I am 2.5 weeks post op for rotator cuff and bicep surgury. After being advised of countless horror stories from other people's experiences, I had expected the absolute worst. Judging from my experience I have concluded that Dr Nord is either an extremely exceptional surgical physician, in a class of his own, or, of the no less than 25 people who shared their accounts, none had any threshold for discomfort whatsoever. Tho not a pleasant procedure, I could not be more pleased with Dr Nords care
He did hip surgery on me in September 2015. I got infection had it before I ever left the hospital 2 nurses were concerned that he was letting me leave hospital with so much drainage. Ended up having 2 no surgery plus staying in nursing 2 1/2 months. Would not ever go to this Dr again, also home health nurse told me 2 of his patients on her route got infection. He does not want to admit when someone has infection he let me suffer from September 23 to December 5th
My first visit with Dr. Masterson was about 10 minute He said I had bursitis, nurse gave me a shot in shoulder . So I did 6 visits to the physical therapy and was not any better. Called for an appointment and saw Valarie his nurse who basically saw me for another 10 minutes.Basically Masterson gave me the wrong diagnoses so I was in pain another 2 wks. Masterson is suppose to operate on me and I have seen him 1 time.MASTERSON GAVE ME THE WRONG DIAGNOSES AND I AM SCARED TO HAVE HIM OPERATE ON ME.
Dr. Sweo is a very capable and compassionate bone doctor. I had problems with both of my knees and he followed progressive treatment over the course of about a year which finally led to double knee replacement. I have had no problems whatsoever postoperatively, was up and walking the day of surgery. It's been 6 months now and I am virtually pain free. Highly recommend Dr. Sweo and Jackson Regional.
Horrible. I had a MRI done due to extreme pain in my hip. MRI showed stress fracture. Dr. Huff said he couldn't see fracture. Said it was my back and wanted to do back surgery. Bone finally broke and I had emergency hip replacement. Had a wonderful young doctor who did a great job. I will NEVER go to Dr.Huff again nor would I recommend him to anyone.

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