and not much more in dietary methods for health improvements. He conveyed the view that the only way to prevent a heart attack and improve health was to lower cholesterol. I would not recommend him to family or friends.
She has been my primary care doctor for three years. She is fabulous. Pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, listens and explains. I love her.
If I could leave zero stars I would. She has absolutely no idea what she is doing. Even asked me how she is supposed to treat my illness. She should not have a job in the medical field.
Polite and easy to talk to. Great general practice doctor.
She does not listen to you. She seems very distracted each time I have seen her. Poor patient interaction
Dr. Odumosu was an excellent provider. She is not only very knowledgeable but very personable. Takes extra steps in listening to my issues and addressing my concerns.
Very personable and knowledgable. Willing to sit with you and discuss issues/concerns and to answer all your questions. Was able to have lab work done immediately.
This physician does not appear to listen to her patients. She is also next to impossible to book appointments with, and I am weary of being foisted off on her associates..
I went to see this doctor based on the reviews in this website but I honestly think family or friends wrote those because I asked her a few questions about a pain in my throat and my belly but she said she CANNOT look into more than one issue at the time, If I wanted to talk about it with her I needed to schedule a new appointment. This is wrong and this is one more Doctor with a bad English wanting money. Oh and BTW she didn't do anything for the physical, just ordered labs but nothing phisic
I absolutely LOVE Dr. Lim. He took time with me and put me at ease with my tests results. He is very thorough in his approach. I am extremely impressed with his knowledge, communication skills, and care for my health. I would highly recommend Dr. Lim to family and friends. He is a 5 star doctor.
I took my 4 year old daughter to see Dr. Odumosu today with pain in her leg from falling the day before. She was in a lot of pain the next morning and still unable to put weight on her leg I was struggling to find a Dr.that was open during all the flooding! Dr. Odumosu was able to see her and order a x-ray for her leg and diagnose the issue and she even scheduled appt with a orthopedic surgeon the same day. Now my daughter has a cast on her leg and feeling better thank you Dr. Odumosu!
Very good, loyal, and adept at getting to correct diagnosis
She is very easy to open up to and talk to. She listened to all of my concerns and I also walked out with all of my concerns addressed. I did not have to wait too long for my test results and she was very elaborate explaining my test results with me. She seems very knowledgeable. If you are looking for a primary care physician I definitely recommend her.
Good doctor to work with, even though I am living overseas. User friendly and always glad to sort out issues.
She is a great Dr, she is very detailed and helps you understand your illness. I would recommend her as a primary care doctor.
She was very nice and understanding. Very good bedside manner.
Dr. Lim is a very nice, personable man who really cares about his patients. He goes out of his way to inquire about factors that affect not only the patient's condition, but also his quality of life. He does not order lots of tests of questionable value, but only those which lead to helpful treatment. When a patient's age or disability make visits very difficult, he limits those visits to those that are absolutely necessary. I think he is excellent and highly recommend him!
DONT LET HER AGE FOOL YOU!!! I have endometriosis but I have NEVER had a doctor actually explain to me what that is, except for Dr. Yunas. After listening to me talk about my problems, she examined me and then spent an additional time to explain to me what my disease it. She made me feel at ease. I have had doctors offer surgery to me but she offered me medical alternatives. I have been pain since she put in my IUD. I love her so much that she even did my mother's hysterectomy!!! I love her
Dr. Tewari is wonderful!!! She explains things to you in detail. She takes time with you and assures you that she wants you to be the healthiest that you can be. She is spunky, witty, and funny. I wish that I had found her sooner.
This visit was for my mom who is 83 years old Dr. Tewari was very understanding and patient because my mom is hard of hearing. The visit was for a annual physical and everything went smooth and easy. I would recommend this Dr.
Great surgeon, did a fistula removal and bowel resection. With the surgery done laparoscopy my time in the hospital was 5 days. He listens and cares about his patients. His nurse is also wonderful and very organized. If you need colon or rectal surgery this is the surgeon for the job.
I love Dr Tewari. She is my Texas blessing! She is very knowledgeable, as well as compassionate, and I respect her insight. I often come in with a list of questions that she always answers and I can leave with peace of mind. She has helped me immensely since we moved here from out of state and I couldn't be more pleased. My husband and grown children see Dr Tewari as well. Her assistant, Ingrid, is warm and friendly.
I love Dr. Tewari. She listens well and gives her patients all the time they need. She's a pleasant friendly person & so is her nurse Ingrid. Also, the wait time is short compared to other practices.
Exceptional care, she listens plus encourages questions. Her staff is outstanding.
I've seen Dr. Whitely twice nite. Both times I had to wait roughly 75 minutes past my appointment time to be seen. I don't have enough time off to justify continuing to see her.
I saw Dr. Yunas for the first time today. Anytime you switch doctors there is always that but of uncertainty but Dr. Yunas was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and explained any questions I have in simple terms. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an OB.
Over the past year I started seeing Jason Wang as my regular doctor due to his location in downtown (The Shops at Houston Center). Really happy I did. Apart from the convenient location, he is very friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
Wonderful, she removed my Inplunun device that I had for 7 years , no problem. I love that she is up to date with treatments and procedures. Very attentive, carrying, and understanding. Found my new lady doc!
A very caring and talented young Doctor.
I haven't had any problem with Dr. Vanguru but their staff or someone drop the ball hiding W9 to the insurance causing a mess as the insurance is waiting W9 to release payment and Dr. Vanguru or Memorial Herman just don't answer this request, several calls from me and the Insurance with no answer.
It was not good. I would not recommend Dr Thomas. I did all the paperwork and emailed it in advance. I was running 10 minutes late and called and told the office. I literally ran from my car into the building and apologized profusely. Her staff was nice, but Dr Thomas told them that I would have to reschedule. I told the staff NO THANKS. It's not like I was a repeat offender because I only saw her one other time in 2012. It was 10 minutes. BAD FORM.
I saw her for first exam consultation to choose family physician and was very impressed in all area, her office, staff, her warmth, her knowledge discussing my problems. I just felt I was so fortunate to find a doctor that I believed I would trust and not be anxious about visits. My husband was treated by her for back pain and other and he shares my opinion.
From the perspective of an R.N., Dr. Tewari is great. She actively listens to what you are saying. She encourages questions. She explains and involves you in your care. She is the type of doctor, we nurses like to see take care of our patients. I'm thankful that she is the physician for both my husband and me.
At the last minute the doctor's office called us and rescheduled our 10:15 appointment to 8 a.m. We were 5 minutes late and the doctor refuse to see is for the day. And told us we would need to reschedule our appointment because she had to go to the consulate office and didn't have time
It's says here that she is accepting new patients , but when I called the next so called available appointment is next year in April, so don't waste your time trying to get an appointment with her , the front desk staff is rude and the lady hung up on me in the middle of the conversation. Very rude and arrogant .
Doctor Voloylannis and his office staff were very professional and always helpful. Doctor V. will perform my colostomy reversal in a few months and I'm confident I'm in good hands. I will definite recommend to others.
Great Doctor, very eager to listen and understand my concerns. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family!
GV, Katy,TX Very empathetic and provides excellent care; Dr.Vanguru takes care of my entire family and we are very happy and thankful for her care
Please note: She doesn't answer calls happily on the weekends. My 1 year old was sick with cold and fever. When we approached the Dr her conduct was totally unprofessional She is NOT willing to listen or to provide any recommendations. If you child is sick on the weekend your are on your OWN!
During the visit. When failing to provide a translator the provider can not guanrantee safety, quality care, and quality teaching to the patient. For this incident alone I would not recommend Dr. Vanguru to my dog! When this provider tells my father in law 'this is a waste of time' you were absolutely right! It was unfortunate that you wasted my father in laws time. A potential serious but very simple case was presented to this physician and instead of showing empathy this physician lashed out
My husband is looking for a new Dr. To treat his diabetes. Dr. Thomas was recommended by our cardiologist. We contacted her office and were told the first 'New Patient' opening she had was in January. That is 8 months away. Sure glad she is not the only Dr. around. Maybe I could understand this if the waiting area had been full, but there was only one patient. Waiting.
I have seen her for a couple of years, always very pleasant and kind. My family members see her as well, we know we are in good hands. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Yeoman is not only a highly qualified cardiologist, but he is an excellent human being who gives you a thorough exam and sensible advice. He makes you feel you are in the best hands.
Awesome doctor. Very happy to have him as my doctor. He really care for his patients. He is a blessing. Listen to my medical concerns. Compasionate and kind. Ready to help in anything concerning my health.
This is my second surgery to remove my hemorrhoids. My 1st surgeon is Kelly Gilmore-Lynch and she messed me up BIG time!! It took me almost a year to finally decide to go through the same procedure again. I'm so glad I found Dr. Voloyiannis! I wish I had known him before. I have suffered enough from my previous surgery. Not only did he repaired the other surgeon's mistakes, the recovery from this procedure is a lot less painful. I definitely recommend!!
Dr. Wang is always available. quick and accurate.
very caring, did not rush, listened to me, worked with me on medication choices and finding a fit for me
Dr. Yunas listened to all my concerns and addressed them in a thorough and understandable manner. She was easy to talk to and honest. She provided my results promply. I would recommend her to any of my friends.
For the first time in years I feel great, and I give the reason for that to Dr. Thomas. All of my body systems are working great. It has taken a few years to fine tune my medications and supplements to where my blood work is almost perfect. I would highly recommend her to any one with Endocrinol problems. She takes the time to go over blood work and explain each and every test and what it means to my health. She seems to be very caring, I hope she will be available to me for a long time
Dr. Win cell is a great pediatrician. She's friendly and very thorough. I highly recommend her.
Such a great, great doctor! The most compassionate, kindest doctor I have ever met. I highly recommend Dr. Piegari and am already recommending him to friends or people I know. He responds to texts/calls quick whenever I have a concern or medical problem. If I can give him 10 stars I would! Thank you so much, Dr. Piegari!
Absolutely the best Ob-Gyn doctor in Houston. Excellent bed side manners,He calls you himself to talk to you. That's unheard of this day in age. I could not ask for a better doctor. I'm glad I chose him. He is worth every penny.
Dr. Sudhakaran is an excellent choice as my new GP/Internal medicine Dr. She is very attentive and listens to my concerns. Cautious yet practical about suggesting choices for treatment . Genuine and down to earth. I cannot express how happy I am to have found her.
I would not recommend her because of the difficulty in getting info, assistance, prescriptions, messages, etc.through office staff. Really difficult to get prescription refills or lab results from office employees.Takes weeks and weeks or never. They do not follow though or handle messages well and it takes forever and I have to contact my internist to get my endocrinology prescriptions refilled.
We want say you are very perfect doctor.. and you do good job.. we love you . Atheer & silvana
I went to the Urology Depatment of Memorial Hermann as part of screening as candidate for kidney transplant .... there was NOTHING wrong with me. Within 24 hours leaving his office ... I developed flu like symtoms ... and burning during urination. I spent the next 4 days in bed. My primary care doctor said I have a urinary tract infection and gave me an antibiotic short .... and a prescription for a series of antibiotic pills. It was caused by Dr. Shu and his unsanitray equipment.
I just had my 1st appointment with Dr. Schultz. He is so down to earth, open minded and takes all the time needed to go over any questions or concerns. I never felt rushed and the wait time was very minimal. Every person working in his office was beyond helpful and I couldn't be more thrilled to have found such a great doctor.
Dr Piegari is a very caring, patient and understanding OB/GYN, constantly gives you reassurance no matter the complexity of your case. I had my first baby in January 2017 through an unscheduled C-section and he made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the operation. Even after the hospital gave me highly ridiculous bills as a self-pay patient, He went an extra mile by interfering in the case and my bill was tremendously reduced. Amazing office staffs and always on time with appointments.
Seeing Shultz for 4 years (since he had a private practice at memorial hermann), when I was going through a miscarriage. He was so caring and there for me, spoke to me like a person and a friend. When I got pregnant again I knew I was going back to him. And after going through a loss, I was always nervous. He even opened his office after closing to see me and do an ultrasound himself after experiencing bleeding. All was well. But who does that? He's amazing, patient, funny and friendly.
Dr. Piegari is the best gyn. dr. I have ever seen! I had a total hysterectomy and my surgery went very well. I highy recommend him. He truly cares about his patient's and is always available if you have any questions or concerns. I wish I would have known about him years ago.
He could work on his bedside manner.
I would not recommend him, d/t his billing practices. He tries to bill multiple visits in one and does not follow insurance guidelines. He also billed me for labs that should not have been billed. He, nor the office were of any help in attempting to correct the errors, despite their assurances they would. After 6 months of a deluge of phone calls and email requests, I gave up and went to another clinic. These surveys do not allow you to value zero stars.
Dr. Patlan was my phycain for 2014--2015 in Md Anderson. He always very nice, kind, good listener but the best part I like him he always answer the questions. And also he explained very detailed. I highly recommend him.
This doctor takes the time to listen to your concerns, answers questions and follows up in a timely manner. Great bedside skills but also knowledgeable and highly qualified
Amazing doctor who is up-to-date on his practices. I drove over an hour for my appointment to wait 5 hours to see Dr. Piegari and it was well worth it. He had 2 deliveries (which you can't help when nature calls) but his staff still worked me in! I was able to do blood work, ultra sound, the exam and the genetic testing all within 2 hours! Amazing! His staff is very friendly and are good at letting you know what's going on.
Dr. Patlan is a physician that takes his time to understand his patients and he makes sure that the patient leaves with all of their questions answered.
Dr. Pandya cares about her patients and spends more time with me than any other doctor I have seen. She is knowledgeable about a wide variety of medical conditions and promotes a preventative approach to health management.
She cares very much about her patients. Takes a holistic approach. She is beautiful too.
You'll have a million visits solely to collect copays. It starts with a "new patient" exam, which is a physical and copay. They took blood and sent it to the wrong lab, costing me another $150. Then they asked me to come back the following week for more blood (gave blood - only $75 this time + copay), then asked me to come back the following week for my "physical" (copay). Then they asked me to come back again in 2 weeks for a "diabetic physical" (copay + $25). Then asked me to return in 2 weeks
We tried several doctors and dr. Piegari is absolutely the best I've ever seen. Doctor is very knowledgeable. At every appointment I had a list of questions and he answered them before I had a chance to ask them! He is very understanding and we could communicate directly with him day or night and he answered immediately.He will never give you any medication which isn't necessary. I have utmost confidence in him and strongly recommend dr. Piegari.
Dr Siller is an amazing, knowledgable, and caring doctor. He and his staff guided me through the most difficult diagnosis I had ever encountered. They did so with compassion and kindness. My surgery with him was completed with no problems at all. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr Stephen's shows a true passion for caring for his patients that extends past most of the other doctors I have seen. Even when my diagnosis didn't end up falling within his specialty, he cared enough to get me to the right doctors instead of leaving me at a dead end. The world could use more doctors like Dr. Stevens. He took time to research my condition, went above and beyond running all the tests he could, spent as much time a he could explaining, and never made me wait for my appointment.
Dr. Pandya has always been very professional and caring. She has been especially helpful with regard to my aging mother and her care needs. Our entire family feels comfortable with her demeanor as a doctor as well as that of her staff, who are a good combination of caring, business-like and efficient. We feel lucky to have her so close to our neighborhood.
This Doc was by far the best doc I've ever encountered over my 10 years dealing with Endometirosis. Not only was he straight forward he allowed to feel comfortable and trusting in his care. I'm a better survivor today because of him. I recommend him to any and every woman. I thank you Doc for making me feel whole again.
Herself and her stuff is very unprofessional. Beware! They will overcharge and undertreat, their concern ends with your payment ( before the appointment)
Hands down the best dr you will ever come across. I only wish he practiced other parts of the body. He is EXTREMELY thorough in his explanations, and gives you as much time as you need to get all of your questions answered. Not for one minute did I ever feel rushed. His staff is extremely kind, and they are very communicative. The only negative is that it is in downtown Houston!
Inconsiderate of people's time. Every time I come there is a wait. Today I had an appointment waited 1 hour and a half and still had 6 people in front of me. In addition I hadn't eaten since midnight since I was supposed to be having labs. To have people waiting that long without food is dangerous. I was given the option to reschedule, but it is unacceptable to have people waiting that long.
Wonderful experience! Doctor was very kind and explained everything carefully.
When you call his office no one ever answers the phone. I have tried for 2 weeks to get someone to call me back to no avail. My doctor's office even called and couldn't talk to a live person. I went to his office personally and the lady at the front desk said neither him or his clinical coordinator were in. She gave me the direct line to his clinical coordinator which I called and of course all I got was an answering machine. I left a message to call me back which didn't happen of course.
Dr Piegari just delivered my first baby and it was a great experience. He is extremely personable. He definitely had my best interest at heart every step of the way. He knew my concerns and helped me make the best decisions. We will definitely have all our babies with Dr Piegari.
Excellent doctor! She listens to the patient , is never rushed and makes you feel like you are very important
Fantastic first time experience;Dr Piegari was very knowledgeable & courteous with great bedside manners. I left the office feeling good about my health and also knowing that I have support and guidance if needed. Thanks.
Horribly run office. After one year of trying to work with this office doing simple things like schedule a check up, I changed doctors. Great location for our family, but the appointment scheduling is so poorly run that it crushes any benefit this office offers. And let me tell you, I gave them many opportunities over many months. One failure after another.
Very concerned and took lots of time with my condition
Dr.Shu explainantions are on spot and very concerned about his patients along with family follow up.
Dr. Reddy is a wonderful Dr. She is extremely caring and always takes her time to listen. She doesn't rush you in and out in 15 minutes like most Doctors. She is a fabulous Dr. for my son as well.
Dr. Shiver listens to my concerns and gives me options. She supports me and answers all of my questions. She is amazing!!!
Dr Siller was very professional during my encounter with him. He was very interested in my understanding of the disease process I was experiencing.
He takes time with you and respects your choices. He cares and is very attentive to your concerns. I never left his office feeling uneasy about my pregnancy or delivery. He is VBAC friendly and is genuinely concerned in what's best for mom and baby.
Dr. Shu is an excellent doctor!! He is compassionate and teaches you about your problem while you are there. He even draws pictures! He is a world class physician. I wish he did everything. His staff is also great! The gave me a sense of ease leading to my appointment date.
She is the Consummate Physician and is so very committed to you as a patient. Her knowledge is insurmountable ,her bedside manner is beyond excellent, and her results are fantastic. I cannot recommend Dr. Sudhakaran highly enough! She takes care of our entire family with her stellar level of care, and results! Bob Vaden
The doctor is 5-star great; wish I could say the same about her staff. The don't seem to care about the customers. They drop messages, fail to return calls, and go home early.
Dr Shiver is fantastic. She stays up-to-date with the latest medical technology and news and makes recommendations based on your personal situation and preference. She has completely revolutionized how I manage and control my diabetes and is incredibly thorough. I've had mixed experience with doctors in the past and was hesitant to try another doc, but I definitely got lucky when I signed up for care under her supervision. I have been a patient of hers for approximately 5 years
After waking up to the diagnosis of Ovarian cancer, Dr. Siller was the only name recommended to me --- by general surgeon and more importantly a trusted friend and physician. He visited me the following morning, had an in office consultation the following Monday and surgery scheduled! He took all the time needed to explain (I'm sure for zillionth time). The surgery went great. Chemotherapy administered in his office was convenient and very professional. The entire staff is/was great.
Absolutely loved Dr.Shultz!
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Cardiac Catheterization (Incl. Coronary Angiography)
Pap Smear
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiac Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Cardiovascular Stress Test
Cardioverter-Defibrillator Or Pacemaker Insertion, Removal Or Repair
Chest Ct (Incl. Heart And Lungs)
Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy And Stent
Physical Examination
Cardiac Imaging
Cardioversion, Elective
Pacemaker Insertion Or Replacement
Peripheral Artery Catheterization
Gynecologic Cancer Screening
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Destruction Or Excision Of Lesion Of Cervix (Incl. Leep)
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Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
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Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Pelvic Exams
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening
Tilt Testing Or Cardiac Event Monitors
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (Vbac)
Vascular Duplex Ultrasonography And Plethysmography
Wart Removal
Cardiac Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Of Heart Or Chest
Cystourethroplasty With Repair Of Bladder Neck With Robotic Assistance
Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Endocervical Curettage
Endometrial Ablation
Fluid Contrast Ultrasound
Incontinence Sling Procedure
Mole Removal
Non-Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy, And Stenting
Prostate Removal
Prostatectomy With Robotic Assistance
Removal Or Revision Of Pacemaker Or Cardioverter And-Or Defibrillator
Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
Urinary Bladder Reconstruction With Robotic Assistance
Vaginal Delivery And Vbac
Vaginal Surgery
Valve Repair Or Replacement (Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid, And Pulmonary)
Well Baby Care
Wellness Examination
Abdominal Hysterectomy
Ablation For Treatment Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Bowel Resection
Cholesterol Screening
Colon And Rectal Surgery
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Impella Device
Intrauterine Device (Iud) Placement
Kidney And Ureter Removal
Kidney Surgery
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Osteoporosis Screening
Pregnancy Ultrasound
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Rh Incompatibility Screening
Thyroid Screening
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
Vascular Surgical Procedure
Abdominal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Abdominal Surgery
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Anal Repair
Anemia And Iron Deficiency Screening
Anoscopy With Removal Of Anal Tumor
Aortic Valve Surgery
Appendectomy, Laparoscopic
Appendectomy, Open
Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (Icd) Implantation
Biopsy Of Affected Tissue
Bladder Function Test
Bladder Repair Surgery
Bladder Suspension Surgery
Colon Cancer Screening
Colonoscopy With Polypectomy
Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, And Sigmoidoscopy
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Complete Nephrectomy With Robotic Assistance
Complex Penile Surgery
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Da Vinci® Colectomy
Da Vinci® Gynecologic Procedure
Destruction Of Anal Tumor
Diabetes Counseling
Endometrial Biopsy
Enterostomy (Laparoscopic Or Open)
Excision Of Rectal Tumor
Excisional Biopsy
Exploratory Surgery
Fallopian Tube And Ovarian Surgery
Fetal Monitoring
Fistulectomy Or Fistulotomy, Anal
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
Gastroenterology Procedures
Gonorrhea Screening
Gynecological Oncology Surgery
Hemorrhoidectomy Or Excision Of Anal Tags
Hepatitis Screening
Hernia Repair
Herpes Simplex Screening
Hiv Screening
Hysteroscopic Resection Of Fibroids And Polyps
Hysteroscopy Sterilization
Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis
Infant Care
Infrared Coagulation (Irc) Hemorrhoid Removal
Ingrown Toenail Surgery
Intestinal Biopsy
Intrauterine Device (Iud) Removal
Kidney Stone Removal, Closed
Laparoscopic Colectomy
Laparoscopic Colon Surgery
Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Non-Surgical Treatment Of Hemorrhoids
Normal Vaginal Delivery
Open Incisional And-Or Ventral Hernia Repair
Partial Nephrectomy With Robotic Assistance
Pelvic Fistula Repair
Penile Implants
Percutaneous Destruction Of Kidney Lesion
Peripheral Angioplasty
Preventive Care
Proctectomy, Open Or Laparoscopic (Incl. Swenson And Duhamel Procedures)
Ptca - Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
Pulmonary Function Test
Radiofrequency Ablation
Rectal Surgery
Removal Of Condyloma
Removal Or Destruction Of Rectal Or Intestinal Tumor (Incl. Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy And Control Of Hemorrhage)
Repair Of Anal And Rectal Defects (Anoplasty, Repair Of Imperforate Anus, Sphincteroplasty, Rectal Graft)
Rigid Sigmoidoscopy
Routine Gynecological Care
Salpingo-Oophorectomy With Robotic Assistance
Screening Colonoscopy
Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery
Skin Lesion Biopsy
Syphilis Screening
Therapeutic Colonoscopy
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (Tavr)
Tubal Ligation
Tubal Ligation Reversal
Tuboplasty Reversal
Ultrasound, Transrectal
Ultrasound, Transvaginal
Urethral Dilation
Vaginal Hysterectomy
Vaginal Prolapse Surgery
Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery
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