Dr. Pete Anderson is the best doctor I have met in my life, never anyone like him, is a Dr. who is always by your side, as you are his only patient, we always receive his advice and knowledge without waiting for days, always as Is at your side at all times, regardless of distance or time, his knowledge is pure wisdom , I have never met a doctor with his dedication and love to his patients, I am a very fortunate father to have put the life of my son in his hands.
Very personable & thourough.Likable & knowledgeable.
Best decision we've ever!! Dr. Anderson is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Could not have chosen a better doctor to care for our child. He collaborates with the best doctors to come up with the best treatment plan for your child. Simply amazing.
Dr Arap is a very brilliant doctor. very caring and really listens. highly recommended.
Outstanding Surgeon. I had a wonderful experience which happened once in a lifetime. Doctor, who singing in a surgery with a "opera voice" - is a fantastic and one of a kind. Also surgery went so smooth, nurses and other staff was very helpful. I do highly recommend Dr. Ervin Brown and his staff. Larisa Rogers.
Determined to give me chemo, irritated by questions, and over billed to my insurance company.
He has an aura of confidence emanating from him. Listens well and explains everything in a non condescending way. Very personable and approachable. I feel that I'm in very good hands and do recommend him highly
Did an excellent job on my breast reconstruction. Recommend her 100%.
I cannot thank enough Dr. Soliman for all she did for my mother! Talking about devoted professional at its finest! My mom had an aggressive and advanced stage of an ovarian cancer and after going through an invasive surgery and series of treatments she has been cancer free since. Dr. Soliman and her team work really hard and best at what they do. Cancer affects not just patients but their loved ones too, and having someone like Dr. Soliman will make everything a life changing experience.
I completely trusted Dr Schlumbrecht from our first consultation on. He thoroughly explained my cancer and laid out the full course of treatment right from the beginning. He is easy to talk to and does a great job of explaining why certain treatments are necessary. I have complete confidence in him.
Dr. Schlumbrecht (& his team) have been giving us top notch care given my type of cancer. I went in with stage 4 uterine cancer. They got me in within 2 days of contacting the office and we had Dr. appts., tests and surgery within 7 days. All results were done quickly for blood, MRI, CT scans and pathology. Dr. Schlumbrecht has been excellent at answering direct questions and I feel he has given me the personal care, knowledge, & expertise that I expected.
Dr. Hanna is a great surgeon and specialist. He is very professional, explains options clearly and answers questions in an easy to understand way. Dr. Hanna was one of the few doctors in the nation that understood and had studied my rare condition. It was such a relief to hear his understanding of my olfactory neuroblastoma. His office and staff were amazing, the nursing staff, residents and coordinators were empathetic and a pleasure to work with.
Dr. Hanna is knowledgeable, personable and professional. I have seen him for a couple years and have nothing but praise for him.
I started seeing Dr. Hanna in 2014 for adenocarcinoma of the salivary gland. He did my surgery and now I see him for my follow-up visits. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Hanna. From the moment I met him I liked him and he made me feel comfortable. He always took the time to explain everything so I could understand and most importantly he took time to answer my questions. He truly cares about his patients. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed care in his specialty.
Dr. Hanna performed surgery on an infiltrative basal cell skin cancer above my right eyebrow. Liked him the minute I met him. Outstanding surgeon and made my wife and I feel at ease with the surgery. Explained everything so we could understand it. Was very compassionate and showed extreme concern for my well being. Only the best work at MD Anderson!
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hanna, he has been my oncologist for 5 years now and has always displayed the utmost professionalism and care, he is honest and sincere, and I would, without hesitation recommend him anyone I know or care for.
Best Dr in the nation for his specialty
Very good experience.
Excellent Dr and very easy to talk with. Would highly recommend.
Words cannot express my appreciation for Dr. Mansfield. He is not only a great surgeon but one of the most compassionate and kindest persons I have ever met. His skills and patient care are outstanding.He is not just a doctor but also a healer. Anyone, in my judgement, would be fortunate to have him as a doctor. He is kind and caring. I think of him as a good friend. He shares his feelings and that is hard to find in a doctor.
Dedicated to his patients. Takes time to discuss in depth recommended therapy and is very personable. Highly recommend.
Absolute best doctor!!! Very personable, really listening, & then addressing my concerns. She even took the time to call personally with my test results as soon as they were available {same day!} knowing how anxious I was to receive them. I only wish there were more doctors like Dr. Keeler!
I was one of Dr. Hessel's patients in October of 2012. Had a total laryngectomy and a subtotal thyroidectomy due to a chondrosarcoma. No complications of any kind. I can even still whistle! Dr. Hessel clearly and concisely explained all my questions and concerns and left no doubt in my mind she was the right doctor for me. No anxiety on my part that I would have great outcome, and I did. If I could give her a ten star rating I would. She and the whole MDA crew are the BEST in my book. :-)
this doctor labeled me depressed when I was not,I repeat was not depressed. I was doubling over with sharp and very severe pelvic pain and blood clots.This pain radiated from my pelvic,both my legs and back every three weeks.She is the worse doctor I've encountered in my life.
Was told to arrive at 930 for a 1000 appointment, and I did. I waited until 1130 and the doctor had not arrived. The front desk staff said I should feel fortunate since I was #2 in line to be seen if and when she did arrive. If I treated my own patients that way, they would find another doctor. The front desk at MD Anderson said she always is late.....said one 1000 patient waited until 400pm to be seen. I am a sick cancer patient, but have better ways to spend my time left on earth.
I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Dr. Ramirez after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He's my hero! My visits, surgery and follow up with Dr. Ramirez have been excellent. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to people I know and even people that are reading this review. Don't hesitate to see him!
we are dealing with a very rare form of cancer. Rather than offering hope and demonstrating a desire to do all that was possible for treatment Dr Raghav declared there was nothing that could be done after just one visit and very limited experience. We are very grateful to have found other dr's at much better facilities who are working with us to get through this rare disease.
Outstanding Appendix Cancer Doctor, I believe he saved my life with his treatment plan. I would recommend him to anyone with Appendix Cancer!!!
current treatment by this Physician. I trust her.
My Hero! The BEST and would and have referred to many. Best surgeon, bedside manner, and Dr.. she is BRILLIANT!
Friendly and pleasant, but thorough. Although busy, Dr. Lee takes the time to explain things in a way that can be easily understood. Always a pleasant experience.
I love Dr. Lewis! We found out I had Chondrosarcoma in September of 2016. Dr. Lewis performed an internal hemipelvectomy on me in October. Dr. Lewis and her team were absolutely amazing. I cannot express how thankful we were/are for them and their knowledge. It's amazing what she is able to do. Definitely a life saver. We go back in April for my 6 month scans and I should be able to walk without an assistive device then!!
Best surgeon ever! Very professional, great bedside manner, clear communicator,& most importantly -excellent surgeon.. My surgery went very well, quick recovery,& no complictions. Office staff very caring & thorough & they return calls very promptly. So glad I found Dr Kuerer!
My husband was diagnosed with AML, Mark Lewis was the first doctor we seen at the Mayo clinic , in Rochester MN. And was our doctor until he left for Texas. He is kind, personal, compassionate, with an overabundance of patience. We were not a number to him, or his latest challenge. My husband will be celebrating his five rebirth (from a stem cell transplant) due to Dr. Lewis, and Dr. Patnaik. We miss you!
Dr. Kim is an excellent communicator. He has kept me fully informed about my spinal degeneration and the treatments for it. The procedure he performed last year--a nerve root injection--was virtually painless and is still working! With that and medication, I'm almost pain free. Warning however: Dr. Kim is a bear about making sure that you are not misusing the medications he prescribes. He may have you bring in the vials of pills from last month's Rx so he can do a pill count.
This is the best doctor in the world. He took such good care of me throughout my treatment...and after 6 months..I am cancer free! He will answer email day/night and very friendly/supportive. Most selfless doctor in the world. His patients are always a priority.
Dr Lewis is a miracle worker! She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and explains everything very well. She genuinely cares about her patients.I cannot recommend her enough! Anyone who needs orthopedic surgery because of cancer should consider Dr. Lewis.
Dr. Lewis is a GREAT doctor. He is very professional, friendly, attentive, helpful, caring. I would have to give me 5 stars Plus. I recommend him to everybody!!! I assure you that you will like him the first meeting you will have with him!
Dr. Esmaeli is, without a doubt, the WORST doctor I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. How she is employed by M D Anderson, which is an excellent hospital, is a complete mystery to me. She is rude, rude, rude to her patients and the staff working there. She is unprofessional and acts very entitled. I am thankful we found someone else to help us. I would never recommend her.
Takes a thorough history, answers questions, engages eagerly in discussion to help patient better partner in diagnostic process and treatment options. Very professional. Extends due respect and kindness.
Dr Eng is a highly intelligent, extremely competent medical oncologist who I wholeheartedly recommend. She is profoundly professional yet compassionate - I trust her implicitly. In fact I have referred family, friends and even other physicians to Dr Eng. Over the last 13 years, she has always been accessible - answering email questions usually within an hour. Dr Eng saved my life. I was diagnosed stage 4 after my first surgery in 2003. Next April 25th I will be a 14 year cancer survivor.
Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The first oncologist I saw gave me no hope and very grateful I listened to my family and friends to come to MD Anderson. I love Dr. Eng! She is caring, understanding, positive, patient, and always cheerful. I trust her wholeheartedly and have full confidence I am getting the best care. I make the trip to Houston every other week and have no complaints because my life and Dr. Eng are worth it! Her staff is just as great!
Dr. Eng is the best doctor. I was 32 and diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer and over a year later I feel better than ever. She knew I needed an aggressive treatment so we went full force. She has been by my side every step of the way. She truly cares about each and every patient and wants the best for them. She is who you want by your side when fighting this awful disease.
Dr. Eng is truly one of the best doctors at MD Anderson! She is incredibly smart and unbelievably nice. She is always at the top of her game and is very kind with delivering news. No matter how many patients she has, she makes me feel important. She is a great listener and always takes time to answer all of my questions. She has all ways been there for me every step of the way through my treatment. I've been seeing her since January 2013 and I wouldn't have it any other way! She's truly special!
I have been a patient of Dr Esmaeli for several years. I have had 2 occasions that required her expertise as an Ophthalmologist, Oncologist and Plastic Surgeon. I had staged cancer occur on a lower eyelid years ago and on an eyebrow and temple last year. Her excellent work left me with full function, bi-lateral equality to the appearance of my face and no scarring that you can see without it being pointed out. If they needed it I would trust her with my wife and children.
Waiting time might be long for Dr. Eng, but she's worth it. Incredibly competent and caring. When it comes to GI cancers, she's a rock star.
Dr. Eng really knows her field of study. A year ago I was in pain, in bed and waiting to die. A year later I am back to work and looking forward to surviving this cancer.
My first appointment as a consultation I waited 5 hours to see Dr. Eng and she spent approximately 5-10 minutes with me reviewing my case. Seemed impatient with my questions about my treatment plan and refused to create a plan I could take back to my local physician to implement. Overall, very disappointed.
Dr. Weber is an amazing surgeon and a even more compassionate doctor. I travel across the country to see him. His expert level of care is worth the trip.
Great Dr. Very compassionate and thorough.
Dr Vinh has treated me on 3 different occasions and all quite successful. I have had spinal treatment neck & shoulders, right elbow, and lower back. I walk out pain free! Thank you Dr Vinh!
After seeing doctors from Texas Orthopedic hospital, other pain management doctors & multiple x-rays & MRI's I was referred to his clinic. Now I am well informed thanks to Dr. V. & I am pain free for longer periods of time. His skills & bedside manner are superior to other pain management doctors. He uses an X-ray machine to do my injections & I don't have to be put under to get them because he is so gentle. Most of all I get relief from my c-spine & sciatic pain longer. I tell everybody!!!!
Dr Vinh seams to care but truly its all about the money I have been going to him for 5 months not once have they sent or got my meds right had plans to have the electric stimulation device in my back for over a month ago went to a surgen he wanted me to see first the surgen called him while I was in the office and said don't do that waste of time do shots so I went to Vinh's office for a consultation and after the wait they take me into the exam room and asked why I was there I was like really.
Bad experience at this location, more than an hour wait in the waiting room every time. Today I had a procedure , and I am fasting , I have a erosive gastritis, my appointment at 1 pm , still in the waiting room at 2 pm waiting , feeling very nauseated, but they don't care, they give appointments to patient at 10, 15 minutes difference, not spacing patients and then we have to wait for 2 to 3 hours
Dr Vinh is a wonderful doctor who really cares. However his practice of triple booking patients so that people who are in pain are forced to wait 2 + hours to see him is not acceptable.
He is a very compassionate man that tries to understand the patient's pain. He is good with children. Dr Vinh also listens to the patients & seems to care. I feel that he is not practicing for the money I feel he practices to help people in need. I am glad I swtched from my last Dr. to Dr. Vinh he has helped more than anyone in the past.
If you like waiting at a Doctors office for 2-4 hours this is the place for you. If not then pass on this one. They overbook every time and staff is just about as bad. Dr Vihn is good but not worth this wait every appointment.
Dr. Vinh has been my doctor for many years. He's excellent at what he does. Without him my quality of life wouldn't be what it is today. He's caring, kind, very compassionate, very well bed side Manor, and is very knowledgeable. There may be a wait while seeing him at the office but that's only because he takes time to spend with each patient and I love that about him.
I've been a patient of Dr Vinh for 2-years. PRO'S: Very attentive with good 'bed-side-manner'. Listens to your concerns and comments and reacts well to the information your providing him. Articulates and communicates very well. Staff is very professional. CON'S: Wait time for my last appointment was 2-hours, followed by a 15-min consultation. This is a very typical for Pain Specialists. Wait room was tiny - fits only 10 people.
Love the doctor but the staff is a joke. We have never waited less than 90 minutes just to get to a room (that's a good visit). Staff is coming through the front door at different times in the morning. They aren't very professional. After a handful of visits, before a very long awaited procedure, they tell us they don't take our insurance. They didn't know this on day one?!? We are so upset because we like the doctor but dealing with the staff and headaches isn't worth it anymore.
After having a consultation with Dr. Vinh he was very polite and we liked him a lot, however they have no respect whatsoever for your time. It took over two hours just to be called in. We scheduled an appointment for a cortisone treatment and waited for 45 minutes and decided to leave as there were still five patients ahead of us. It appears our time means nothing. It's great to find a nice Dr. and if you have an entire day to spend in his office, then this is the place for you.
Dr.Vinh is a great doctor very compassion to his patience
The best pain management doctor! He listens to what you're actually saying, kind and just over all great at what he does! I've seen him for several years now, glad he opened his own practice! Now even Hubby see's him do to having a Left Hip replacement in August 2015. My issues are Fibromyalgia and arthritis.
I moved here in August 2015. I went to 4 different pain specialists and not one of them would listen to my medical history so they refused to treat me. Then I met Dr. Vinh and he listened to my story and was very empathetic.
Dr. Vinh genuinely listened when I spoke about what was going on. I have had multiple spine surgeries and injections.. so having someone who I can trust with the health of my spine is HUGE. He recommended things that I have never heard of in the past. Talked about diet and exercise, things that can PREVENT more pain. I'm happy to have found my go to doctor.
I have seen Dr. Vinh for injections a few times. I had results with Dr. Vinh when another very well known pain management Dr. failed. He is very friendly and is no-nonsense and will get you feeling better quickly. He is one of the best Dr.'s I have seen.
Dr. Vinh is a very caring and compassionate doctor with a sweet nature. He left a group to go into private practice and I followed him. I have recommended friends to see him and they are highly satisfied.

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