Best Doctor ever!
Excellent Doctor, extremely knowledgable about medications, always on time as well. I appreciate his candor. This is not the doctor to go to for coddling, which for me is comfortable. I never feel rushed and he explains the options clearly, and seems to appreciate and listen to your needs. Highly recommend!
STACI IS the best counselor I have ever worked with. I knew the very first time I met her that I was finally going to get the help I so needed. She just got me. Like she could see what I was thinking and feeling. She is kind and compassionate. Unfortunately for me she got promoted to supervisor and I will be seeing someone new. I am happy for her and she deserves It! But I am sad also and will miss her a lot!
Highly Unprofessional. I had two appointments with Barbara Wagner. I wanted to set up a third and I left three messages for her, over the course of the next three weeks. When she failed to return my calls, I started to get worried that something happened to her. Finally, her co-workers confirmed that there was not an emergency, but that she was just extremely busy. I too, am a busy professional, but professionalism includes returning calls, regardless of your time or desire to do so.

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