The best phychiatrist I've worked with. I came to Dr. Patel struggling with anxiety, depression and a complete inability to perform my career duties: conditions that I had dealt with in my early adulthood and resurfaced due to major life changes and stressors. Dr. Patel took the time to get to know my background, helping me gain insight into underlying issues that I had not dealt with. He found a solution for treatment to get me back to where I am now able to handle my life and have hope again.
I would NEVER recommend a friend to this quak He does not listen and mumbles when he speaks My previous psychiatrist stopped working he refused to refill meds and just told me to go to the ER?
I came to Dr. Patel two years ago very depressed after losing my husband to suicide. Dr. Patel was very patient with me and thorough in evaluating my present medications as they were not working any longer to manage my depression. After a short period, he found the right solution for me and prescribed an additional antidepressant that changed my life around for the better and I have been so much better ever since then.
Dr. Patel is a caring physician with an excellent manner in patient care. He makes me feel at ease when seeing him and discussing issues in my day to day life I seek advice with. I wish I had found him sooner, he has helped me feel happiness in life. My depression has become happiness since seeking his care and advice. I recommend him to anyone struggling with any emotional issues.
Dr Patel has patiently worked with me for 3 years and I would recommend him to anyone. He listens. He follows through. He takes the time to allow you to fell heard. He is respectful and remembers details from appointments I maven have had 18 months ago. I am thankful everyday to have found the right Rx mix and counseling and I'm happier than I've ever been.
The past three times he has messed up my medication. Causing delays in the pharmacy processing the claim and in turn, delays in my receiving my medication. Even when I call his assistant to ask him to contact the pharmacy to correct his error along with the pharmacy reaching out, it still takes multiple days. He has also been filing the claim as a long visit when I am in his office for less than 20 minutes. His assistants have also been rude and inconsistent in returning my phone calls.
Dr Patel comes across as condescending and dismissive of your situation. The second time I saw him, he insulted me outright. I am all for doctors being blunt; I prefer it in fact. This however, crossed the line from blunt to mean. My belief is that a psychiatrist should help you and give you hope, not leave you feeling worse than when you went in. Even my therapist was shocked and appalled at his treatment of me. Apparently he's done this before. Can't recommend him at all.
The doctor is a good listner, he does not offer suggestions in order to improve my condition! I suggested that I be referred to a psychotherapist no response from him.
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