After having a second opinion, my chest pain was not what she stated it was. The second opinion specialist said the way she diagnoses things are old school and out of date.
Dr. Schaeffer is a very caring physician . My mother has been seeing her for 10+ years. I have been going to My mother's appointments for a few years now and have always been impressed with Dr. Schaeffer's professionalism and patience. She is a very knowledgeable Physician and I believe one of the best I have seen.
Dr. Miller provided laparoscopic hernia repair and lipoma removal in a courteous, professional manner. He did quality work and I had a very fast recovery. I was very pleased with the outpatient surgery.
I was experiencing symptoms of having gallstones. Dr. Miller was recommended to me from one of the emergency room doctors at Rapid City Regional. What should have been a routine laparoscopic cholecystectomy with previously documented ct scans and ultrasounds. It still ended up with me being taken to Mayo Clinic to repair what had been done to me. Which was a cut in the wrong bile duct. This is all with RCRH and RCMC admitting no fault and also that sometimes stuff happens.
I saw Dr. Miller for an emergency surgery. I was worried about complications following the procedure, but his staff failed to return my calls resulting in my seeing a different doctor.
I always feel like I am her only patient because she is so thorough and her openness. She makes sure I have all my screening ordered on time. I would definitely recommend Julie to everyone!
Dr Raymond was so compassionate and caring all during my treatment and surgery, always taking lots of time and explaining everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
After going to another Doctor in Rapid City that did not seem to spend time necessary to determine what was causing y foot issues I went to Dr. Skea. It was amazing how thorough he was in determining what I needed to do to correct my foot issues. He did a great job in diagnosing what needed to be done to my foot. Currently completing my recovering form foot surgery in which he did a great job.
Dr. Stephens was very nice and the staff was great.
No real guidance concerning time to take medicine. Had a really sore but for 2 & 1/2 weeks after. The help leads you into agreeing with their procedure concerning the outcome of the procedure, i.e. Explaination are made to your spouse while you are still under the influence of the drugs. Fast Track Service. Do not agree to it. and called their office, nurse said she would talk to Dr. and call back, I am still waiting???????????
Caring, considerate, thorough, very knowledgeable and always takes the time to listen and explain, in detail, your concerns or needs. Julie never rushes an appointment. Researches if she doesn't have an answer and will get back to you immediately. Staff is very pleasant.
She is kind, professional. Listens well. Works to accommodate her patients.
Dr McGuire is the best doctor in Rapid City that I have had the pleasure of meeting. He & his office/nursing staff sincerely care for you as if you were a member of their family. I'm thankful for all that he has done for me and I feel that he has gone above and beyond to get to the bottom of my GI problems.
Dr. Godbe is a great surgeon. He is to the point and a matter of fact doctor.
Dr. Troy Howard was my surgeon for a complete thyroidectomy in May 2017. Pre-op office visit & care as well as post-op care was extremely professional. Dr Howard explained my condition and the planned procedure/surgery very well, was easy to understand, and I acknowledged that I needed the surgery. The level of trust I felt from him made me very comfortable and at ease in his care. I would readily utilize Dr. Troy Howard for any future surgeries needed.
After a failed surgery, We saw Dr. Howard for a consult on my daughter (7) ear drums repair. He was successful on both surgeries and her hearing is not an issue anymore. Dr. Howard is a father himself and understands kids. Thank You for everything!
Dr. Fromm and his team are amazing. Everyone works so well together. I felt like they knew me and cared about me. All of my questions were answered and my concerns addressed. I felt like part of the team. I especially appreciated the way they coordinated my visits so I could see everyone I needed to see in one visit to the clinic, with no waiting. They have perfected the art of patient care.
Dr Howard is the man... changed my life for the better
I'm actually the wife of the patient. My advise: don't think you can find 'better' in Colorado or anywhere. I am so glad we went to Dr. Howard and I'll recommend him to all my family and friends that he will do the best job for you. I believe he truly cares about what he's doing and about his patients. We are so pleased with the results of surgery and his thoroughness (and my husband was a mess with impacted infection and more). In the future, if needed, we will return to Dr. Troy Howard.
Debby is an outstanding care giver, she always listens and takes her time. I've been seeing her for years.
Very kind and helpful. Staff was great and welcoming.
Best ENT doc in the region. We have had experience with all of them. Glad we finally have our ENT doc! -
My internist diagnosed my having an inguinal hernia in Sept 2015, and I decided to contact Dr Godbe for treatment options due to his experience and the fact that he is a board-certified MD. Dr Godbe confirmed the hernia diagnosis in Nov 2015 and I had corrective surgery in January 2016. Followup with Dr Godbe in early February was straightforward with no prolapse.
Dr. Linquist and her staff were very friendly and professional. They explained my eye condition and made sure I was comfortable with the treatment. I will definately be going back for future care.
Dr. Bessarabia is great. She makes you feel totally at ease and really listens to you.
Dr. Bochna is very kind and professional and provides great services.
Dr. Beshera is one of the friendliest doctors I have ever seen. She greeted me with a smile and a hand-shake. She was so gentle and kind. She answered all my questions before I could even ask them. What a great doctor, and I am so confident in her.
Personable and took his time. Got me follow up documents I needed quickly without issue.
Dr. Christiansen is an excellent clinician. Gets things done quickly, You can trust his judgement.
Dr.Beshara is kind and brilliant. I was a first time mother and I was very very afraid of delivery. When the time came it was painless, joyful, and dignified. I had a miscarriage before my son was born. When I told the receptionist that, they scheduled me for an eight week apppointment rather than making me wait 12 weeks. It was for my comfort. Dr. Marcia is incredibly kind and mindful of pain.
When I was first diagnosed with glaucoma, Dr. Bernard performed four laser procedures (over almost a year) to reduce my interocular pressures in both eyes. With her treatment and following her prescription for drops at night and early morning, my IO pressures have dropped from 30+ to the normal range of 13. She had a significant role in saving my sight, and with my recent diagnosis of cataracts I trust her completely and without reservation. As a fine art landscape photographer, I need my eyes!
My son had surgery by another doctor and was having problems. The other doctor was out of town and Dr Burgess got us right in saw us and took care of the problems. He's great.
Very professional - knowledgeable!
I rarely visit doctors, and this excepted case, I was able to meet with Dr. Christiansen. In these rare occasions I have found some of these medical professionals in a rush to get you in-and-out ASAP, and some seem disassociated with our reasons for being there. Dr. Christiansen is the rare exception of both a gentleman, and one who seems to actually care about his patient. He was caring, thorough, humorous at times, and simply made me feel like I was his patient and he cared about my being.
Dr. Bachwich is an outstanding doctor who truly cares about his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to all my relatives and friends. He takes the time to completely explain any medical issues you may have, and does follow-up phone calls. I highly recommend him.
Dr Bendt was my original doctor but I switched OBs when I was 15 weeks pregnant because I wasn't comfortable. He wound up being the on call doctor the weekend I delivered. He told me that in his 20 years of practicing medicine he'd never had a woman give birth on her side and to put my feet in the stirrups or he'd go back outside. Long story short, if your goal is a natural child birth, this is not the doctor for you.
I thought her information was out of date and that she was most likely following insurance guidelines.
Sweetest person you could meet. She knows me as a patient and I have never felt so comfortable with a Doctor before. Incredible, respectful, and professional lady.
Outstanding provider who took the time to provide the necessary care.
Dr. Bendt is a very nice man but does not spend enough time with patients. Majority of time at your appointments is waiting on him to come back from a delivery! Its very frustrating because he has other patients waiting on him to deliver EVERY SINGLE patient he has. The wait isn't what to bad its when he gets back he is in a rush because it puts him behind.. This is where his other patients who had an appointment get the short end of the stick. He comes in rushes you, no time for questions etc.
Dr. Weiland has been amazing in taking over my care for hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. He's genuinely concerned in how his patients are feeling and what he can do to help.
AWESOME DOCTOR! His nurse however, never answers: phone/questions/calls back if you leave a msg.
Not a pill pusher. Or a pusher of any kind. Treats you like an adult. Tells you like it is. Have been seeing him for seven or eight years. He listens to what I have to say, and explains well. Staff, especially Carrie are great. So far no complaints. I have recommended him to a friend. Doesn't always tell me what I want to hear, but that's my fault not his.
I could have cried when I found out she left. I think she was the best doctor I have ever went to and hate I can't find out what happened or if she started up new practice because I would love to remain with her as my primary doctor. She never made me feel like she was rushing and would let me just open up about other things going on in my life I really felt like she cared about me one appointment she even said I was thinking about you the other day and it really made me feel really cared for.
I went in with sleep apnea and came out a new man. Before surgery I stopped breathing while I slept, flailed my arms and legs while sleeping, and talked in my sleep. Dr. White suggested UPPP surgery, tonsillectomy, nasal reconstruction, scraping of the palette, and pinning up my uvula. Now, I never quit breathing, sleep all night, I have tons of energy, I feel like doing things again and I have a new lease on life! Everyone notices the positive effects! Dr. White gave me my life back. Thank you!
He's been my doctor for 15 years. I trust no other.
Had an ok meeting with Dr. Weiland but he tended to talk over me and ignored or write off much of my concerns that led to my being referred to him. He gave me a hormone shot and over the next few days had serious adverse reactions and when i stopped by to report what happened the nurse wrote me a horribly rude response. Today they got my final test results back and they wrote that they couldn't help me because of the reaction that i had to the shot and passed my info on to another specialist.
Knowledgable, friendly, caring, and comprehensive services.
Dr. Stock is probably the worst physician at the clinic. Rude, uncaring, and arrogant are only a few of the words that come to mind to describe her, which is unfortunate as the rest of the doctors at the clinic are uniformly excellent.
good bedside manner, friendly and understanding, hope he sticks around for many more years.The medical Center is clean and efficient
I was patient of Dr. Lorilee Stock's for years when she was at the Rapid City Medical Center 2820 Mt. Rushmore Rd. I called her nurse Danielle one day to ask for a refill and was transferred to the Medical Arts Facility and was set up with Dr. Lembke. I was in total shock To learn that my Dr. Stock left the Medical Center. She was the most Wonderful Dr I ever had. I miss her more than you will ever know. She was always Professional, kind, caring, listened And wanted the very Best for me?
we just loved her she was the best dr for my grandson and i.. going to miss her very much and wished we could still have her as a doc :)
Dr Stock really the best Dr that I've found since returning to Rapid City. With her you get a Dr that has the experience of being as UCSF. Basically a heavy hitter in our small town. Love this DR!
She was the best doctor I ever had.! She will sit with you and listen to your concerns and questions . She's compassionate and these day that's what a lot of doctors are missing.

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