He never has the time to listen, I pay for 15 mins of his time and he rushes you to say what you want. He is in the room no more than 2 mins, never tells you what he feels is wrong or ask you exactly what is going on, you have ask him for blood work, and test that you think you might need, I feel like I can better treat my self
I have suffered w/ narcolepsy/cateplexy for yrs. Dr. Siddiqui is the first to be so knowledgeable. Until then I only knew what I had taken the time to find myself, none of the other sleep med Dr's ever took the time to answer ?? And not belittle you for asking. His is one of the only visits of all that I've seen where I don't feel like just another person they 're trying to get OUT asap, like hes really listening& cares. I'm sure u all know what I mean. U couldn't find a better physician.
I was told to make an appointment with this gentleman because he was the best in his field. His practice gave me two reminder phone calls warning me not to miss my appointment. I showed up at the appointed time only to find out that he was not working that afternoon. I had already waited several weeks to see him and had taken off work to go to this appt. Another lady there had driven two hours and she also was not seen. It would have only taken a few minutes for them to call and notify me.
My wife and i felt very comfortable with our first visit with Ms. Zalar, she was very informative, took her time, was non judgmental and would highly recommend her to others.
Dr. Abboy was very thorough in quickly pursuing the cause of a consistent cough for me. When nothing was found on broncoscopy he immediately ordered Pet Scans as I have had breast cancer in the past. The Pet Scan showed results that led to biopsies and indeed my breast cancer has returned. He was very clear with me on why he was ordering certain tests and very kind to me as a patient. I think he is very knowledgable and very thorough, and I recommend him to others.
Didn't explain spirometry test results. Time spent waiting for the doctor was almost an hour, after the nurse took me back and took vitals.
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