Dr. Calendine is one of the most caring individuals in Healthcare, and I am so thankful he is my son's pediatrician and has been for over a decade. He genuinely cares for his patients and they are not just a number. He has a great bedside manner and puts children at ease. The only problem we've ever had is actually getting in to see him instead of one of his colleagues.
I have taken my son to Dr. Calendine since he was born almost two years ago. We have seen Dr. Calendine maybe three times, each time he seems like he's bored and would rather be somewhere else. Also, we had an appointment to just get shots and it took an hour and 45 minutes because the nurses decided to take lunch break in the middle of our appointment. We could hear microwaves and people eating, it was horrible! I will say some of the nurses are very nice, others not so much. Switching doctors!
Very rude staff! nurses were horrible and making rude comments. never going back switching doctors ASAP!!!
First time meeting him he comes off rude. Bad bedside manner. Because I just moved into the area, I didn't have the children's medical records and that angered him. It seemed to inconvenience him that he must get the records from our former Pediatric doctor. Then because I was sick he further insulted me by saying I was not allowed to bring my kids in. He also accused me of being under the influence. Which I was not. I had a cold and was fatigued from coughing all night. horrible experience!!!
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