Dr comes in, checks you out, and lets her assistant know what to write down. She immediately puts you on PT that doesn't help and after a few sessions that put money in her pocket, she recommends an MRI. She doesn't attempt other methods or alternatives. When I asked her for a referral to a manual therapist, she said "OK, but he's only give me a massage". I went to the manual therapist (after 6 useless sessions with her overweight PT) and was relieved of my pains. No MRI, no medicine, no surgery
At best this office is incompetent. It took no less than five phone calls every month (by both the pharmacy and myself) just to get a refill on a prescription. Ever visit they would leave out something that I came in and add something that didn't just I had to come back in and pay another co-pay. She wrongly diagnosed me asthma (I had just completed a triathlon) by adding a spirometry test (which she said was part of routine physical) giving me lung problems for the first time in my life. AVOID!
In the past 5 visits, I have never waited less than 20 minutes for an appointment. My latest appointment was at 8 am and I still waited over 20 minutes even though I was told that I was the first patient of the day. Unfortunately, after all of that wait, I didn't even see the doctor my last visit even though I was told she had insisted on me coming in.
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