Dr was in the room 3 minutes tops WITH doin a scope down my nose. I felt like he didn't really listen at all about the sympotoms I was having before prescribing Xanax for anxiety. Which I know is not the problem. I got a bill a week later for $150 for the "surgery" he did in less than 20 seconds. I would not go back to this physician. I would rather find someone who will listen and has time for their patients.
Good doctor, she listens to you.
Went to Dr Depersio for tinnitus/ear ringing. They insisted doing on an expensive hearing test evaluation. After, without ever discussing my tinnitus, Dr Depersio decided to "clean" wax out (another separate billable procedure,not asked for). Instead of a gentle stream of water/solution as Ive had done in the past, he just stuck some metal tool into my ear to dig it out, causing me EXTREME pain, repeatedly. Been suffering for months, now going to a new ENT because Depersio won't return my calls.
This doctor is way too old to still be practicing medicine. He spent maybe 1 minute examining me and was cold and rude. I will not be going back to him.
From the first time I met with Dr. Horton he told he would find my problem. I have now had sinus surgery and feel great. His staff are very nice. I am hoping in a good way that I don't have to return, but if I do won't see anyone else.
always professional - and will keep looking till he finds the answer
Shows great concern for patients. Very thorough with explanations.
I went here with one side of my sinuses always clogged up. After their being 3 hours late on my first appointment she tells me I have a deviated septum and gives me a steroid and a follow up date As of the follow up (1 hour late), the steroid did nothing, so she asks, "Well, what do we do now?" I don't know - maybe we should ask A DOCTOR? Suddenly she wants to send me off for a sleep study because she doesn't have enough information. I have no trouble sleeping. She's running up the bill
I saw Doctor Rosenbaum in consultation in the hospital. He explained procedures and recommendations thoroughly. Even walking from his office to the hospital to come over and check my throat at lunch time. Excellent care giver. Listened and repeated what I told him about my problem. Particularly kind and competent.
$800 later and they confirmed I couldn't hear and felt bad with little to no solutions offered. Little things along the way show a lack of organization. Wrong referring doctor listed, prescriptation called into wrong place and I had to fix it.
He's the best. Me and my husband would and have recommended him. My husband had stage 4 throat cancer dr Crawley knew what it was at first glance in the ER at Tennova. Couldn't have ask for a better Dr. or better person.
Dr. Sandberg asked very few questions before determining a diagnosis and prescribing medications after talking to me for about 5 minutes total. While I appreciate that he is straightforward and direct, he lacks bedside manner and was almost aggressive while interacting with me. I was intimidated by him, felt that he did not take me seriously, and he did not give me a chance to explain my condition. I will be canceling my follow-up appointment and seeing a different ENT doctor.

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