Great ent specialist and surgeon too.
He is absolutely wonderful!
When i first became acquainted with him, i thought the same as the other reviews. As time passed, i had a different opinion. He nor his staff were attentive. At the second appointment, i waited at least 2 hours on him. When i mentioned it, he never said a word. He made an error on a biopsy and kept missing the target. He is a very nice man but my trust is waivering tremendously. Mainly, i wouldnt get callbacks from him or staff. Scheduling tests took a long time.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Fowler. His demeanor is excellent and he's very attentive. He answers all questions without rushing the patient out of the room. This is my first visit with Dr. Fowler and I am impressed.
During my first visit with Dr. Fowler I knew he was one of the few doctors that actually cares about his patients . listened to all I had to say about the problems I was having when it came time for his diagnosis he spoke to were I knew what was going on and what procedures needed to come next to get to the root of the problem . I did have to have surgery and his surgery time was very prompt the time he gave to start and end and the calls to family during and after surgery GREAT DOCTOR!
I went in to see Dr. Mynatt for an issue i was having with my throat. The nurse before the doctor saw me didn't ask me if i wanted him to use the scope she simply went on with prepping me for it. After not being asked if i wanted this procedure or informed on the cost i was sent a $250 bill in the mail unexpectedly. Apart from that Dr. Mynatt was very short with me. He didn't spend lots of time with me and was not personable AT ALL. HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOOKING ELSEWHERE FOR AN ENT DOCTOR!
I really enjoyed the care which I received from Dr. Liening! He and his staff were very competent and compassionate. My 86 year old mother also was wonderfully cared for by them.
Waited a long time in the waiting room. Had asked the front step if he was running behind and they said no. We were finally seen 1hr 20 minutes after our appointment time. He answered the questions very well and seem to know what he was talking about. So if you have time, he's a good person to see. But I really hate long wait times, especially after I asked the staff
Dr. Fowler impressed me by several characteristics that he embodies, the first is that I felt as though he really cared about giving me the best care possible, he's compassionate and where other ENT's had failed to treat the problem of my decades of sinus infections he immediately found a deviated septum, restricted nasal passages and a mass of tissue behind the left eye socket. With his surgical skills he treated the problem so hopefully it will lessen the symptoms going forward.
He's a serious doctor. Don't try to tell him what he already knows. Who's the expert? His bedside can be a little cold sometimes, but his hand is steady, his experience is second to none and he'll get you in and out of surgery quickly. He cut on the back of my throat and I had minimal bleeding, better than expected recovery, and he'll hook you up with enough pain meds to get you through the tough time. What more do you want with a surgeon? He's not there to be your therapist. Top notch doc.
Excellent physician and surgeon.
I wasn't really impressed. Too many docs today get so huge and their practice expands so much that you just feel like a number. That's how I felt. The staff was okay. Can't get an appointment with a doctor for 2 months. I decided to go to an ENT in Nashville with a smaller practice, better bedside manner, and who performs a "Tissue Welding" procedure for tonsillectomies. Virtually pain free and much faster recovery than the method Dr. St Charles was going to do. In a pinch, he'll do.
I was first consulted with Dr Hunt in 2011 with a very deceptive melanoma. He was not deterred and proceeded to cover the bases with sentinel biopsy procedure. Again this year treated me again for another melanoma, completed a modified neck dissection and now I am cancer free. ENTs typically have longer wait times due to procedures. I have learned to be patient. A good Dr is worth the wait.
Spent no time with me. I waited 1/12 hours past my appointment time then the Dr stayed 5 minutes and out the door. Very unfriendly place. The Dr's nurse explained more then he did. The Dr showed no interest Won't go back
Best sweet compassionate ent doctor and surgeon in the world.
Went to him because he was recommended to me but he was useless. I was having frequent swelling in the back of my throat and he barely even listened to my theories about what could be wrong, and did not bother to suggest other causes of the issue, but jumped right to You need your tonsils out. Turns out the problem has been resolved and I did NOT need surgery. I'm glad I did not listen to him and I wish I could get back the money my insurance paid him. He didn't take me seriously at all.
Dr. Mynantt takes care of me for my thyroid and takes care of my son. He's an excellent doctor and surgeon. He cares about his patients and spends time with them during office visits. I have never been there when he just rushed in and left. Very caring doctor and I would recommend him to family and friends.Do ask the time
His staff is inapt, and never returns phone calls.
Was able to be seen the same day I had an urgent problem issue with my ears just before needng to fly. Short wait in the waiting room, was taken in, an evaluation was made, was treated with placement of a tube in the affected ear. Was advised about precautions that I needed to take while the issue resolved, but was grateful to be comfortable flying and subsequent recovery. Thanks!
Dr Liening took care of an ear issue I have had for years. Thanks doc!
Dr L has taken excellent care of my family!
Making my daughter feel comfortable about her visit. Taking his time and explained what was wrong and how it could be fixed. Very nice Dr. and I would recommend him to anyone that ask,

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