Excellent Physician, he helped me a lot with my thyroid problem. He and his team are experts on Diabetes and Endocrinology. During my visits, he took the time to explain me about y condition and treatment. They also have a membership plan for their health service so you access to their services as on reduced prices including laboratory. Convenient location at East Memphis.
I haven't seen the doctor always the nurse practitioner & the wait time is long.
I was suffering for years with a severely deviated septum, it was extremely difficult to get the air I needed through my nose, it got so bad that I was out of breath all the time, he did a scan and discovered that the septum was obstructing the airflow to the sinus, He recommended a septoplasty which fixed the blocked airway, I was very happy with the way it turned out.
Words can not describe how thankful my family is for Dr. Wheless. We drove 7 hours to see him. After my 12 year old had a completely normal life, had her first seizure then later was diagnosed with epilepsy, our world got turned upside down. He was so compassionate and caring. Not only that he was hope, at that point an ounce of hope was all we wanted. He gave us that and so much more. He truly is a great Dr. I did my research, he's who I trust my child with.
I feel like he gave up easily on figuring out the cause of my vertigo. I still have it and have taken my business up north.
Truly cares about his patients and their families.
not much communication to patients and person you have appointments with are changed quite often.
Dr. Wheless is not only a great neurologist but also one my forever heroes. He has saved my sons life numerous times. He is thorough and very personable. My son always gets a high five, a fist pump or acts silly somehow with the doctor which calms alot of my childs anxiety. It is a HUGE blessing to have had him come to Lebonheur when my son was so young as we together fought chronic seizures due to tuberous sclerosis. Constant seizure monitoring and 4 brain surgeries later my son is doing great!

Wound Repair
Ear Surgery
Ear Tube Placement
Ent Surgery
Head And Neck Surgery
Intranasal Or Sinus Procedure
Laryngoscopy - Laryngotomy - Laryngectomy - Pharyngolaryngectomy - Pharyngectomy
Laryngoscopy And Laryngotomy
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Thyroidectomy Or Thyroid Lobectomy
Tracheal Surgery
Vestibule And Floor Of Mouth, Excision Or Destruction
Ablation Or Excision Of Nasal Turbinates
Antrostomy And Antrotomy (Sinus Surgery)
Bone Marrow Biopsy
Cervical Lymph Node Dissection
Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Diabetes Counseling
Diagnostic Nasal And-Or Sinus Endoscopy
Eeg (Electroencephalogram)
Electroconvulsive Therapy (Ect)
Ethmoidectomy (Sinus Surgery)
Excision Of Parotid, Sublingual, Or Submandibular Gland
Lip, Excision Or Resection
Nasal Septum Surgery (Septoplasty)
Non-Cosmetic Chemodenervation
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
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