i was diagnosed with a fallen bladder by my former gynecologist, who I would never ever recommend to anyone as she is incompetent, and luckily I was able to get into see Dr Mantri. After a thorough exam and testing I was diagnosed w a fallen bladder and prolapsed uterus. I Had surgery done on 4/13/17 and I was very pleased w Dr Mantri's professionalism and how he thoroughly explained my procedure. Minimal pain and he was wonderful w my husband after my surgery. Very happy patient.
During a LEEP procedure the doctor struggled to stop the bleeding, in a panic he dropped the cauterizing tool, then picked it up and continued to work. The office refused pain med when I initially declined. I now have to have a cerclage during pregnancy and the lack of cervix caused premature labor during my last pregnancy. His only reassurance after the procedure was to tell me that at least I had had my babies, not considering I wanted more.
Mrs. Dean is a very good listener, which you don't find very often in the medical field. She treated me for thyroid problems when no one else would help me. She is very kind and understanding. See her ladies! You will be glad that you did.
Dr. Mantri is a seasoned, knowledgeable doctor. Had a great overall experience as well.
He was suppose to remove a bladder sling and replace it and he told me I needed rectocele also. I trusted him and he has ruined my life. I had to have a second surgery a month later because the rectocele caused a huge painful bulge. I've now had to have 3 additional surgeries to remove the bladder slings which I apparently didn't need nor did I need the rectocele. I am permanently deformed, sex is horribly painful, living on nerve blockers, pain meds. He is a butcher, don't trust him, quack
Dulemba is a cutting edge doctor in Endometriosis. He is proactive in his methods. Dulemba's heart is surely made of gold. He will spend an hour or more with you if needed.
My wife had Stage III Endometriosis and I was worried about the surgery for her as we were planning for child. Immediately after the surgery, Dr. Dulemba came and talked with me about the surgery, how critical was the surgery. He was very detailed and he gave me confidence that everything will be fine. I am very thankful to Dr. Dulemba that a year after the endometriosis surgery we are blessed with baby now. I would recommend for anyone!
Dr. Mantri performed surgery on me to remove a free-floating abdominal cyst. In the process, he crushed and also nicked a femoral cutaneous nerve in my leg. The pain was horrible. After the surgery, I confronted him. He told me the pain was all in my head. Nineteen years, multiple doctors, and 4 additional surgeries later, I still have chronic pain. I have to take medication daily to function, because without it, the pain is too great to walk. I would never, never recommend Dr. Mantri to anyone.

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