I have aggressive glaucoma, and I'd had seven surgeries from a doctor in another state that all failed. I've lost my peripheral vision, and was losing more vision because my pressures could not be controlled. Dr. Krishnan performed two surgeries on me, and the second one, the implant of a tiny shunt, worked. My pressures are now under control for the first time in several years. I am grateful to Dr. Krishnan, and I'm celebrating having stable vision and normal pressures because of his work.
My first visit was on June 21 and I was very pleased with everything. The teck was very friendly and listened to all of my concerns then when I saw Dr. Krishnan he explained what they saw and how he could help me. He took his time with me and let me tell him what has happened to my eyes in the last year. I am very pleased with everything
On a scale from 1-10 and 10 being the best I would rate Dr. Krishnan and his entire staff the very best in Corpus Christi, Texas.
I had cataract surgery on left eye, April 2017. For me, all went well. The impairments caused by my cataract have cleared with improved vision clarity. I found Dr Krishnan to be congenial, skillful in his surgical practice and would spend the time answering any questions that may be posed before and after surgery. I had a positive experience with him and the Eye Institute staff with which he is associated.
I had nothing but excellence from the time I first visited Dr. Krishnan's office. From the testing to the surgery, to the follow ups. The staff there is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to go there for eye care.
I highly recommend Dr. Krishnan! He's competent, efficient, and caring.
Dr was very attentive and knowledgeable. Staff was friendly and made me feel at ease.
I was very pleased with my visit to the Eye Institute, the staff and Dr. Kridhnan were very good at explaining everything thing that they would be doing in their exam. From the technician to the receptionest one of the best Doctors visit I have had in a long time. You guys Rock!
He is very caring and very professional, one of the nicest persons I have dealt with in a long time. I would highly recommend Dr. Krishna.
Very good doc. highly recommended and after visiting him, know why he is so highly rated. He is the best I have seen. He is very very good, I don't hold it against him that hes got a little aggie blood him.
Was sent to San Antonio first by my local Dr but best in SA backed up several months but one of the best Dr in SA suggested I try Doctor Ravi who he considered very good and top notch so we tried, we own a house on the island and live in Laredo so this was very convenient since we dont own a house in SA. Doctor was much much better than we expected. Dr Ravi is the best Doctor I have seen so dropped my Laredo doc and switched. I have glaucoma. I am very glad I was referred to Dr Krishan.
Referred to Dr Krishnan for cataracts. He presents as a very caring physician and will stop and answer all of your questions. I had excellent results from my cataract surgery. -- my vision was immediately very much improved!! His office staff is very professional and knowledgable. Especially in instructing me and preparing me for scheduled cataract removal and lens implants. Again, I highly recommend Dr Krishnan if you are considering cataract surgery.
Without Dr. Krishnan ,I guarantee I would be blind today. Money, his inconvenience comes long after his Patient does! Highly skilled in the most advanced procedures. You could not go wrong with Dr. Krishnan and his very competent staff. These comments come from experience and my heart! Thank You Dr. Krishnan.
From start to finish, Dr. Krishnan and his entire staff have been incredible. Their office runs like a well oiled machine. His staff is incredibly friendly and appointments run in a timely manner. I have already referred my sister and will continue to refer anyone that has vision issues.
Had to wait 40 minutes past the appointment time to start. Then different steps went slowly with more wait in between. Only saw the doctor about 2 hours after the appointment time, and for too short of time, as we had an other appointment.
I was very impressed with the total experience. I had the first cataract removed 2 weeks ago, and the second one yesterday and my vision is already so much better. Dr. Krishnan was always very professional. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!
I highly recommend Dr. Krishnan and his staff. They were friendly, professional and able to answer all my questions regarding my procedure. I was pleasantly surprised at how Dr. Krishnan spent so much time with me and didn't feel rushed even though he had a very full schedule. My appointment times were within 15 minutes of what I scheduled. His professional ability as a surgeon was excellent!
I'm a new patient and recently had cataract surgery.I went for a second opinion and very greatful I did ! Everything about the experience was good ,from the office personnel to the surgical staff . I would highly recommend Dr Krishnan .He is pleasant ,patient ,extremely knowledgeable and good with his staff??
Dr. Krishnan did cataract and stents on both eyes and I am completely satisfied, no pain didn't even know I had surgery. Very polite and never rushes during office visits. Highly recommend his expertise.
Had cataract surgery. Dr and staff were warm and welcoming. Took time to explain pre-op and post-op requirements. Did not get impatient with questions. Answered them all without rushing and making me feel stupid. Took time to help me feel at ease prior to the actual surgery and in recovery. Did excellent work. Dearly hope he stays this way and not get the fat head later on, thinking he's God's gift and treat patients like cattle.
He has taken care of my eyes for years and he and his staff has done a very good job with little time wasted in the waiting room
I am a person with anxiety and have a fear with new Dr. I can tell you that you will love Dr. Krishnan. I had surgery on both eyes and received a torque lens. I'm 61 years old and couldn't see even to drive. I also had to get glasses but have wore since I was 9. One thing I can tell you I haven't been able to see so good in years. I am one happy client and would recommend him 100 per cent. Staff excellent and very caring. I can't thank you enough Dr.Krishnan.
Dr. Krishnan has always been kind and courteous. He saw me in a decent time-frame with my appointment.
I have been with Dr Krishnan for several years and I have always felt very comfortable with him. He is down to earth and explains everything. I have several procedures in last few years and had no problems.
I was sent to Dr Krishnan by my routine glasses & contacts Dr. I had been dealing with pink eye and couldn't get my rt eye contact out for 3 days. When I did get it out I felt a pop and severe pain. That is when I was rushed over to Dr Krishnan's office. Every single person in this office was so amazing & knowledgeable it changed my fear to confidence. He sent on into Baylor eye inst. to get a transplant. Because of this Dr I will be able to see out of both eyes again. Thank u doesn't begin
He has a great bedside manner and has treated me with the upmost respect and patience. I hope he stays in the Corpus area his whole carrer.
Dr. Krishnan takes the upmost care of my vision and is always ready to answer my questions. I have the highest regards and respect for Dr. Krishnan. He is excellent!
I am very impressed with him and the staff. He made me feel at ease and treats me excellent. My prior doctor did that had in another city was nothing compare to Dr. K.
Dr. Krishnan is always friendly, professional, and always answers any questions that I have without rushing through the answers.
This doctor is excellent. His staff are very supportive and polite. I was consistently treated with dignity and respect and well as a nice level of informal friendliness. The surgery and its results are spectacular. I have nearly 20/20 vision as a result of the surgery in my right eye. This has never been the case for me. Thank you for this wonderful gift of clear vision. I look forward to getting the other eye done asap. Thank you to Dr. Ravi and his whole staff. Janice
The whole experience was great; no problems, no delays, everyone was very nice. I was informed at every step what was going to happen. Both surgeries went smoothly. I am very happy with the results. Dr. Krishnan and his staff were wonderful; helpful and attentive. I would recommend Dr. Krishnan to anyone.
Had no problem got my apt in time the personal were friendly and professional
Dr. Krishnan is a consummate professional. He greets patients warmly, has a professional appearance, is meticulous in answering questions and seems to have high expectations for his staff. The fact that he encourages patients to fill out surveys is evidence of his concern that his patients have a positive experience in his office. I am always impressed with his skills and knowledge.
Dr. Krishnan is one of those special doctors. Not only is an excellent ophthalmologist, but he truly cares about his patients. How many doctors do you know who would give you his home phone number and tell you to call if you have any questions or problems after a procedure?
Dr. Krishnan performed the surgery on my left eye several years ago. The results were amazing. When I had a major problem with my right eye recently, I didn't hesitate to go back to him. Having to wait 2 months for an appointment, I called a few other eye doctors. Something kept telling me to wait on Dr Krishnan. I had my surgery done on June 20, 2016. So far, it's been great. i had the Toric Lens Implant, so we will see how it works. Also, Sandy was outstanding in every way
Regardless of who I spoke with over the phone or who I encountered in the office, I was always treated with respect and consideration. Each staff member answered questions I posed in a thorough and friendly fashion. They listened well and anticipated my needs and concerns. How they treated me spoke volumes of who Dr. Krishnan is: professional, skilled, and grateful. I was where I was meant to be. Psalm 50:15 Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me.
Dr. Krishnan is a kind, soft spoken, and caring man and an excellent doctor. He has treated me for well over 10 years and I have had nothing but wonderful results every time he does a procedure on me. He truly does care about his patients. His office staff is also very well trained and respectful.
I am very impressed with Dr. Krishnan. He was recommended to me when I moved to Corpus by Dr. Compagna. He is very kind and quiet-spoken. His staff is friendly and easy to talk to. The office is as neat as a pin and a very comfortable place to visit. I would recommend this doctor to anyone who is searching for a doctor to attend to eye problems or just routine eye checks,
Fairly prompt and very courteous service. Dr Krishnan is very professional and I departed with no unanswered questions.
Dr. Krishnan is a very patient informative,clever, sweet and nice with all of his patients.
Dr Krishnan is an excellent Doctor. I am so glad he is my eye doctor and trust him.
I have been seeing Dr. krishnan for over 5 yrs now or his staff. anyway they have always treated me great, answered all questions and went beyond to be sure I understand the situation. Can't do better than that. Will I change Dr.'s NO-- I know about the riff there, but that's over, didn't affect me. Old saying - You go home with the one that brung you. Phil
He has now removed and replaced both cataracts. I can see clearly. What more could I ask?
I was very disappointed with my recent appointment to the eye doctor. I was aware of the feud that was going on with the doctors but was surprised to hear that my doctor was the one that paid for the wall and the giant barrier balls in the parking lot, kind of childish if you ask me. This office has gone down hill. It's like walking into a funeral home, no life or happiness. I have decided to go back to my optometrist and get referred somewhere else.
Dr. Krishnan was so thorough with my brother whom he has seen several times. No matter how often we asked the same questions, the doctor answered with genuine concern and patience. All of his office has been patient, respectful, and caring. Thank you for going the extra mile in making us feel very comfortable.
Always a good expierence
I was having my yearly exam with my local optometrist when he noticed something in my eye that should not have been there. I was told this was an emergency and he highly recommended Dr. Ravi Krishnan. That was a Friday and by Monday morning I was having my surgery. My eye and my sight were saved. This surgery actually gave me perfect sight in that eye that I thought I might lose. The deep caring Dr. Krishnan holds for his patients is unparalleled. I am privileged to be his patient.
I am happy I came to see Dr. Krishnan and have him diagnose my condition, and have faith in his expierience and knowledge of the eyes.
2011 experience was very professional and eye operation went well, better then eye dilation which I don't care for at all, staff very professional.
My mom, 83, had a bad cataract and dreaded surgery. Dr. Krishnan allayed her fears, clearly explaining the procedure and recovery time. Surgery was done with utmost care, with no pain or discomfort to mom. Dr. Krishnan is an excellent, experienced surgeon. Highly recommend him for vision problems. Post-op was smooth, with Dr. checking frequently on progress. Office staff is extremely nice and caring! Dr. trained at Mayo Clinic and provides holistic, individualized care. Thank you, Dr. Krishnan!
I recently returned to Dr. Krishnan for my annual diabetic evaluation and the visit was the same as always...started off with a polite front office staff to knowledgeable back office staff to an awesome doctor! Dr Krishnan has the best bed side manner along with his entire office. Clean, professional and efficient office. I will continue to come here for every eye appointment that I need.
Dr. Krishnan has been my doctor for many years and he is the most kind and intelligent doctor there is period. He did my LASIK surgery years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made! He takes his time and explains everything in detail. His staff has always been pleasant as well. I HIGHLY recommend him.
Think about the grueling process of renewing your drivers license, and transfer that image to eye care. But it's worse, because eyes are not renewable and you only have two. Likelihood of recommending Dr Krishnan to family and friends? Less than zero. It would be cruel on all counts for me to recommend this dr. Long wait, rude and inattentive staff, and a very short visit with the dr. Exercise your options - Corpus Christi has other doctors, choose one of them!
I have seen Dr Krishnan since 2006. Dr Krishnan has been like a God-send to help me preserve my vision. A previous Ophtholmologist in the CC area had me on prednisone drops for a few years, not knowing what else to do and I feel that Dr Krishnan took charge of turning things around for my vision care. We are blessed in South Texas to have an Ophtholmologist with his past training at the Mayo Clinic. He is a dignified, caring Doctor.
Absolute and consummated Professional, great patients manners and very knowledgeable caring Doctor

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