When my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy Dr. Kayyal didn't treat her with front line medication. Every time I had an appointment I had to do TON's of research and be prepared as if I was going into battle. I had to fight to get my daughter the treatment she deserved. He always gave me worse case scenario talks and never gave us any hope. He had no confidence that he could help my daughter. Luckily, I was able to move to Cooks Fort Worth and found a doctor willing to fight for my daughter!
She is very attentive, explains everything really good. The staff there is good too.
I would not recommend her because she did my surgery without letting me know that she's out of network , I called her office a couple of times and the lady who I spoke a couple of times was rude , very rude.
Dr. Desena was wonderful and very caring for my baby back in 2010. While he is very straight foward, i appreciate his knowledge and not being one who sugar coats anything. I truley appreciate him and would love to have him as my daughters doctor again. Thank you for everything.
Dr.Desena was very rude, impatient, and not at all what I would expect from a pediatric neurologist! In my personal opinion his behavior is what causes mistakes as well as inaccurate diagnosis to occur. I would not recommend him to anyone.
I see Dr. Desena frequently and I agree that he is very ubrupt and at my first appointment his aggressiveness was unexpected. Through time, as I get to know him, I see him as someone who is very relateable and free from personal judgement. It is apparent that he is very smart and very accomplished and I trust his medical opinion thoroughly.If you want hardened facts and real solutions Dr. Desena is your guy if you need a fluffy sugar coater perhaps look somewhere else.
Dr. Desena was very rude and has zero bedside manners. He was very degrading and belittling to me, and showed no empathy or compassion. His approach to my 15 month old daughter was very abrupt and made me uncomfortable.
My Daughter is under 2 & when we went to hospital because I was concerned she has rsv or bronchitis. Dr Kurian told me that it was an expensive test and even if it came back positive, she could do nothing for her, just give her Tylenol. I took her to pediatrician instead, still concerned, where she was diagnosed with strep bronchitis and a double ear infection. I am livid.
She is a brilliant doctor , very communicative and helpful
I took my 7 yr old daughter to see Dr. Lee in July for a lump we found behind her ear. Dr. Lee came into the exam room, took one quick look at the lump and dismissed us. He told us that his son had the same thing & it was nothign to worry about. He then told us to come back in 3 months if it's not gone. He did'nt examine my daughter or even lay his hands on her. The appt was a 7 min apt. I receied a bill in the mail for $617. for his services I've been disbuting the chgs since Nov 15. .
Like other reviews listed here...the dr didn't take my child's pain seriously and thought an antidepressant and counseling was all that's needed. My child has a chronic, life threatening conditiom. Very rude and condensending. Don't waste your time here.
Would give less than 1 star if possible. Dr. Spain completely denigrated my honor student daughter's chronic pain (2 years and counting, following scoliosis surgery) as nothing but an attempt to skip school. His belief that she has psychosocial issues and not debilitating pain, plus his direction to just get on with life, actually made the problems worse. We're now at the Mayo Clinic, participating in their three-week pain rehab program. Thank goodness for Mayo!
Without a physical exam or inquiry as to symptoms, he assumed my straight-A, Honor-Roll, all-5s-on-AP-tests, skipped-a-grade, reads-classical-literature-for-fun, selected-as one-of-four-seniors "to watch" by-community, niece was exaggerating about her pain (from a genetic disorder) to get out of school. Ironically, she was there for pain control to get back to school. Then he referred to her mom as "one of those emotional mothers" that enabled truancy. My niece went home sobbing. "Do no harm?"
I have never met a more insensitive doctor. Completely minimized my child’s symptoms. Also added that the symptoms were exacerbated by my “mother’s anxiety” because I disagreed with his treatment recommendations and the way he was talking with us about my child’s issues. He was rude, refused to work with patient, and very quick to label us after a 10 minute visit. Including telling us to find a counselors instead. I walked out of appointment. Do not go.
As a clinician, she did her job. I took a gene test and she got me on the right meds. Her office staff is absolutely abysmal. Over the last year, there have been no less than 10 scheduling mishaps. Dr. Tao makes you come in for a 30 min appt every 30 days, regardless of how long you have been on your med. I'm at over a year-- still every 30 days. She'll meet w/ you for 15 min, where she will discuss anything by your health, and charge you for 30 min. Got the right meds, not the right doctor.
Dr. Spain minimized my child's symptoms and mocked him, basically saying he was making most of his condition up. He attitude was very demeaning to both of us. I have never had a doctor visit that was so strange and uncomfortable.
Dr. Wimberly performed surgery on my 11-year old daughter's leg at Scottish Rite Dallas in February 2017. I can't say enough great things about his demeanor, knowledge, concern, and follow-up. He checked on us several times each day post-op. He took his time with us and explained everything in the most professional manner. I highly recommend Dr. Wimberly.

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