Office staff is friendly. Dr. Casey is easy to talk to, thorough, and seems to be pretty down-to-earth in his approach, which I appreciate. I had a great experience, and I feel like I've finally found a Primary Care I am happy with.
Dr. Byrd is an Absolute Godsend! He has the most genuine authentic demeanor & truly cares about each person as a human being not just a patient!
I have never been treated so bad at a Dr's office in my entire life. The receptionist were rude, hateful and not helpful. The other lady we interacted with, I am guessing was a nurse, was HORRIBLE. I never saw the Dr. but would never want a dr who employed people who treated others as they treated me. There is no compassion or caring from the staff.
I have been seeing Dr. Caprio for almost 20 years. Over that time, he has been my advocate and "quarter back" with all my specialists. He genuinely cares, listens to me and takes my opinion into account. The absolute BEST Dr in Nashville.
Outstanding doctor. Great bedside manner and very sincere in his doctoring. Would recommend in to anyone.
Dr. Victor Byrd is an amazing doctor. I feel very blessed to have him as my personal physician. He is very caring and takes his time with his patients. He listens well and is very compassionate, caring and intelligent. I trust him completely. I have to travel almost 3 hours for an appointment but I will continue to do so, God willing. I would recommend him highly to anyone who is suffering with any type of arthritis condition and pain. Highest caliber of expertise!!
Dr Cromwell is a quitter. He twice gave us bad advice regarding a life threatening allergy condition which was clearly beyond his knowledge, expertise and experience. Failed to return multiple calls. His staff was rude and dismissive. Inattentive to our needs. Rude examination room manner. Dismissed my wife's visible allergic anaphylactic shock reactions by prescribing Xanax and recommending a psyche evaluation. Then removed himself from caring for my wife. What a fraud!
My review on DR. Caudill was in relation to her location in Cool Springs at Heritage Medical.
Not only an experienced and highly professional health care physician but someone who actually cares about each patient. Amazing!
Great clinician and office staff. Very thorough exam and picked up on a skin lesion that could spell trouble if not addressed properly.
I have met with Dr. Burt for about 7 years, more frequently at the start and now on a "maintenance" type schedule where I meet with him every 3 weeks. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Burt. He has helped me so much by making me aware of the areas of my life in which I need to improve my thoughts and behavior. I would recommend to anyone, in any phase of life, for effective counseling.
Dr. Brothers and his staff are so wonderful! They all really made mine and my 2yr old sons expierence great! Though the testing was hard for him he loves Dr. Brothers so much that he actually says "mommy, I want to go get shots today!" I'm so thankful to have found such an amazing team to make this easy for him!!!
Been seeing Dr Burt since 2008. Helps practice has grown considerably and it's hard to get an appt on short notice but if a therapist is booked solid - he/she doing something right. Dr Burt helped give meaning to my life
It has been good. Sometimes it is hard to get her on phone.
Excellent Doctor!!!! We had a great experience and left with answers and not questions!!! Staff was excellent also!!! Recommend him to everyone!!!
Dr. Callaway and his nurses are the best.
Dr. Anderson is several things that I like about him. He takes all the time with you that you need, never rushes through an appointment; cares deeply for my health and well being; alwYs has time to listen to my concerns when I call him (not his assistant); I could go on and on, however, I just want to say that I am in the best hands of any doctor and know that he will take good care of me.
I've been a patient of Dr. Byrd for 3 years. Him & his staff are amazing! They are show patience, compassion & empathy. Dr. Byrd has always spent time with me answers my questions, helping decide the best treatment options & offering hope. Recently, I had the worse PsA flare & luckily he was the physician on call. Not only did he talk me through what to do, but he worked me for a next day 8 am apt. He is also always concerned about my quality of life and makes diet & exercise recommendations.
We always appreciate the time we spend with Dr. Bergeron. She is very knowledgeable and continues to provide the best care and information that she has available to her.
Dr. Bailes is always kind, caring, and never makes you feel rushed. Her office is great about answering questions quickly and thoroughly. Everyone who works there, from reception to nurses and doctors, provide exceptional care.
I have been going to Dr. Bryant for over 35 years, my husband as well, for almost the some time. He is most caring, thorough, gives us ample time to talk to us, his staff is very good, have not trouble hearing back after a call. I could never ask for a better doctor.
The only thing pleasant with this provider was the young lady I spoke with in the billing office. After scheduling a new patient visit for my 12 year old daughter and completing the amount of paperwork needed beforehand (more than prepared!), my daughter and mother were kept waiting for over an hour (close to an hour and a half) before actually being seen by a doctor. They were there ahead of time, had their paperwork completed, and still waited this ridiculous amount of time. No nurse or sta
Dr. Alberico is pleasant. Her receptionist is another story. Cassie is cold and rude. Maybe she is supposed to behave like that? Dr. Alberico isn't accepting new patients (at least as I'm writing this) but if she was, it's hard to get an appointment with her. You have to schedule a month in advance.
Excellent Dr. As a former nurse, I am very particular and he is one I trust. Knowledgable and listens to your input.
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Great listener and intuitive. Polite and respectful. Very good at getting to the problem. Highly likable.
The best personal physician I have ever had. All of the proper superlatives are applicable to this fine physician and fine gentleman. He is extremely thorough. He is intuitive. He treats the person not just the disease.
I've been a patient of Dr. Byrd's for 15 yrs and I don't think I could get better care anywhere else! Dr Byrd goes out of his way to see that you receive the best overall care possible. He's a warm and personable doctor who really cares about his patients. I trust him and I know he has my best interest at heart.
Dr. Bonvissuto was very unprofessional. I scheduled a new patient physical appointment and she spent all of 2 minutes talking to me. She did no exam and didn't even ask me any questions. On top of that she billed me for outpatient services that I didn't authorize as my insurance does not charge for a physical. If you have a high deductible insurance plan be warned that this practice makes you pay $100 up front for every appointment even though insurance requires no copay.
I love dr carlton. She's very thorough with everything she does for me. I have no complaints at al .
Was not impressed with clinical knowledge. Had me on the wrong dose of acne medicine for 1 year before I went to another dermatologist. Her protocols and knowledge are all old standards of care.
Conflicting information from her nursing staff leads to confusion. You are a number on your insurance card, not a relationship. Doesn't spend much time with you. Trying to turn the rooms as quickly as possible. No followup provided. You have to call if you want to know results from tests or anything. Just don't make you feel like you matter for anything more than your payment.
Amazing! My family is so lucky to have found Dr. Brothers! Our daughter was diagnosed with food allergies at 10 months! He has walked us through some tough situations. He said he is only a call away and that is the truth. We have had to call after hours multiple time and he always calls back in 15 minutes or less. We drive over an hour one way to take our child to see him. He and his staff are a true blessing.
I have been a patient of Dr. Byrd's for eight years. Dr. Byrd is a very thoughtful, caring, highly experienced, and creative physician. His approach always involves listening to my concerns and addressing each of my issues. Further, he seems to have a wide spread network of fellow Rheumatologists to collaborate with and keep abreast of the latest advances in the field. I can not imagine what more you could ever ask of a health care provider. I am very satisfied !! Thanks Dr. Byrd !
Excellent professional manner, takes time with patients in diagnosing patient problems or concerns
Very rude! I was a new patient arrived 9 minutes late and was not seen. New to the area and not familiar with traffic and parking. I know I was late but to refuse to see me was unprofessional.
She's fabulous and her nurse Heather is an angel and very efficient.
Best doctor in Nashville!!
Dr. Booker is very thorough with her care. She listens carefully to all my issues and is always ready to address them promptly. I would highly recommend her to other persons looking for a primary care physician.
I was very loyal to this doctor and sang his praises for years. I had a false sense of security and felt cared about until it became completely evident that was completely fake. Due to bad judgements in my personal life, I was tossed out of the practice after 10 years with literally nowhere else to go. Now i'm without a rheumatologist and therefore treatment. As i sit with my joints degrading and denied access to the biologic i need, I'm at a loss as to what to do. Sadly, Dr. Byrd doesn't care.
Dr Jonathon Gish is one of the Best counseling I've Ever had in my Life! I wish I could still see him! 12 hour drive is sort of far to drive!
Dr. Andria Humphrey-Johnson is amazing. She treats my entire family. She is extremely knowledgeable and delivers exceptional patient care. She is also easy to talk to so it makes going to the doctor comfortable. In fact, her standard of care is the reason my friends drive from downtown to Bellevue just to see her. I highly recommend Dr. Humphrey-Johnson.
Absolutely do not recommend! I drove 2 hours to see this doctor because of symptoms I have had that I feel possibly lifethreatening. He was very rude. Instead of talking to me directly at the end of the appointment, he talked into his dictophone, tape recorder, whatever......not even making eye contact with me. He made me feel like i shouldnt interrupt him and ask questions. Guess what doctor, you should dictate on your own time, not mine!!!!!! Complete waste of time! I wanted to cry.
Dr. Hagenau was very courteous and thorough during my examination. He explained everything and answered all questions clearly. Dr. Hagenau's entire staff was very friendly, polite and helpful too. I'm thankful I was referred to him. I highly recommend Dr. Hagenau!
I found Dr. Hagenau extremely rude and dismissive. I’ve suffered from migraines and daily headaches for as long as I can remember and needed a neurologist in Nashville when I moved here. He was frustrated with my questions and basically said there was nothing he could do for me. I left the office nearly in tears, completely defeated by his short, abrasive attitude.
Dr. Dykstra is an outstanding physician. My teenage son was a new patient, and she took the time to listen to his needs and get to know him. She is kind, caring, and thorough. Ten stars for Dr. Dykstra!
I read one or two (possibly same person) negative views about Dr. Franklin and was a bit nervous to see her, but i decided to ignore those reviews and focus on the positive ones and I am glad I did! While I have to wait 20 minutes or so to see her, once I am in with her, she is great. She is so friendly and did not seem rush or try to hurry me. She addressed my questions with patience and care. I would highly recommend her to others.
I've just started going to Dr. Gandhi after my physician at Heritage Medical transferred to another practice, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. She doesn't rush in, look at the one issue you came in for, and leave, but sits down and discusses anything you may want to bring up. She is truly what you want in your family physician.
I have been seeing Shalene for several years on an as needed basis. Her advice is solid and practical. With her help and behavioral suggestions, I have been able to keep my depression at bay. Thank you, Shalene
I've been a patient of Ms. Janjic's for over 9 years and would highly recommend her. She listened to me and addressed the cause of the issue, not just the symptom. I am so much healthier today because of her than when I first started seeing her based upon a recommendation.
Would not recommend. He is very arrogant and has zero bedside manner. He talked condecendingly to me and made me feel as if I were wasting his time.
I was prescribed an inhaler for my asthma. Unfortunately, it was over $150 and not covered by my insurance. Dr. Humphrey-Johnson refused to work with me to find an affordable alternative. If you have subpar insurance and/or a chronic ailment that must be taken care of, do not trust her with your needs.
Dr. Humphrey-Johnson is an exceptional physician. I've been a patient of hers for over 2 years, and she and her staff have proven quite competent, compassionate, and professional. Whether it's a routine annual physical or an urgent care appointment, she and her staff have always come through. I highly recommend her as a family physician.
Dr.Huber saved me from another useless sleep apnea test,he listened to me,examined me,and made a most accurate diagnosis.He operated on my nose and I have never breathed like this in my entire life,I don't snore and my sleep quality is awesome.He was so excited when he removed the splints from my nose and saw my reaction to my air flow
Be careful of this woman. She gave my daughter bad advice. We are still dealing with the ramifications of her input a year later. I would not recommend her to anyone.
AVOID. I have been a patient for over a year and every experience has been terrible. Dr. H-J barely examines you, and somehow is always running 30-45 min late. I don't find her to be professional. She doesn't listen or seem to care about her patients. She's forgotten to call in my meds to the pharmacy multiple times & left me stranded there waiting; she's scheduled my bloodwork w/o leaving any notes for the lab and they were just going to make me sit and wait for the DR to get in! INCOMPETENT.
Dr. Hagenau told me to stop using my cane because I and others around me will view myself as an invalid. When I told him I viewed my developing a chronic illness as an empowering experience and that I didn't view myself as an invalid, he rolled his eyes. It seems as though he didn't even review my chart, as my main problem, my inability to concentrate due to fibro-fog, was talked about for maybe 2 minutes. He insisted he couldn't prescribe me anything to help with that, and told me to exercise.
She is a very nice and pleasant person. Her actions shows that she has good character. She was able to get me in and out in a timely manner. I came in for a physical exam not quite 365 days from my last service and before she preceded to conduct the physical exam she asked me if I wanted to make sure that my insurance would cover it because it had not been a full calendar year between services. I appreciate her honesty because trust worthiness is key when selecting a MD.
Dr. Gupta is an excellent listener and an excellent Doctor.
Dr. Franklin has been my doctors for over 3 years now. She is awesome. I have a history of melanoma and she is very thorough and understanding. I could not ask for a better dermatologist.
I came to Dr Huber with questions about why I got sinus infections often and he diagnosed me with two different sinus problems which led to surgery which he preformed. He was remarkable in explaining all the details and answering every question that I had. I now feel so much better and I haven't gotten sick since my surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Huber!
Highly recommend. Wonderful expertise, compassionate approach.
She is a wonderful Doctor. Very friendly and professional. The wait room time is why her rating is so low. I had an appointment at 9:30. I was here at 9:25, I'm a returning patient, however I waited in the waiting area for 40 mins. I had to ask the receptionist for assistance. I still had to wait an additional 10-15 to be called back. When I finally get into an exam room, I have an additional 30-40 minute wait. Because of their lack of concern for their patients time I will not returning.
Dr. Hagenau was my dad's neurologist when he had a massive stroke many years ago. Now my mom has also had a massive stroke, and our recent appointment with him was the best physician appointment we have had with anyone in the 5 months since her stroke. We left with a clear action plan, feeling good about where we are headed in her recovery. He took time to assess her, spoke TO her, and answered all our questions. Highly recommended.
Less than apathetic care though I was his patient for two years, consistently forgot details regarding my medical history, negligent and rude. I would give him less than one star if possible.
I highly recommend Dr. Franklin. She identified melanoma that others had missed and, because of the early diagnosis, was able to take care of it with limited impact. She is thorough and has demonstrated authentic care for me and my health in multiple ways. In addition, her staff has always been responsive and caring. If I could rate higher than five stars, I would.
My visit was a great experience. She's nice and patient.
Dr. Huber seems like a very nice person. I'm sure he is a qualified physician, but I'll try to relate my experience as an analogy. If the light doesn't come on when I flip the switch, I'm probably going to replace the bulb before doing anything else. I would hold off about getting an electrical engineer to assess the entire power distribution grid until just about everything else proved to be ineffective. An 89 cent bulb is a lot easier to obtain than a $150K per year engineer. Understand?
Dr Franklin was seemingly the most caring Doctor I have ever had. She took the time to talk to me and listen to me. She left her practice with Heritage Medical with no notice to her patients. I think it was due to her agreement with Heritage. I will spend years trying to find someone I like as much.
We are new in the area and were referred to Dr. Huber. Dr. Huber has treated my wife for Vertigo. He is very good at diagnosis and very people oriented professional. He always gives the patient the time they need to talk and be treated. He referred us to an excellent Allergist. Our fears about changing doctors are no longer an issue.
I found out about my MS in 2008. When I started seeing Dr. Hagenau in 2012 I was discouraged and alittle down about my diagnosis. I was prepared with a list of questions. He answered all my questions without me even asking. I was so elated when I found out there was an oral one a day medication that I had formally be told I could not take. Now almost 4 years later I am on an oral medication and have no active lesions or flareups. I am so thankful that a doctor I worked for recommended him.
She was very thorough and compassionate. She answered all of my questions.
Dr. Huber did not listen to me about what was going on. I saw him twice in 3 years with the same issue and he did not diagnosis me. I felt like he thought that it was in my head. Went to a new doctor and was diagnosed with a serious problem.
A heartless, cocky, and utterly unhelpful physician. The worst bedside manner you will ever find in a professional setting. There is zero sympathy available from this doctor, and a very skeptical attitude.
Dr. Hagenau and his staff are awesome. Dr. Hagenau has the knowledge, understanding and will graciously explains your medical needs. You leave the office with written diagnosis, scheduled appointment, with instructions on how to take medication, ect.
Months to wait. Telling people that the PA is the same as a Dr. Making appts with the PA even when the Dr. is requested. Condescending nurse. No samples for meds that they say they use personally. Not happy with them at all.
Dr. Hawkins treated my parents and me. They loved him, as do I, because he makes people comfortable while giving top-notch medical care. He takes time with his patients, has a caring manner, and never recommends more than people need. In fact, he encouraged me not to spend a lot of money on eyeglasses.
Dr. Rand is an excellent doctor. She spends plenty of time with you and ensures that you are aware of various treatment options. She has always been very flexible with scheduling as well. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else.
With all the premier healthcare probiders in Nashville and its surrounding areas., choosing Dr. Smith is a waste of ypur time and possibly your safety. Her waiting ropm is a disaster, overbooking eack visit i have made throughout the surgical process. She is so rushed And seems she is not listening to my concerns because she is either more brilliant than error or disease or she is simply overbooked. If I had to do it again, I would never chance my vision to this woman.
Dr. Patten is an excellent and reliable MD who is extremely flexible in working with patients. Be warned, however, that his office is incredibly slow and unreliable with patient correspondence. My medical information has been mailed to the wrong address several times, and the office staff at Heritage Medical tends to be unreliable and inconsistent.
I have been her patient for almost 19 years. She is good doctor with a good staff. In addition, she has an awesome bedside manner, she listens and seems to really care about her patients, which is important.
I've been complaining of my thyroid labs being too low for me for a year. I've had debilitating fatigue that no amount of sleep helps, hair loss, freezing cold all the time regardless of the temperature outside, inability to lose weight regardless of how I ate & exercising 5-6 days a week. I called my primary care & he even said that my symptoms sounded like I needed a dosage increase so he called it in at my request. It is now day 4 on the new dosage & I can feel a difference.
Very kind, and excellent doctor.
Very inefficient office staff - over 2 hour wait time. Arrogant physician who attempted to excise skin abnormality when it was not needed, per 2nd and 3rd opinion
When listing symptoms of how I felt post thyroidectomy, Dr Shaw would tell me that these symptoms had nothing to do with my thyroid and that I needed to see my PCP. She also refused to adjust my dosage when I was "in the normal range" even though I felt horrible. I did take her advice and am now seeing my PCP who adjusted my dosage and am now feeling so much better. I will not be returning to Dr Shaw nor recommending her.
Dr. Payne is an outstanding doctor. She and her staff are very caring and attentive. She has been very helpful and I highly recomend her.
Dr. Parker was friendly and thorough during my initial, and only visit-to-date. He made a recommendation that reduced my acid reflux w/o the use of Nexium, for which I've been grateful!
Literally the worst doctor I have ever seen! Instead of listening to me she was making me sicker on medication for the last 9 months! I would tell her how certain medications were making me feel and she would over talk me and tell me it was in my head! Finally I found another doctor! I can't believe I put my trust in her all that time!
We love Dr. Seethaler! We've been with him for over ten years and he's absolutely fabulous. He listens to you and more importantly, realizes the mom's know their children best and acts like a partner instead of someone who believes they know it all. He's wonderful with children and has a kind and gentle mannerism. I can't say enough good things about him!
I've never been treated more fairly, and with geuine concerne than I was with Dr. Ray. Since I've no longer been under his care, (unsure of the reasons), I've suffered tremendously. Would love to have him back as my doctor, but as I'm unaware of most of the circumstances that prevented me from seeing him any longer, I don't know what to do to gain him back. He has been the BEST doctor I've ever known, and I've told all my family and friends. He saw me through som very bad times, and cured me.
Dr. is very professional andreally takes the time to listen to your and get resolution very quickly
Initial appointment for OA, RA, Reynaud's and Fibromyalgia took 3 months to set. First thing Dr. Rhea said to me was: "Why are you here if you have Fibromyalgia? I don't treat that. I can't do anything for you. You need a Neurologist." What? I was diagnosed in 2000 with Fibromyalgia and have ALWAYS been treated for that by Rheumatologists! He never offered to refer me to anyone else; basically said good luck and walked out. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL BY DR. RHEA. No referral for him to anyone.
I LOVE Dr. Seethaler. (I'm an RN and I do NOT say that about many physicians). He has always been kind, courteous, and answered my questions without making me feel silly for asking them. He is extremely knowledgeable and has always been very good with my 1 year old (since birth). I really like his "keep them out of the ER" approach - he takes his own call and will meet at the clinic after hours if he feels it can't wait until morning. He is a phenomenal physician. I strongly recommend him.
Dr. Prasad inspires confidence by takng time to explain the condition, the treatment plan and what to expect. He's always pleasant and reassuring and has helped me cope with a rather scary problem. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Referred to Dr Prasad for a migraine from my primary care physician. He seemed to lack the skill or maybe didn't care to help me. He continually ask if I had "hit my head" or "been in an accident". Because I could not answer yes to these questions, he seemed at a loss as to how to treat my headache. I paid out of pocket for the MRI ($950) and he didn't look at it. Since this time, I have a new DR, who found significant bone spurs, nerve impingement and disc disease causing the migraines.
A caring personable professional who exercises balance, common sense, and compassion in his relationships with patients. Outstanding.
Dr. Smith is warm, reassuring, and intelligent. She takes time to earnestly listen to and address parent concerns and questions, and her bedside manner is fabulous.
She is in demand and hard to get to see. You must wait but she's the bomb. My Facial laser and Eye lid surgeon pointedly told me he sees her because she's great. A docs doc! So if she's who the guy who know's doc, you get the point. Only in the office 2/week at a major Doc association so you get all the problems you'd expect with that and the staff. She is why you wait and go to her, not the Nurse Practitioner unless it's minor.
Dr. Parker is a highly skilled ophthalmologist. Dr. Parker has an excellent staff in his office and the surgery center. They handle their appointments in a timely manner with reasonable wait times. I would highly recommend Dr. Parker to anyone needing cataract surgery or general eye care. Thank you, Dr. Parker and thanks to your staff!
My husband had an appointment with Dr. Shaw, had blood tests done and got on a higher dosage for his hashimotos and was encouraged to schedule visits in the future. When we ran into financial troubles and cancelled his next appointment, they got extremely pushy. His prescription ran out and called in to get another refill (which other doctors have done with no question). They gave him the run around and said they couldn't fill it without him coming in. They dropped us as a patient bc of that!
I just left Dr. Parker's office and had to rush home and leave a glowing review. It has been about eight years since I'd last seen an ophthalmologist due to my last two being shysters. Dr. Parker's staff is excellent and very accommodating of my special needs. No one tried to up-sell me any products or services, and the doctor straight up knew what he was talking about. He showed concern, but didn't resort to scare tactics when other doctors I've seen definitely would have.
Went to see Dr. Rhea after my ortho was unable to resolve my concerns over about a year or so. With a referral it took about 2 months to get in, but at the initial visit he was able to diagnose my condition as Psoriatic Arthritis. After a week on the proper meds I am doing MUCH better thanks to him.
Dr. Amy is wonderful, but the lunatic at the front desk demanding illogical co payments before service ruins it all. She refused to let me see Dr. Shaw because I disagreed with her co pay estimate. She refused to bill my accepted insurance (BCBST). I had to leave w/o sering the Dr.
I am very picky about the physicians I see, and I prefer to see physicians who are at least rated a 4 - 4.5 stars. I was worried that I wouldn't feel comfortable with Dr. Prasad based on some of the reviews, but as it turns out, I was very pleased with Dr. Prasad. There was little wait time, and I feel Dr. Prasad took sufficient time with me and recommended the appropriate tests. He got back to me very promptly with the MRI results. Great doc in my opinion!!
Dr. Ryan Roberts is outstanding! After losing my only sibling to colon cancer years ago, I have gone to Dr. Roberts for exams for prevention. He is phenomenal as a doctor - compassionate, professional, and thorough!! I should have done this before. If this will encourage just one person to have their exam or remind them of a followup, it is definitely worth it! God bless you Dr. Roberts and thank you for being there!
There is no other doctor like Dr. Ray been going to him for years he is the best doctor anyone could ask for he takes time out of his life to always make sure you are cared for and receive the best care he even works overtime, visits you everyday you are admitted, prays for you, he's truly sent by God. I love my doctor he can never be replaced.
great doctor, did not have to wait long; finally got relief of my headaches
I have gone to him for a number of years. I find him and his office staff to always be very helpful and caring. I would recommend him to anyone I knew that was looking for a PCP. The care and compassion he has with his patients is amazing. I have never seen another doctor like him!
New paitent consult lasted 15 minutes. Listed about 4 symptoms before stopping me... had roughly 25 on my list. Didn't ask me about my family hisotry or any additional information. Changed my diagnosis from previous doctors after only looking at a handful of medical results from my previous doctors. Did no bloodwork himself. What a joke...
Dr. Persaud has absolutely no knowledge of medication interactions or side effects. This man has no idea how to explain to his patient what side effects are to certain medications. Do your own homework with your pharmacist before accepting any type of medication or treatment from this man. Because he will tell you that there are no side effects to the medications that he prescribes.
She genuinely cares about helping you and takes the time to answer questions and come up with a course of action that is reasonable, one of the best dermatologists I has treated me. Wile the wait sometimes is longer, it is well worth the wait.
Dr. Prasad was able to relieve my chronic migraines. I have seen several doctors. I really appreciate his thorough knowledge and efficiency. His staff is always courteous and helpful.
Wonderful doctor. Finally I found someone who cured my headaches. Very efficient - I was in and out of his office, as a new patient, in under an hour. Fastest I've ever been seen as a new patient.
On every occasion I saw Dr. Prasad, and particularly the last, he displayed a depth of ignorance that I've never before encountered in a doctor regarding the medical conditions he is purportedly qualified to treat. I have the medical/scientific background to know that any knowledge he has is woefully out of date with current research. His ability for critical thinking seems to be totally absent, and evidence-based medicine appears to play no role in his practice. I expect both at a minimum.
Dr Seethaler is the best!! My son loves him, he's really good with Roman and Whenever my child was sick and I didn't have an appointment he still took my son in, plus Dr Seetheler also educates you about certain medicines and infections pertaining to your child so he or she can always stay healthy. The people there are amazing, just nice people I hate that we have to leave because me and my family have to move to another state. I'm sad that I won't find another Doctor like him.
He is the best Dr. ever!
Good doctor. Staff is friendly. Wait time is reasonable. Best of all, he knows what he's doing.
Dr. Patton has been our Family Doctor for close to 20 years. He has always been there for us and we have a complete trust in him. He takes care of our needs as we get older.
Dr. Yoneyama is the best doctor I've ever had. He gets to know you and your medical needs. He is an incredible diagnostician and is always thorough in his examinations. Dr. Yoneyama truly cares about his patients and their health. It's why I still see him for physicals even though I've lived overseas and in another state.
I don't recommend this doctor to anyone. My daughter went to him with serious symptoms for which he told her, "Sounds like an infection or chronic disease"...did absolutely NO testing. sent her home and said " If your symptoms change or get worse in the next 2 weeks call me." She got worse, called 3 separate times on 3 separate days with NO return call. If it weren't for the fact that I am a nurse and knew that her symptoms were severe enough, my daughter may be in the hospital or worse.
Best doc around, I trust her with everything. I highly recommend Dr. Wile.
Kristen is my hero! After being seen by 6 other doctors and still not having a plan of action, she came in and saved the day. She was confident, efficient, a great listener and took charge of the situation. it was the fist time that I left an appointment feeling confident in the course of treatment. I would highly recommend anyone suffering with skin issues to see her.
Although his bedside manners were sufficient, I am completely unimpressed with his follow through in the care of my family member. A botched routine- preventative measure turned horrid. Dr. Wright recommended hospitalization, gave us directions, but when we arrived at the hospital, no contact arrangements were made. If I/we could do this all over again, a different doctor would have been requested.
He is very poor at diagnosis. He is unable to suspect infection and has actually allowed one of his patients to die because of this area of poor competence. He is also sometimes distracted by less important complaints a patient may be having, not focusing on treating the main problem. He seems nice, but not adequately competent. Sadly, he is not recommended to treat patients. I would never recommend that anyone I know see him as their physician.
The worse experience with a Dr in my life. He is a tool and loves the sounds of his voice putting his patient down. He is inhumane and doesn't deserve to be a doctor especially not to someone that could actually pass. Please I just want to prevent people from feeling the pain and agony I felt with this "Dr".
I have been Dr. Wrights patient for many years. I appreciate her skill and trust her decision process. I experience her as being thorough and comprehensive each time I am in her office. And her office staff are well organized and always helpful.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wierum and his staff. Excellent, conservative care. Extremely attentive to details, and genuinely concerned about his patients' health. He always thoroughly addresses my concerns and I leave feeling very confident with the care I've received. I will continue to recommend Dr. Wierum.
She is very thorough and cutting edge with new medications available. Explains herself well and always listens intently to you input. I would highly recommend her
I was referred to Tiffanie Wright to help with my type II Diabetes. She is very thorough, kind and knowledgeable. I have learned more about my Diabetes since going to her than I did the previous 6 years at my regular doctor. I am so grateful to be her patient.
My family has been seeing Dr. Wright for several years. He has always patiently listened to our concerns and provided great treatment. My son recently had a procedure by Dr. Wright after he was admitted to the hospital in an emergency situation. He provided excellent care and was very comforting in a scary situation. Other professionals at the hospital said, "he is the best." I agree. I highly recommend him.
I have had a mix of urgent and routine visits with Dr. Tai and he handles both types of visits superbly.
Friendly, interested, listens, and is knowledgeable. Responds to messages. I trust her.
Nope. Utterly incurious about my situation. Seemed to have an agenda and very narrow framework from which he works. Recommend looking elsewhere.
He is a great listener and I have much faith in his knowledge and decision-making.
She spent less than 5 minutes in the room with me, then prescribed 3 different medications... none of which my insurance covered. The office gave me coupons for the medication, which brought the cost down to $100. However, when I went to refill the prescriptions a month later, the coupons had expired and it would cost me over $1,500 to fill them. Why would you prescribe such expensive medications that you know aren't covered by a patient's insurance????
We have gone to Dr. ZANOLLI for about 12 years. He has helped my husband with a recurring skin condition on his hand. We trust him completely with our skin care. He knows the dangerous moles and those that are not. He is the best we have ever been to!
Was indeed one of the best dr's in my lifetime of being seen by any dr. Amazing for treating me for, my high risk , childbirth!! Loved this dr.
Dr Zak was very friendly; however their billing practices leave much to be desired. She looked at a "mole" on my leg and said there was nothing to worry about. Total time with Dr Zak = 5 minutes or less. Bill = $156. Ouch. Imagine if she had actually done something.
An okay doctor but she is very aloof and not very friendly.
She is very thorough and helped guide me in the right direction. Listens very well also. Takes her time an explains benefits and drawbacks of medications.
No. I don't believe she a good doctor. Family members go see her and never get better, nor does she have tests done even thru others to ascertain health ailments or medical problem. I believe her and her staff is only about booking appointments for money. It's about the money with them..
He did not diagnose my colon ailment and did not seem to listen or care about my symptoms I was describing to him. He kept asking me to come back a week later each time with no answer. I became sicker and sicker. I finally went to a local emergency room who diagnosed me within 10 mins and immediately hospitalized me where I received proper treatment. When I called his office to tell him, he and his staff were highly defensive. If I had not gone to the ER, I would have died from my ailment.
always interested in what you have to say. great diagnostician, He and staff lean over backwards to put you at ease like you are one of the family. Really intelligent Doc.
I find Dr. Waterhouse to be genuinely interested in her patients well being.
I feel that Dr. Wright is a highly competent professional in his area of expertise. He took the time to really listen and ask pertinent questions. I am extremely happy with my outcome. I would highly recommend this wonderful doctor to my friends and family.
Dr. Snow was very thorough. He made sure I understood the function of my thyroid and discussed tests and treatment options.
He made up his mind early in the process about what was causing my issues: longterm effects from food poisoning. Yet, I never had food poisoning.
Dr. Wile is very thorough and I like her personaliy, very knowledgable, easy to talk to and ask questions. I have never had any problems with her staff.
He is such as a Great Doctor!! He's very professional !!
Compassionate, competent, and very good listener. I really appreciated that she listened to my concerns and come up with treatment options that I was comfortable with. Highly recommend!
I really appreciate his careful manner, his conservative approach, and his thoughtful analysis each time I've sought treatment from him.
Strongly focused on medication as opposed to behavioral interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy.
I have been seeing Tiffany for almost 6 years in order to manage my type II Diabetes, and have found her to be kind, caring, and intelligent. She has made many wonderful suggestions and recommendations that have helped me maintain my health! I recommend her highly!
Kristen Stirling is the best. I was there for a couple of skin rashes, plus she noticed a third skin concern even before I mentioned it. In addition, she noticed a suspect mole on my back and removed it. She works so hard, she's the very nicest individual, and I can tell she genuinely cares about her patients, and our health and well-being. I like how she takes a preventative care approach whenever possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone and I feel so lucky she's my dermatologist.
This doctor was highly praised by our PCP. Basically, Dr. Wierum wanted to remove my husbands thyroid and nodules every single time he went in. The Dr. never informed us about a genetic test, never did labs, never offered a wait and watch approach, and was too aggressive. New doctor (Neely) said this dr.'s approach was very aggressive. Long story short, the nodules size went back to normal and my husband still has his thyroid. Get a second opinion.
Profession, competent, caring and efficient.
I have suffered from a Skin Condition for many Years, Dr Zanolli has been my doctor for several Years and I he has been very proactive in offering me the latest alternatives to treat my condition , not to mention his staff are very humane and caring to his patients .
Too insulated from her staff, can never talk with her even when the need is necessary and important. Tried to schedule a physical in November - the first one available was March. Took it and found it had not been scheduled. Tried to see if they would accommodate me since it was their error - the answer was NO!
He talks down to people and treats them like they aren't having the problems they are having. It is all about money to him. His staff especially Jackie is terrible. She should be terminated with how his patients are treated by her. She does not listen or care or pass on to him what his patients say. She acts like she is the trained Doctor. She isn't even a nurse. Kim his other staff person is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about her. One good person in the bunch!
Dr. Waterhouse is caring, understanding and a very wise doctor. She has helped me get my children on a path that is right for them with medication. She is very understanding and compassionate and extremely easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.
Very helpful. This is my first adult doctor. Since I am only 21, I was a little nervous about doing everything on my own. She made it all very easy and made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I could really talk to her about everything that was going on. I would definitely recommend her.
Extremely knowledgeable and helpful in explaining your condition. He & his NP's explain on your level and encourages way to improve your condition not just with medicines. I trust his expertise 100%! All of his staff is very considerate and helpful!
I've been a patient over 15 years and highly recommend him.
Dr. Zak has been a pleasant, consistent surprise to us (vs. many competent dermatologists with distant/inscrutable styles/communications)! Totally accessible, friendly, patient, superb communicator. Her patients are indeed fortunate!
She is very thorough and honest about procedures.
Dr. Smithson has been very caring and supportive during my recent medical complications.
Dr. Martin is fantastic! I had an IUD that needed replaced and went to at least 3-4 different obgyn's that told me they could not take mine out without surgery (which was going to cost me a pretty penny). Dr. Martin insisted he has never had an issue taking one out, and although I didn't think he could, I let him try. He took it out in literally 10 seconds. Aside from that, he listens well and I have never felt rushed out of his office. I'll never go anywhere else.
Excellent physician! She is thorough, attentive, and not rushed. Very professional and personable.
Dr. Mowery is a fine doctor, I've been going to him for over 10 years for yearly checkups. His staff has always been very professional.
Dr. Mukundan has always been prompt, professional, and courteous. He takes care of all 3 of our children and has successfully performed procedures, routine checkups, and sick visits on all of them over the last 6 years. His staff has been just as wonderful and we recommend them without hesitation.
Wouldn't even leave a star if I didn't have to. Worst doctor in all of Nashville,TN. I hope he looses his medical license. We just couldn't see eye to eye.
He is fantastic. Nothing else to say. Best Doctor I have ever had.
Dr Lewis has a warm and caring personality. He never appears rushed. He is easy to communicate with and I feel comfortable sharing info and asking questions. He has been my primary care doc for about 4 years. He responds quickly through Follow My Health. Highly recommended.
Dr Lewis is an excellent doctor. He always takes time to explain everything and to answer any questions. Highly recommend.
The year prior, I went to see Dr. Martin to establish care with a PCP after moving to Nashville. Dr. Martin hardly looked at me during our 5 minute meeting for my annual exam and I left feeling unheard, disregarded, and as if she couldn't wait to get me out of her office. Her bedside manner was terrible but even worse was her lack of thoroughness. I did not leave feeling confident that I had received a proper annual exam. I switched PCPs this year and I'm very happy with my new doctor.
Dr Kerr is excellent in so many ways...she is extremely skilled (surgery) and professional. Our entire family (grown children) goes to Dr Kerr and will continue as long as she is available!! Her office staff is friendly, helpful & knowledgable.
I really liked Dr Mowery , he has been the Best Dr I have seen in Tennessee ! He took a lot of time with me , answered all my questions , staff was excellent also !Didn't have to wait long took me right in ! I Highly Recommend Dr Mowery , he made me very comfortable and showed that he cared very much about many concerns I had. He was Great !!!
We love Dr Mcginley! He treats our whole grandkids my husband &I as well as the in-laws. I tell everyone about him. He goes above & Beyond to get you the proper care and treatment He respects your time and gets you in and out but also takes as much time with you as needed
Dr. McGinley has been with our daughter since she was born and he has been incredible. So warm, friendly and encouraging!! Highly recommended :)
Dr. Rodney Lewis has a wonderful bedside manner, meaning a good listener. I should know, having had the good fortune of traveling the world. Dr. Lewis has been my Primary Care Doctor since May 2016 and takes meaningful care of my health. I am 80 years young !
Very interested in you as a person and informative about your health
Dr. Meadors is the best of the best. She genuinely cares for her patients. I have been with Dr. Meadors for about 7 years now and currently pregnant with my second child. Her staff is also amazing! You wouldn't be able to find a better doctor! I recommend Dr. Meadors to all of my female friends.
Great doc. Personable easy to talk to. Very thorough.
Listens exceptionally well and asks probing questions. Very personable.
I will not be recommending Dr. Klinsky - not because of him- but rather the difficult and rude staff he has employed in his office. I have never been treated so rudely at a Drs office before. I would rather take time to find another pediatrician than to continue to deal with rude people at a practice of all places.
Words can not express what an amazing doctor Dr. Martin is. I switched to his practice at 24 weeks during my first pregnancy and honestly consider it the best move I have ever made medically speaking. He is so encouraging and has a wonderful "bed-side manner". But even more than that, he is a partner during your pregnancy, supportive and available. When I told him I wanted to go for an unmedicated/non-intervention birth, he was all for it. He instils confidence and comfort with every visit.
Dr. Meadors delivered my first child. She was nothing but professional and very concerned about me and my unborn son. She kept me informed and was a telephone call away when I needed her. Both her and her nurse are superb. She made the right decisions in split seconds once my health and the health of my son was in jeopardy. I continued seeing her for my OBGYN needs and now 7 years later I am pregnant with my second child. I am of course staying with her. I love her and she is considered family!
Dr. Martin is the single best doctor I've ever had. His staff is incredibly kind, professional, and caring. Dr. Martin never rushed me and was always empathetic and compassionate. He has a great sense of humor but was still always professional. My entire pregnancy was made easier and better because of his care and expertise. I had horrendous PPD/A after I gave birth, and Dr. Martin and his team basically saved my life. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Martin and his team.
Dr. Meadors is a very knowledgeable Dr and very easy to talk to. He treats the whole body and mind. He has a genuine interest in all his patients health care. Very generous spirit as well. THE BEST IN THE SOUTHEAST!!! B Key
Dr. Martin is absolutely amazing. He has delivered both of my children and has the best personality. He is easy to talk I have never felt rushed. My first pregnancy he spent 1.5 hours with me going over any questions I had. I refer everyone I know to him that is looking for an OB-GYN. :)
Dr. Jones is kind courteous very thural a good listener and genuinely cares about his patients. I will definitely recommend him.
told I should give up on trying to have a baby bc he adopted and I only wanted to get pregnant so my child would 'look like me' (I was 32 at the time with no medical reason to avoid pregnancy) Only visited him bc my ob is in the same building. My ob was disgusted, horrified by his statements and apologized. Now mother to healthy baby boy PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHYSICIAN FOR THIS AND OTHER REASONS!
Extremely bad experience with Dr. Martin. He was unresponsive, inconsistent with his answers and unwilling to provide the minimal level of care to myself and my baby. He has made such an important and joyous time a complete nightmare. I would not recommmend him.
Dr. Kerr is very precise& she wont refer to anyone she wouldnt go to herself! I had a stroke& she referred me for eye surgery. I was very nervous but awesome results by dr. Kelly everman& his staff retained eyesight-great anesthesiologist Max!
He is very personable and thorough.
The sweetest and most caring OB in the area!! Very responsive to any concerns and Dr. Martin has a wonderful attitude towards life. Highly recommend.
I love Dr. Kerr, she goes above and beyond to help you. She truly cares about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good doctor.
Dr. Lewis is by far the most thorough and caring doctor I have ever had. Because of his attention to detail, a malignant tumor was discovered on my kidney. I had surgery and have been cancer free since. I am convinced that Dr. Lewis' concern and professionalism saved my life. He is proactive, caring, and forthright - all qualities I want in my doctor.
Dr Meadors is the kind of doctor everyone wants to have. He's kind, personable, and relatable. He listens and gives recommendations based on his expertise and what he feels like you, as a patient, and as a person, needs. His staff is equally as wonderful. I've never had a negative experience at his office.
This man is VERY unprofessional. I would not recommend him to anyone. He should not be a doctor.
Dr. Meyer is compassionate, respectful, and technically very proficient. He has truly cared for me over a period in which I had multiple physical problems. I felt like he was on my team. I trust his ability to narrow down diagnoses despite "messy" symptoms, and also trust his recommended treatment. He responds to emails regarding conditions or health issues quickly, and even responded when I was out of the country. I would recommend him to anyone.
I receive info reference over a fax that was lab results. I thought the operator was faxing a letter referencing the result. I had to go back to see my primary care doctor but instead I saw a NP and she saw all of the other doctors that I had seen results but not this doctor. The NP told me to call her back to see if they can send the results to my primary care doctor. I even stressed to this doctor office staff my disappointment of not receiving a letter.
Dr. Mire is by far the most personable doctor I have ever had. He takes the time to understand not just your medical chart, but asks detailed questions to understand more about how you live. He was referred to me by a dear nurse friend of mine and it took me over a year to get him as my primary care physician. It was well worth the wait. I would recommend this man to anyone - he is phenomenal.
I've been seeing Dr. Ledford for a few years now. It has been many years since I felt treated like a patient and not a number by many practices, Dr. Ledford and his staff are above and beyond in making a patient feel he/she is in good hands. He has managed keep me on track in several ways and always communicates directly when needed. Proffesionalism, compassion, emapthy and respect are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Dr. Ledford and his staff. A true Patient advocate!
I can easily recommend Dr. Meadors to anyone looking for a personable, involved, and straight-forward rheumatologist. He takes time to talk with - and listen to - patients, which is often not the case with too many physicians. In addition, his staff is just wonderful! Really like all the people that I interact with at the office, from the reception office, to his nurse, and the 'check-out' ladies. Now, if he just had a satellite office in Hermitage, life would be grand!! LOL
I waited for 45 minutes in the examining room to see Dr. Mowery. At one point he walked past the door, looked at me, and walked off. I left without ever seeing him. No one from the office even followed up to ask me why I left.
Such a patient and understanding doctor! Not only is he very knowledgeable but he easily translates his knowledge to patients! The best IMHO!
Dr. McGinley has been my primary care physician for over 30 years. He has been involved in treating me for several life threatening diseases and accidents. His professionalism and personal attention to his patients is unmatched. I can honestly state that I would not be alive today without his medical attention and expertise.
Dr. Lewis has been my Primary Care Internist for the past 7 years. During that time I have seen him many times during routine exams and for acute symptoms. He is extremely knowledgeable and instills confidence that I am getting the best possible care. He has referred me to other specialties on at least 5 occasions, the latest of which was as a result of finding a serious condition by studying my routine test results over time. I am happy that Dr. Lewis is my doctor!
Dr. Martin and his staff is wonderful ! Very friendly staff. Dr. Martin is an excellent Doctor . I highly recommend him.
I had my first visit with Dr. Martin yesterday. It was just a routine exam and I don't think any woman is ever excited about those, but he was extremely personable and made the entire experience comfortable and as pleasant as possible. The staff and his nurse were all very nice and professional and he also had a pre-med student shadowing which I thought was great of him. (nurse told me in advance and made clear it was my choice if she could be present for my exam)
Dr. Martin genuinely cares about patients from a holistic perspective; he always asks me what's going on in my life and not just what is going on with my body. I also appreciate that he listens to me when I'm describing a problem or asking questions. He is non-judgmental and an all-around good person!
Dr. James D Jones has been my Doctor since 1989. He makes me feel like I am his only patient. He takes time talking with me and asking questions about my over all health. He truly cares about me and my family. If I need to see someone for another medical problem, he is great to refer me to someone who will take great care of me. I have been diabetic for many years and I feel he has given me great direction on how to keep my health in check. I love and have great respect for Dr. Jones.
Dr. Meadors has given me excellent care, with both routine gynecology and prenatal. She takes the time to listen and address my concerns, no matter how minor, and is very personable and engaging. The nurses and office staff are also outstanding.
So grateful to have found Dr. Meadors! Kind and compassionate doctor with a great staff as well. Never rushes through appointments, always asks questions and gives you time to asks questions as well.
Dr. Mire takes time to listen, really listen to me. He is compassionate and effective. After I left a physician who had unsuccessfully treated my high blood pressure for two years and saw Dr. Mire, he changed my medication and my blood pressure was quickly normalized. When I later did not respond to treatment for constipation, he prompted referred me to a gastroenterologist who detected the ovarian cancer and referred me to the oncologist who is the reason I'm alive today.
Dr Dan is a consummate professional! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to all that need a proper, knowledgeable, and compassionate Doctor. He is a major credit to the medical community and is wise beyond his years! I'm truly blessed to have him as my PCP! Mark Allison
From the moment Dr. McGinley begins you know that he's brilliant and his only objective is to help you get better. I could not have had a better experience.
Dr. Martin is one of the best doctors I've ever seen. He is very knowledgable and extremely charismatic. His staff is also fantastic and quick to respond. He truly cares about each of his patients and the care/treatment they receive.
Dr. Lewis is one of the most compassionate, evidence-based, relatable & accessible physicians I have ever met. I am in healthcare strategy for a competing healthsystem (we met during his residency), and I sought his care for myself and my husband when he established his practice. He is trained in both surgery & medicine, which gives him a unique & rare perspective as an internist. He does not rush, incorporates your family life, stress level & stage of life in a holistic partnership of care.
I have never had a doctor be more thorough. She was very professional but at the same time she was cordial and left me feeling that I was in good hands! My second appointment is today and I am feeling better with the one visit that I have had so far.
Dr. Lee is the best dermatologist that I have ever seen. Her interaction to her patient is an exceptional. Her diagnostic methods make you to feel very positive that she will find your ailment exactly and providing you the best treatment for that. It is very comfortable when she took your detailed patient history with the past medical records. After I left her office, I felt that she would find for me undiscovered syndrome that I have in the past and she will enhance my lifestyle.
Dr. Klinsky has cared for my two children since they were toddlers. Now they are in college - and we still visit him. They trust him; I trust him. I have grateful for almost two decades of excellent care from Dr. Klinsky. He always takes the extra time to be sure we are well cared for!
Honestly, he was amazing and completely put my heart at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. My experience, even though the biopsy was horrible, not his fault, he was still calming and tender with me, which every woman wants.
Dr. Mallard was my pediatrician growing up and I'm now at the age to have children of my own. There is no one I'd rather have. He always made me feel comfortable & gave me a good foundation to build mutually beneficial relationships with my future doctors. My brother would have died from a respiratory illness if not for Dr. Mallard.
Very friendly, professional and efficient.
From the moment I called to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin I knew I was making the right choice. The staff is very accommodating, patient and helpful with scheduling and once you go into the office. I have never felt more safe, comfortable and at home in a doctor's office. Dr. Martin took the time to get to know me and discuss all of my history and problems I was having. He explained everything so that I would understand and put me at ease. By the time I left, I felt like family.
We have been Patient's of Dr Klinsky's for 14 years and we think he and his staff are great. The other Dr's in the group are equally caring and helpful. Dr Klinsky takes the time with each patient, listens to me but more importantly-he engages my son during his visit.
Dr. Meador is such a sweet lovely OBGYN i know. and the whole crew at the clinic was so accomodating too. love her and the nurses.
Excellent-Dr. Kerr is a true physician-very efficient and detailed plus very friendly
Dr. Mukundan has gone above and beyond for our family year after year. I trust him completely with the care of our children. He saved one of my kids by property directing me over the phone to go to the emergency room, where he met up with us. During the subsequent hospital stay, he was in constant contact. He diagnosed a very rare infection that quickly reversed with his prescribed treatment. I recommend him to everyone. He is a superb physician.
He is one of the best doctors a child could have. He is great with kids and explaining to parents how to help take excellent care of their child. I have recommended him to several family and friends.

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Dermatology - Franklin Office
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Dermatology - Franklin Office
1909 Mallory Ln Ste 300
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Opthamology - Nashville Office
(615) 916-3847
Opthamology - Nashville Office
2010 Church St Ste 409
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Opthamology - Nashville Office
(615) 284-5988
Opthamology - Nashville Office
2010 Church St Ste 608
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
(615) 916-3832
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N # 602
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
(615) 324-2150
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Fl 1
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
(615) 324-2149
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Fl 2
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Gastroenterology - Nashville Office
(615) 324-2156
Gastroenterology - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Fl 3
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Allergy - Nashville Office
(615) 324-2140
Allergy - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Ste 100
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Behavioral Medicine - Nashville Office
(615) 324-1210
Behavioral Medicine - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Ste 404
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
(615) 425-5294
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Ste 502
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
Dermatology - Nashville Office
(615) 324-1205
Dermatology - Nashville Office
222 22nd Ave N Ste 504
TN, Nashville, TN, 37203
OB/GYN - Heritage Women's Center
(615) 564-2964
OB/GYN - Heritage Women's Center
222 22nd Ave N Ste 600
TN, Nashville, TN, 37215
Heritage Medical Associates
(615) 284-2260
Heritage Medical Associates
2325 Crestmoor Rd
TN, Nashville, TN, 37212
Primary Care-Adult, Medicine & Pediatrics - Franklin Office
(615) 224-1965
Primary Care-Adult, Medicine & Pediatrics - Franklin Office
2339 21st Ave S
TN, Franklin, TN, 37069
Heritage Medical Associates - Grassland Office
(615) 224-1972
Heritage Medical Associates - Grassland Office
2339 Hillsboro Rd
TN, Nashville, TN, 37205
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine, MDVIP
(615) 222-2864
Primary Care-Adult, Internal Medicine, MDVIP
4220 Harding Pike # 605E
TN, Nashville, TN, 37205
Dermatology - Nashville Office
(615) 222-3442
Dermatology - Nashville Office
4230 Harding Pike # 603E
TN, Nashville, TN, 37205
Rheumatology/Arthritis - Nashville Office
(615) 277-8885
Rheumatology/Arthritis - Nashville Office
4230 Harding Road, Plaza East
TN, Nashville, TN, 37221
Primary Care-Adult, Family Medicine - Nashville Office
(615) 646-8696
Primary Care-Adult, Family Medicine - Nashville Office
7640 Highway 70 S Ste 110