Very rude, smart mouth,impatient and unwilling To listen to patient. Would not recommend this doctor! this doctor and his nurse would rather argue and give you smart comments rather than do the right thing as a medical professional should!
Unfortunately my response to Dr. Caldwell is the same. He has to learn to listen. He assumes everyone acts or reacts the same to specific treatment. And can be stubborn to individual. I would not recommend him to anyone until he improve in these areas.
I fell and broke my elbow in two places on a holiday weekend on Friday. I was lucky enough to get Dr Schoderbek in the ER. He explained very thoroughly to me what the procks was to be to fix my elbow. Came in holiday weekend away from his family and friends to do surgery on me. He explained thoroughly what the process would be and what he was going to do very well impressed with his bedside matter Talent and caring for patients.
Dr. Schoderbek is an excellent doctor, surgeon and friend. He has performed three operations on me and has been a leading provider in restoring me to health. He is a fine man and takes a great deal of interest in his patients and is supported by a super staff of assistants.
Excellent Dr and staff
I would most certainly recommend Dr. Ernst. His explanations are clear and concise. He listens attentively and provides all answers to my questions. He never rushes, you seem to be his main concern. I have total trust in Dr. Ernst as my healing occurred exactly as how it said it would.
EXcellent Very short wait time, if any
Dr Ernst has resolved multiple relatively minor hand issues. Some by surgery, others by injection. He has consistently demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. Occasionally, he is terse and abrupt when his directions are not followed; however, the results are so worthwhile, I'd rather pay attention to his directives. His dry humor enhances each visit. There is no one I'd rather have deal with my hand/arm/shoulder issues. He came highly recommended and I've not been disappointed.
Dr. Aymond is a great Doctor, I think all the negativity in the reviews must be from people trying to get painkillers or something. He has a perfectly fine bedside manner. My experience is as follows: 1) met with doctor Aymond, he diagnosed me with a herniated disc and ordered an MRI to facilitate a treatment plan. 2) Got a phone call from his nurse to schedule an MRI and a followup appointment with Dr A. 3) MRI 4) he gave me all the possible options for proceeding and recommendation.
This is THE WORST experience from a supposedly professional I have ever encountered! He is RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL & LACKS INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. My husband and I left his office after he tried to force him to file Workman's Comp for an accident that happened at home! This man is a joke, not a doctor!
Dr Ernst shows excellence and expertize in his job as Dr and surgeon. I felt comfortable in his care. His assistant also has a "patient is the priority "attitude. Dr Ernst did a perfect job in performing my surgery.
Spouse had a very detailed ankle surgery without any complications; the outcome has been great Planning future surgery on other ankle as soon as work schedule allows; There was often a lengthy wait past scheduled appointment time, but well worth the wait Surgeon came out after surgery to discuss procedure and follow up care and sat down as if he had all the time in the world even though he had another surgery waiting Has three locations for office visits
Dr. Ernst was thorough in his treatment of arthritic pain in my fingers. He prescribed every non-invasive treatment, resulting in no improvement, until he performed a fusion in my RH index finger which fused the first two joints. After one month, I am experiencing no pain, and enjoying improved quality of living without pain relief medication.
I needed xrays done of neck and back as I filed for disability, not just for that, but, disability does not accept chiro's xrays I told the receptionist that is why I needed to be seen. Come to find out by Dr. Aymond who was rude about said he does not deal with disability. He did not take xrays and went off my chiro's exrays. I feel like My mom is owed her $50 back as they knew up front why I was coming there and they went ahead and scheduled me knowing Dr. Aymond does not deal with Disability
Excellent doctor with a great sense of humor. Great staff too!
I have been a patient of Dr. Ernst for 19 years. I have had several hand surgeries performed by Dr. Ernst and have had great results. He is a true professional.
DR. Ernst Did Surgery on my Left and Right hand what a wonderful experience I had. I had pain so bad in my left and right hand for last five years got so bad could not sleep at night. Also could not do my job . But! Thank god I found the right doctor. As soon as he did my surgeries on my hands I felt relieve from pain instant. I would Highly recommend him . Mary Lipker
Dr. Aymond was very patient with my questions, informative and prescribed conservative and reasonable treatment.
I was referred to Dr. Aymond for my lower back pain. He immediately had me take an X ray. When he finally came in the room after 30 minutes, he handed me a sheet of paper that said "Diagnosis: Lumbrosacral pain" and walked out very abruptly without explaining anything. The nurse refused to bring him back in the room since he was "too busy with other patients." I can only assume that once Dr. Aymond discovered I didn't need surgery, he saw me as a low value patient and treated me as such.
Would Not trust anyone to do my surgery except Dr Shoderbeck. I had surgery on my knee in 2012 and shoulder 2015. Absolute the best and healed perfectly . Staff are wonderful and professional . He is very thorough and explains the procedure that is to be done .
My recent visit with Dr. Caldwell left me feeling unheard. Dr. Caldwell dismissed my concerns about pain and future mobility of my shoulder. He spent a total of 1 minute listening and then told me to make another appointment, then walked away. I was very disappointed in his lack of empathy.
Dr. Ernst in my estimation is extremely proficient and very knowledgeable about my problem. He very recently performed surgery on my left hand. He was very patient about informing me how he would perform the procedure and was very considerate about my concerns. My healing has been exceptional and I now experience no unusual pain. I will enthusiastically reccommend him to anyone.
Excellent results from surgery. Regained 90% of mobility in that joint despite a pretty bad injury with multiple tears.
Excellent. Dr. Ernst surgically repaired my wrist after an industrial accident. I initially was with another orthopedic surgeon and had disappointing results. It has now been 6 months since Dr. Ernst performed surgery and I have had an excellent recovery. Thank you Dr. Ernst!
Excellent Doctor. I had a hand problem and he gave me back the use of it., Knowledgeable and a very good personality.
Dr. Ernst and the staff at OSC were excellent. I saw him in both the West Ashley and North Charleston. I believe his diligence and perfectionism prevented me from needing surgery to repair a spiral fracture.
Broke 3 bones.came in and set it but had to wait 5 days for surgery. Post op, stayed over night in hospital. Now at home a week and a half, going to see Kate tomorrow. Hoping for good news and a smaller cast.
Sincere, honest and extremely knowledgeable.
I received the best possible care from Dr. Ernst and his staff. I had surgery to repair a serious wrist fracture in November. Dr. Ernst did an excellent job and have had a great result, I highly recommend Dr. Ernst!
spent no time assessing me or listening to me. Horrible doctor! Told me it was just a pulled muscle despite looking at X-rays. I just had a spinal fusion from another doctor due to a L3-5 fracture! Stay away from him!!!
I have had the occasion to need three shoulder surgeries. Each time Dr Graham was empathetic and kind. He always explained my surgery to my satisfaction. Each surgery went smoothly and without complications. He was attentive during my recovery and always available if I needed anything. He is easygoing and puts one at ease. I am confident he will always do an excellent job.
Dr. John Graham, has a great deal of humanity and bed side manners for his patients, besides of being a great Doctor.....
Dr. Ayman's is a great doctor. He is a good listener and knows the right questions to ask. When I went to see him about my back we tried several things. He left it up to me when to decide to have surgery. In other words when I reach the point where I couldn't walk without terrible pain was time to have the surgery. My surgery was over seven hours and he put in 2 rods and six screws to stabilize the vertebra in my back. He was diligent in getting me through my rehab. Today pain-free!
Dr. Graham took the time to explain my condition and surgery was scheduled very quickly. i have known him for many years and he is very personable makes patients feel comfortable asking questions.

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