Dr Reilly was fantastic. He took the time to listen to my complaints and concerns. He showed me my x-ray and MRI and explain in detail how he came to his conclusion for my care plan. He understood my gym routine and took the time to explain what I could do and what I should stay away from. The gym is a huge part of my life and he reassured me it was ok to get back to it.
It was easy to make an appt.. however I waited more than 2 hours to see him. I blamed it on the time of day that he just got behind. When I made a follow up appt. I made it for 8:15 am. When I arrived there were 6 or 7 people already in the waiting room. When I checked in I told the receptionist I wasnt waiting 2 hours again and she just shrugged her shoulders. I waited and waited finally to ask the other people there when their appt was, their answer...same as mine. I finally left.
This past week I had the misfortune of going for my second visit with Dr. Anthony Mechrefe. It will be my last. My biggest complaint is the amount of time he lets you wait before seeing you. With my first visit, I waited over an 1 1/2 hours. With my second visit I left after waiting 1 hr. He booked several patients for the same time slot which created this backup. He is inconsiderate of his patients time and rude in his behavior. I would never recommend him to anyone who values their time.
I am a patient of Dr Brennan's for over 2 years, he is always cordial and efficient. Although he may not be talkative I want a Dr who is knowledgeable and experienced. If you ask him a question he will answer it.
Dr. Alford replaced my shoulder. I had a full recovery and have regained the use of my shoulder. This surgeon is patient and supports each step of recovery. His instructions for physical therapy completed the process. I would highly recommend Dr. John Alford as a surgeon to anyone with arthritic joints like mine. Diane C
Worst dr ever. Just like other review describes. Hes rude.cuts you off.makes you feel 10× worst.told me surgery probably wont help.refused to give me a shot or anything for pain
Referred to Dr. Guglielmo due to chronic lower back pain. Had MRI and brought disk with me. Her PA asked many questions. She told me that I had disk desiccation and congenital spinal stenosis and that surgery would be needed somewhere in the future. Then the Dr. came in and said the same thing. Physical therapy, see you in 6 months. No mention of pain control or options presented. Got a second opinion who thinks my pain is caused by arthritis, not the disks. More tests needed. Do not see her.
Good doctor. Expect to wait about an hour for office appointments if you are not the first one. (Had an appointment @9:45 and did not see him until after 11:00am)
I would not recommend going to west bay orthopedics. I had a problem with my knee resulting from an accident and tried to get an appointment and the secretary refused to get me in to be seen by the Dr. She told me to just elevate my knee and not to worry about it. I called back 2 days later due to it getting worse and she said he was in surgery and I could not be seen. I asked if I could see another Dr in the office because I was very concerned and she said no. They did not care about me at all
Knowledgeable. Takes time to explain procedures and plan of care Sensitive to patient concerns
Dr. Reilly is an excellent surgeon.
I was very impressed with Dr. Reillys skills. I had two knee replacements in the same year. I have had no pain in either knee since my surgery. If I didn't have the replacements I don't think I would be walking today.
Dr. Mechrefe corrected another doctors mistake and did major surgery to my left foot .Every thing went well. I could not ask for a more knowledgeable doctor . Bedside manners were excellent, and he has a great personality . He will be operating on my right foot in the next 3 months .
The practice feels like an assembly line. Very little personalization and compassion. Dr G was condescending and very cold. Gave the impression that she was going though motions and I was wasting her time. Needless to say, I will not be going under the knife while in her hand.
Dr. Reilly performed knee surgery on me (full knee) and my wife (partial knee) and we both were very satisfied. He answered all our questions and was always available.
Staff rude an unhelpful, just hung up when caught saying " if you feel your systems are getting worse" even though I have been living with it for almost 1 year".
He is pleasant and but very quiet. He needs to educate patients about their diagnosis and plan of care. I am confused about what exactly causing me my chronic back pain , muscle spasms, which is interfering with my daily activities.
Dr. Brennan performed spinal fusion surgery on me 2 years ago. He has followed through with my care extensively to ensure I stay going in the right direction. My quality of life and activity tolerance has improved. I have recommended him to friends.
I have found out that Dr. Allen makes poor judgements against his patients. If you go to Dr. Allen and have a surgery for a workmans comp case, he will automatically assume you are lieing about how bad your hurting. I was hurt because of an employers negligence to safety. But now because of Dr. Allen that employer does not have to pay for their negligence and I will suffer for the rest of my life with a lot of pain and loss of use to both of my hands now. I wouldn't go to Dr. Allen ever again.
Doctor Mechrefe and Jessica Parker are the best team I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Together they have saved my right foot and it is still attached to my leg! They are kind and always care for there patients!
had two surgeries with Dr. Gugliemlo, fusion with my C5-C6 in 2014 and a lumbar fusion from my L5-S1 on 2/23/2016. My neck was moderately successful and my back was not successful at all. During my post op appointments I would tell her and her PA the pain is worse and now in both of my legs and now my hip (pre op pain was shooting down my right leg only). She was very dismissive telling me this was normal. In March (1 month) after surgery I ended up in the hospital for 4days with an infection
Horrific bedside manner. Very dismissive, did not appear to care AT ALL about my pain. I found him to be rude and very unhelpful.
I have had several spinal surgeries over the last 16 years (done by Dr. Brennan). He was wonderful all the way through. The patient comes first with him. (Yes, he's quiet when you first know him, but I want an excellent Doctor, not someone to chat with ). He also took care of my fractured wrist, including surgery, and I need a knee replacement. He answers my questions, is honest and supportive, and I always direct family and friends to him.
He was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure, expected recovery and final outcome. He always addressed my concerns and I never felt rushed during any of my appointments. The outcome of the surgery excellent!
I have been treated by Dr. Reilly for several orthopedic problems. I have been completely satisfied with every problem that I was treated for, including knee problems, trigger finger, carpal tunnel pain, tennis elbow. I strongly recommend Dr. Reilly for any orthopedic problem.
After only two visits with this Doctor, my mind was made up that he probably would have done well to hang up his Doctor's coat YESTERDAY! He has 0 bedside manner, he cuts you off when you are trying to speak, he is not at ALL thorough. His handwriting is SO atrocious, not ONE single lab tech could make out what tests he even wanted to have performed. He's condescending. If you want to walk out of there feeling 10 X's worse than you did going in? Then he is your guy!!!
I met with her three times I think because my pcp thought I needed surgery. I didn't so she referred me to physical therapy which helped me a great deal. She was abrupt with me the first time she saw me but still tended to the necessary medical questions. The next two times I saw her she was a kind and concerned doctor, caring for my needs and happy the PT helped. Even doctors have bad days so don't be so quick to one star a doctor.
Had to wait a month to see this clown. I was then triple booked waited over an hour after check in and saw him for less than five minutes. He said he couldn't help me but wants to see me in two months. I have a degenative spine disease and desperately need an mri. He has set back my treatment, possibly for months. Stay away for this one. The girl at the desk actually commented on how fast he was banging them out that day.
I would not recommend this doctor at all or staff due to one of my family members experience which I witness. The receptionist was extremely unprofessional and rude and to make matters worst the doctor was the same way. Its unfortunate they need better service and a reminder they are dealing with people just like them.
I first saw Dr Brennan after being seen at a local hospital for a broken elbow, and all through the recovery process he was excellent and knowledgeable about my injur . Just last month I saw him again for a torn meniscus and he operated on my knee last week Some may not like the fact that he's not very talkative,but he answers all your questions and keeps the patient informed while he makes you feel completely at ease and has a good bedside manner.

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