Dr. Mendozza unfortunately delivered the news of my father's cancer diagnosis today. He was the most unprofessional and rude doctor I have ever encountered, which was even more upsetting given the poor prognosis he was delivering. He was unkind and made the experience the most unpleasant it could have possibly been for my parents. After informing us he had less than six months to live, he stated that it was "no big deal" to wait another "week or so" for another test in order to begin treatment.
I'd been diagnosed w/narcolepsy/cataplexy by sev sleep spec in past. I relocated&had to see Mendoza for meds. He insisted on another sleep study. THEN he tells me he won't be giving me any meds bcuz I do not have narco. Got so bad, was sent to see someone at a "new office". his partner. Was asked y I hadn't been compliant'w/my meds.That's when I found out that M had read the wrong sleep study, went back&called in 12 refills, but NEVER notified me! The partner(C) btw, worse if I could imagine
I have seen this doctor a few times. He enters the room, does not make eye contact, sits with his back to you and barks out words like he is a school librarian. He addressed absolutely none of my concerns and would not let me speak more than two sentences at a time before cutting me off. This experience has been repeated at each visit so I know it is not just his having a "bad day". I was receiving substandard care, so I switched to another doctor at another location. I feared for my health.
Dr Cruz is treating my sister following surgery for loculated pleural effusion. He took his time to answer all our questions and concerns. He has a wonderful and easy bedside manner. My sister is an ICU nurse and evaluates her doctors with critical and knowledgeable perspective. We are both very pleased with his care. My sister is still hospitalized, so I can't rate office visits at this time.
I have seen 3 such specialists over the years,& I was least happy with him. He reversed the finding of sleep apnea of my other 2 doctors, but family members still observe me with breathing stops and snoring. He said I did not sleep long enough to get proper results. I normally sleep 1-2AM to 10-11AM, but the test was inflexible--sleep tested from 10 PM to 5AM only,so of course he didn't get correct results! He also did not treat my asthma and allergies very well. I am changing doctors.
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