After spraining my ankle I told him that I thought I had an infection. I could not move my toes or ankle even a little. I have sprained my ankle many times before, I knew something was very wrong. 5 too 6 months later after leaving him because he would not listen. I lost my foot. I had an infection in my ankle. I am in pain everyday because of this. He ruined my life at age 52. Doctors won't give me enough pain meds to deal with the pain of wearing my prosthetic. I am in a wheelchair now.
I really don't care for him, I feel like He doesn't listen that good to what i have to say.

TN, Knoxville, TN, 37916
Ashok Bhandari MD
(865) 549-4900
Ashok Bhandari MD
1819 W Clinch Ave Ste 213