My husband and I have seen Dr. Wooten for the past few years. He is an excellent doctor and takes the time to ensure that you understand the procedure or the diagnosis. I would highly recommend him to everyone who are having issues with your stomach or liver.
I have been a patient of Dr.D for MANY yrs. Now & have found him, his staff and his practice to professional, friendly, warm & thorough. My problems have required careful follow up with lab & patient education. Dr. D. HAS DONE JUST THAT.His OFFICE IS Staff is effecient & friendly. Dr.D calls personally to discuss lab results & findings so he can answer any questions.He does a detailed physical exam with HANDS ON THOROUGHNESS PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION TO DETAIL !!!
Dr. Akbar takes time to explain things, which is great. However, he does not listen to my questions and concerns. I told him of my symptoms, and he was not concerned in the least. A second opinion from another physician in the group was completely different and I received an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan.
He takes time to explains conditions very well. He and his nurse have alway made me fell welcome. They helped when I had problems paying for medication. Great Dr. and staff.
No help. Had high hopes but no help
Dr. Dragutsky is the best doctor I have ever been to. He is kind and trustworthy and I highly recommend him.
Dr. Dragutsky is a good doctor with a great reputation in Memphis but I can not leave a 5 start review because his nurse (Shauntelle?) is absolutely terrible. She comes across as unknowledgeable and unhelpful. It would be better for her to pass messages directly to the doctor and interact less with patients.
Dr. Wooten is one of my favorite doctors. My daughter, husband and I both are his patients. She was ill for so long and he knew what was wrong and went to bat for her when other doctors disagreed with him. He is pleasant, upstanding doctor who you can trust with your health.
Dr. Sloas was one of my consulting physician's when I was hospitalized a few years ago. I appreciated the interest he took in my case, the great lengths he went to to find a diagnosis and his wonderful bed-side manner. I recommend him to all my friends.
I have worked in healthcare for decades. As a patient of Dr Harris I was very impressed with his compassionate professionalism. Scheduling of appointments, procedures and insurance issues were all handled with ease. Office run smoothly not hurried. Special thanks to Alesa for expertise with insurance. I highly recommend Dr Harris
Excellent physician. I will recommend her to everyone looking for a gastroenterologist.
Dr Narra is an excellent physician. She takes care of the whole patient. I love that she takes time to answer questions and I never felt rushed. I feel she is an excellent endoscopist.
I don't know where those other reviews came from, Dr. Alias is the best. He diagnosed my prostate cancer and called me every day to bug me to get a biopsy. I've sent several people to him. The low rating is just wrong.
She is very rude and starting talking to my other doctors about me personally. Very unprofessional. I asked her after my CT with contrast why am I hurting so bad and all she would do is shrug her shoulders and say it could possibly be my Crohn's. The next day I went to my PCP where they found not one but two cyst on my ovaries. Why didn't this DR. Narra not see this??
I was told about Dr. Dragutsky from a pharmacist I work with and I gladly drive 2 hours to see him. He is very thorough and seems very concerned. He is a great Dr. and does all he can to help. I am very thankful he is my Dr.
I found Dr. Nara to be an excellent physician. She is easy to talk to and I really feel like she listens to me. I had an endoscopy done by her and she was very attentive and comforting before and after the actual procedure. I found her to be well educated and knowledgeable regarding gastrointestinal issues and would highly recommend her.
He is thorough and seem to really care about his patients.
Dr. Harris is very kind and approachable. He listens to problems and concerns. He explains things to us in a way that a layman can understand. He is familiar with your history and pays careful attention to details of previous visits and progress. He carefully and thoroughly explains his evaluation of your progress and his recommendations for future treatment, We would highly recommend Dr. Harris to anyone in need of a gastro doctor.
I was really impressed with Dr. Griffith. He was very kind and professional. He really knows his stuff. I had a list of symptoms prepared and handed it to him to try to save time. He handed it back and said, no, go ahead and tell me what is going on. We have plenty of time. And he listened, and came up with a good treatment plan. Highly recommend.
He patiently listens to everything I have to say. He answers all my questions in a way that I understand. He explains his reasoning for each action, prescription, etc. He takes into consideration what my primary care physician has to say. He is friendly and easy to talk to.

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