worse doctor ever
horrible staff and doctor
horrible staff and doctor
horrible staff and doctor
Not sure where to begin! Loved him in the beginning! First Neuro Dr. In years that had helped! office staff- very rude, condescending, , & stereotyping!! Had a visit, asked about a prescription, and 5 more minutes to speak with him! At first, assistant said wait, so I did. Then, at front window- said RX NOT authorized- very rudely, so I left. Called office when I returned home, so he could call me after hrs- office manager called, said he had dismissed me from Practice!! WOW don't even know why
It's not the doctor but his office staff and reception are rude and condescending. The receptionist actually sweared at me
Dr. Bahadori is very kind and gentle doctor. Takes time with me and explains everything very well.
Excellent doctor, very personal, cares about patients and has good recommendations. The office is really poor. Never calls back, never answers phone, can't get through. Breaks promises to follow up on insurance. Even had insurance call office to approve procedure but could not get through. Horrible, unorganized office.
Very disappointed. Didn't address any issues that we were there to address, was very dismissive, and we were rushed out the room. When I told him we felt as if nothing was really addressed and that I felt like we were being rushed oit, he simply said he was a busy man. No problem, we will find a doctor that knows his job a bit better and cares about a patient in pain.
Well.....on our first visit to this office we were 10 minutes late as a result of driving by the office several times only to find out that the office was in a medical building, not a separate building. After waiting on a parking space and entering the office, we were told that since we were late, we would have to reschedule. I came in 10 min. early today, sat for 45 min. In the waiting room, and sat 12 min. before the doctor showed up. Is the 83-year-old patient the only one accountable?
Dr. King is a kind and wonderful man. I recommend him unequivocally.
Since this review is for Dr. King, and not his staff, I can easily give 5 stars. I did feel unwelcomed by the receptionist at first, but soon felt very welcomed. I think she just works hard, to the point, in a quiet way. Dr. King was very helpful, to the point, and my visit was quite pleasant. I have epilepsy and an AVM, so I already know, after visiting many other neurologists, that the brain is a complicated thing. He can't know everything, but did what he could to help. Great visit.
I love Dr. Bahadori, he is kind, considerate, thorough and listens to you. He does everything in his power to help you. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better.
Dr Bahadori is terrific, very caring and intelligent, the staff are rude, don't return call's and change my prescription's without consulting the Dr.
I didn't get past the RUDE receptionist at the front desk in North Charleston. Walked out after being made fun of because my hand shakes and couldn't complete the paperwork.
Rude, dismissive, and didn't address the problems I was having. Seemed to have someplace else he wanted to be. I will never go back to see him. Awful.
He made me feel VERY SMALL, and has not addressed my medical complaints. His reception staff is extremely RUDE and UNHELPFUL. Good luck if you must see this doctor!
Dr. King was very thorough in his research of what could be causing my symptoms. He ran a multitude of tests without ruling anything out by mere observation and was key in determining my diagnosis very early on. He never made me feel rushed and I truly appreciate his listening skills and the level of dedication that he shows his patients.
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