Dr. Kirshon delivered my baby and saved her life! Any doctor you see in the HPA group deals with high risk pregnancies that require attention. So I'm willing to wait a little longer so another mother can have the care she deserves, because when the time comes I want the same care! He delivered my baby girl 3 months early and walked me through the whole process up until he left the OR. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kirshon!
Dr. Hare has delivered 2 of my 3 children:), and I could not have gotten better care. Remember she is a doctor that deals with high-risk pregnancies and she wants to deliver ALL of her patients. In my experience several Perinatologist do not, so I am grateful to know that I may be waiting today but if I need to deliver in an emergent situation I can 9/10 count on seeing her face in that delivery room. My family loves her, and I would be honored to give her name to anyone with the need.
I love Dr.Adams thanks to her I have been able to carry my baby girl to term. My first ob told me I would have to deliver when I was 24wks I went to Dr.Adams and right away she knew what to do here I sit 37wks2day Pregnant and couldn't be any happier. Dr.Adams is a straight forward doctor who will tell you the truth no matter what she's God's gift to pregnant ladies
I had my anatomy scan with Dr. Hare. Her first initial approach to my husband and I was a little off putting, and I can tell she was just raised by very serious parents. Once we sat down and started the ultrasound she was very serious, but my husband started random conversation with her(he talks a lot) about her hometown. From there she became very pleasant and more comfortable with us. She even gave us a shot of our baby's face in 4D which I know lots of doctors don't do. She's was great!
I had my 1st visit with Dr. Hare today & it was horrible! Her attitude was atrocious! She was extremely rude to me I couldn't ask any questions ! My ultrasound was so unpleasant with her , I wanted to get up and run out the room. Her ultrasound tech had to apologize to me for her nasty attitude. I was told she's always like that. I called my obgyn and immediately asked her to refer me to someone else. I wouldn't refer a stray dog to her for services.
Dr Adam is the best
Dr. Joanie Hare is an excellent physician. She was referred by my OB when I went on bedrest during pregnancy. When she came into the room, she allowed us to explain why we were there and put us at ease. She was funny and respectful and very giving of her time. She explained everything to us in great detail ( her measurements, the equipment). She advised me on my diet and was firm about her recommendations- I am grateful that I followed through and delivered a beautiful baby boy. God bless her!
Love the doctor, very professional and to the point; however every time I go into the office, I have to wait up to 2.5 hours!!! The only reason I haven't changed doctors is because it's so late in my pregnancy.
I was referred to Dr. Hare after my 2nd miscarriage and 5 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, she was the BEST referral ever! She pinpointed the cause of my miscarriages from the FIRST visit and I had a successful birth with the 3rd and then 4th pregnancies. I am now proud mother of a 13 and 14 year old that we owe all the praise to Dr. Hare and the blessings GOD has granted her! We talk about her often to the kids and we will be bringing them to meet her in person soon!
Great doctor! She has a great nurse (Margaret) as well. Dr. Adams is very thorough and detail oriented. Yes, the wait times are atrocious and the staff can be somewhat agitated with their work load (publicly), but I'm okay with that since the doctor is worthwhile. That being said, I will continue to come here purely for the doctor and her nurse- not for the 'experience' or for the 'ambiance'.
My appointment time was set to 12:40 pm. 2hrs later, I was called in. 1 patient walked out while I waited. The others told me she was late. There was no communication from her to patients about the delay. She walked in without any welcoming intro/eye contact. She did not apologize for her behavior for lack of keeping her commitments. She was not personable (I spoke to my husband and she interrupted saying she couldn't talk and think at the same time). She accepted a call while doing my scan!
She came in while i was on bedrest at Woman's Hospital of Texas. She was not my doctor however was the on call doctor for the weekend. To say her bedside manner was awkward would be an understatement. Dr. Hare burst in my room at almost 8 that night, barely introduced herself or even came into the light so i could see who she was. She was unfriendly, asked 3 questions and walked out. I remember telling my fiancee that if i went into labor and she was there u would try and tie my legs together!!
I was an older first time successful in caring a baby. It was triplelet pregnancy. We called over 30 OBG and no one would see me. He was fabulous I now have 3 very wonderful 4.5 year old. Thank you!!!!
Dr Adam is wonderful. She delivered my miracles safely and took good care of me as well. Thank you Dr. Adam!
The office wait time is extensive. I had an appointment today at 10:40 and was not seen by the doctor until almost 11:45. When Dr. Hare came into the room she did not greet me with a smile or a hello. She simply sat down and poured the ultrasound gel on my stomach. She then began clicking on the ultrasound machine for about 30 seconds before she even said anything to me. I will not be going back to her and letting my OB/gyn know about my experience with her. Unfriendly, long wait time, etc.
Friendly nice I was pleased ?? but the wait time is horrible that's my only complaint
We used doctor Reiter's services for special ultrasound and amnio. He was very professional, took time to give us explanations and answered all our questions. He has massive amount of experience and very reliable. We fully trusted him with amnio test, and all was flawless. Office nurses and assistants also are very good. Only reception ladies were far from pleasant, but it is not doctor's fault. Would totally recommend Dr. Reiter to a friend.
Poor experience. I am father of 5 children already and went to see this Dr. for 1st exam with wife. Waiting room was like a DMV office and smelled. 1st nurse was great, 2nd one was rude and had no bedside manners. Dr.answered his cell phone, texted when we were talking to him instead of giving us his attention. He even walked out of the room to take a phone call and didn't even say excuse me.
Dr. Kirshon specializes in high-risk pregnancies, and he deliveres babies (as opposed to whoever in the practice is on call when you go into labor like at majority of other practices). As a result, he almost always runs late, which is very annoying, yes, but to me it is a small price to pay for being in the care of the best doctor. Dr Kirshon is very personable and I loved his bedside manners. He delivered my two kids, both via Csection, and the scar healed beautifully-it's very small, and low.
She is a gifted physician, let God bless her.
I was referred to Dr Kirshon when I found out at 12 weeks I was having TRAP sequence twins. He was extremely helpful. When I went in to my next appointment he found that the healthy baby did not make it and was so gentle with me and making sure I was ok and knew what the next step would be. I am now going back to him in a couple weeks for a level 2 ultrasound at 27 weeks due to my baby MAYBE having a heart defect. I know we will be in great hands!
ALWAYS running late! ALWAYS!!! I have experienced wait times no less than one hour and up to 3 hours. Sometimes she's not even at the office when appointments start. I get that sometimes there is an emergency and the Doc might be running late, however, she is late for EVERY appointment. If I wasn't so close to the end of my pregnancy I'd change docs. If you have a job that you have to be at or other commitments find another HR doc.
I lost 6 children before Doctor Adam gave me my blessing. She never took a chance if she saw something even a little wrong. At the sign of any sort of pain, blood, weight or ANYTHING that would look questionable she would either hospitalize me or send me for test to confirm the baby would try to make it as far as possible. Even tho i went into emergency C Section a month prior to delivery date, she was definitely there the whole way... She blunt, to the point, and doesn' let staff make mistakes
Dr. Adams is amazing at what she does. She is very blunt and is not going to sugar coat anything and I love her for that. I would recommend everyone to see her.
He was awesome, accurate, and very detailed. He was very professional and gentle. I normally prefer a female doctor, but I'd choose Dr Kirshon over any female dr Ive seen in a heartbeat.
I was thinking to visit Dr Adam to track my pregnancy but her assistants are really unfriendly and no polite, so I decide to find another physician. I will recommend either to train your receptionists for better costumer service or find someone who really likes her job.
She is the most rudest women I have ever met. She doesn't seem happy with her work and expresses it vividly to her patients and coworkers. I would highly recommend seeing doctor Reiter instead. While seeing her I felt so rushed and when we confronted her with our concerns for our child she so rudely ignored them as if we didnt know what we were talking about at all. I wouldn't recommend her to anyone. Her attitude is unacceptable and creates a stressful environment for all involved.

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