I've seen Dr Pande for about 10 years and never had a bad experience. It's a 50 minute drive that I'm happy to take instead of seeing an endocrinologist 10 minutes away. Thank you Dr Pande and Lindsey Powell.
Outstanding bed side manner, I finally feel like someone heard my concerns, reviewed ALL the test result then made a correct medical diagnosises. I finally feel that I have a fighting chance. She and her nurse are great at keeping in touch not a million steps to jump through to contact them. I'd call her to double check any other treatments that sound half decided. I've not felt this good and in control in years, even neighbors have noticed the difference since she took over my treatment plan.
Dr. Jona cared for my father in law with COPD. He took wonderful care of him and helped him understand his condition and what he could do to better his health. Thank you Dr. Jona for your kindness, your understanding, and taking the time to listen to all of our questions and concerns. You are an amazing doctor!
Dr. Jona is a wonderful Dr. I was diagnosis with lung cancer a little over 3 years ago. He has always been there to tell me what to expect. Also has told me to call him at anytime if I needed anything at all. When I was in the hospital he came everyday even on his off days. He is an outstanding Dr. and I am cancer free.
Dr. Jona took excellent care of my wife during her lung cancer diagnosis. He thoroughly explained her treatment options, and despite a poor prognosis, he guided us every step of the way. There is no other pulmonologist I would want to care for my loved ones. Thanks, Dr. Jona!
Uncommunicative. No people skills. Totally missed the condition of my wife's lungs. No progress after three months. Found another pulmonologist and he was able to get her on a fast-track to wellness. In fact, Dr. Jona's diagnosis was so far off the mark that it was diametrically opposite to her actual condition. My advice is "Run!" to any other pulmonologist as fast as you can.
Dr. Jona took wonderful care of my Grandmother and we are so thankful for his kindness during her journey with Lung cancer and COPD. She passed this previous Thanksgiving and he stood out as one of her and our favorite physicians!

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