Dr. Leake is a very good doctor. Highly professional. She went a long way to drain my skin cyst and relieve the pain.
Great in the first few months. Then it becomes a battle to get refills on meds. Apparently allowing patients to go through withdrawals from meds is normal for Dr Brister. I think it's very irresponsible and harmful. Go to anyone but this guy! Staff follows his lead; office manager doesn't return calls.
My husband and I thought we would never find another GP like our beloved former physician, but Dr. Britten admirably compares very well. He listens well and does not ever hurry us through the appointment. He takes a measured approach to any treatment plans and we feel absolutely confident that he would refer us to a specialist if necessary. We feel blessed to have been among his first new patients and would recommend him unreservedly.
Everytime i attempt to make an appointment her office is overbooked leaving me to find another doctors office to care for me. Whats the point... do yourself a favor and find a diffrent doctors office.
Dr. Spurlock has been my PCP for over 5 years and been very helpful. His staff is incredibly responsive and helps answer questions through the web portal.
I have been seeing him for 20 years. I have used other doctors when I moved out of his area but haven't found anyone that gives the same care to his patients.
My regular Dr was out of town and I was taken in by Dr Britten within a few hours. I was very impressed and most satisfied with the time he and his nurse took with me. I was pretty sick and don't know if I thanked them but thanks to Dr Britten I am better. He is very caring and firmly said if I was not better by the next day to call him. Well I did get better and I certainly would most definitely recommend him ! God bless you and your staff !
She was very personable and courteous. She listened to me and answered all of my questions.
He found my daughters heart condition at her 12 year check up, and sent us to a cardiologist in Dallas. He saved her life!!! He is the best doctor in Town!!!
My family and I see dr. Leake and she is an amazing doctor. I have an autistic son and they always get me back into a room fast or help me chase him!!!! My children just love her and she is very good with us. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a compentent, attentive, and caring family doctor!!
Been seeing Stevens for 37 years. It takes hours for average Doctors visit, then he sends you to a specialist for answers or help Everytime. His time has come and gone. Needs to retire. Asked to see another doctor that was able to turn out patients and was told they had to get it approved and would call me with information later. Never received phone call from family physicians clinic.
She is a wonderful doctor!
If your just looking for a Dr that will write you perscriptions you want then he is your guy, but if you have any real problems, I'd say you're better off diagnosing yourself using web MD (don't do it). I couldnt even begin to tell you all of the issues my family and I have had with this man (and some still go, I'm outraged by the choices he makes for them). He quit caring for patients long ago... at least he is nice?
If you want to waste your time then this is your guy. He has no regard for anyone's time but his own. I am always on time to my appointments and each time I had to wait over an hour for him. The last straw for me was when they ask me to reschedule, I agreed, showed up on time, then sat in the lobby for over an hour and a half before I walked out. My husband had the same experience today. We will no longer be using him and will strongly urge others to do the same.
Dr. Allman is dismissive and condescending. Each time I've been in to see her, she acts like I'm wasting her time. I've been having chronic health problems for years now, and was trying to get to the bottom of it, and her response was, Well, it's really hard to determine the source of it. Um...yes...but it's also her job to TRY. I now avoid her office at all costs.
She is always kind and caring and her office staff is always very friendly.
doesn't seem to care about any of the issues. doesn't listen. When told my knee has been hurting, said you should go get it checked. I am in a dr. office! Then when asked for a test recommended from my other physician, she said you don't need that!
Dr Leake has no idea what a patient in pain is going thru. If she had to go thru what I have maybe she would. She expects her patients to endure extreme pain when it is not necessary. As long as she is not in pain I guess it's OK. I was in extreme pain & hoped to be taken care of after making an appointment which was scheduled in a weeks time. I suffered & waited. Then I was notified only an hour before my appointment she canceled, she was sick. Rescheduled 5 days later. She was there the next d
Over the past sixteen years he has saved my life at least two times. He has been spot on with his diagnosis and quick to see that I got to the specialist that I needed for whatever condition that I had. He is a top notch doctor and I have recommended him to many people.
she was very very nice and sweet she explained my blood work to me and got me exactly where I needed to be with my antidepressants! also she looks like princess Zelda from the ledgend of Zelda which is fun
Love Dr.Leake!! She is so sweet and has answered any questions that I have had in the past.
We moved to the State and was looking for a Doctor for my Daughters (13&15), my Hubby and I. I was worried that I wouldn't find someone I loved as much as our old Doctors. This Doctor was attentive and considerate, talked to us including the girls not at us! He joked with us. Smiled. Answered question directly or took the time to figure it out! I would highly recommend for a family or as just an adult! His Nurse Brandi was also just as sweet and outgoing! Never made us feel like just only number
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