I love Dr. Chapman but I dislike her staff which is a direct reflection on her. The office staff are rude and have zero compassion and offer no apologies. As soon as possible we will be changing doctors.
The desk staff are always rude and unapologetic for their curt interactions personally and via phone calls. I have seen them literally roll their eyes when I've brought my debilitated mother in for her appointments. They show no signs of compassion which makes me wonder why they have chosen the Healthcare profession. They have no business working in a Physician's office if they are unconcerned and indifferent to their patients and patient family members. The lack of professionalism is appalling!
Dr Chapman is not a healer, she's a business woman. She wants $50 from you every time one of her staff fills out a form for insurance or anything. She's personable enough, but her 1st priority is profit.
I am an established patient with Dr. Chapman. I had a flare up during the summer months. I requested to see Dr. Chapman and was told that she will not return until the middle of August. I stated that that was three weeks from now. The receptionist said that I was correct. I requested the phone number of the physician that she is referring patients to while on vacation. The receptionist said that Dr. Chatman does not have a physician covering her cases while out of town. Amazing!
Her idea of treatment was best. I'm doing so much more better now.
She listens and Understands. I trust her 100%
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