Dr. Donovan is very knowledgeable and explains diagnosis so the patient understands. He has always spent time discussing questions I may have. I highly recommend him. The wait is worth it.
She and I are working together to determine what medications may work. I have taken multiple medications for depression without success. We are trying different approaches and I believe she does listen to her patients.
Takes his time - once he finally gets to you! - listens and goes beyond what is expected. Very good doctor, has helped me a lot. When I have an emergency always gets me in if staff gives him the message. That's the one thing I don't like. A couple of the staff are very good and friendly. The others are smart-mouthed and always want to argue with you about something.
She has her own agenda and regardless of your medical past, she believes she knows best. Doesn't listen to her patients and nor does she care about their health. Another doctor that strings you along for a paycheck.
Dr Donovan is very thorough and and takes plenty of time with you. He is very personable and likable.
I have a difficult case in which I have both bipolar disease and Parkinson disease. The medications for these two do not mix well. Before seeing Dr. Donovan my doctors that I had tried to outdo each other and didn't communicate well. I ended up overdosed and became psychotic. Dr. Donovan has degrees that cover both these illnesses so is able to mesh things well. Since starting to see Dr. Donovan, I take much less medication and have greatly improved in both areas. He never rushes.
He listens to you and keeps trying to find out what is wrong with you.
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