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Rhode Island Hospital Medcl Cln

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No experience if u would like to become his experimental thing go see him.

May 14 2020

Review for Dr. Prince

I saw Dr. Jake in clinic and he treated me like a person and not just a patient. Such a great clinician. I hope that he stays at Brown forever.

Apr 28 2020

Review for Dr. Korzun

Dr sizer was great.treated me like she actually cared about my recovery instead of treating me like just another patient.made sure I understood what she told me.quickly gained the title of my favorite doctor ever. Highly recommend

Aaron Apr 03 2020

Review for Dr. Sizer

He took plenty of time and was extrememly patient. i think everyone has seen a dr. who runs the entire visit by the door with almost a foot out the door. Not dr. Lang. Nice genuine guy. Felt like he had a real concern about my ailments.

Kerri Mar 09 2020

Review for Dr. Lang

Dr. Brown is fantastic. She truly listens to you and addresses any issues you have before you leave. I have full confidence in her care. She is a pleasure to have as a physician.

J. White Feb 07 2020

Review for Dr. Brown

awful doctor. had a terrible bedside manner. was arrogant and rude throughout the appointment. felt rushed and did not answer my questions. did not seem concerned about my problems and seemed disengaged throughout visit. would not recommend and would go somewhere else.

Jan 07 2020

Review for Dr. Kornblum

I could not ask for a more thorough and kind physician. He changed my perspective on not just my health but also on how healthcare should be facilitated for all patients. Highly highly recommend!!

Nov 14 2019

Review for Dr. Wilson

Aug 15 2019

Review for Dr. Dimarco

Aug 03 2019

Review for Dr. Rafelson

Dr Fani Srour is a competent, caring, committed doctor. He really cares about his patients. Great guy!

Linda George Jul 10 2019

Review for Dr. Fani Srour

always took the time to explain treatment to me. went abvoe and beyond other doctors i had seen in the hospital.

Jun 17 2019

Review for Dr. Korzun

Is a great doctor, someone who really care about his patients health a nd wellbeing..have lot of patience and answer all the questions i asked. Help me get equipments for my need and is always in a great mood, which help me with my stress.

May 10 2019

Review for Dr. Kornblum

Gave the wrong medlicine And lied to my face The medicine was specificly noted an files And told verbally Claimed it was no big deal As a result paitient had a three day siesure Todds paralisys The nurse go the meds and he was caught in A deadly lie

Apr 26 2019

Review for Dr. Kamal

Dr. Wilson canceled my appointment twice in a row on the same day of appointment. I would not recommend him.

Apr 18 2019

Review for Dr. Wilson

absent mind,

Apr 05 2019

Review for Dr. Cheema

Dr. Saraiya read my MRI in 2017 and my doctors ignored her findings. Reviewing it with new physicians in the area of the country where I have now retired now make sense. She was right from the beginning. Thank you, Doctor.

Apr 02 2019

Review for Dr. Saraiya

Apr 01 2019

Review for Dr. Baptiste

Mar 20 2019

Review for Dr. Selamet

Mar 16 2019

Review for Dr. Tareila

Sebacious Issuesin Providence, RI - Dec 19 2018

Review for Dr. Dimarco

Very calm and personable. Explains things and listens to the patient.

RI - Dec 14 2018

Review for Dr. Abud


RI - Sep 16 2018

Review for Dr. Mahoney

USA Maid Jul 19 2018

Review for Dr. Dimarco

Dr. Soinski is very thorough, pleasant, and comfortable to talk to regarding my health (a vast improvement over past Rheumatologist male doctors). Her follow-up and concern is geniune, even when hositalized. The staff is as pleasant, friendly, and always willing to help too.

Apr 18 2018

Review for Dr. Soinski

Apr 10 2018

Review for Dr. Wilson

awful experience with this doctor. had no bedside manners and was very disrespectful

Mar 29 2018

Review for Dr. Khawaja

Mar 14 2018

Review for Dr. Levine

Kristinin Thousand Oaks, CA - Feb 23 2018

Review for Dr. Selamet

Such a pleasure!!!

Jorgein Providence, RI - Oct 17 2017

Review for Dr. Hariharan

Donald Pulliamin Colorado Springs, CO - Oct 07 2017

Review for Dr. Cassidy

Utterly worthless medical advice. He doesn't practice medicine. He raises a lot of questions and then insists that you make another appointment. In my course of seeing Dr. Betit, I became very concerned that he was deliberately postponing diagnoses in order to prolong traffic to his practice.

Theodorein Rochester, NY - Oct 02 2017

Review for Dr. Betit

Jersey City, NJ - Aug 04 2017

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

Horrible bedside manner/

Washingtonville, NY - Jul 21 2017

Review for Dr. Lim

I was attended by Dr. Roderick Elisas, MD and I just got to say positive things about him. Very professional and explained me things like no other Dr. had in a long time. He listened to me carefully and answered all my questions.

Carmenin Middltown RI - Jun 24 2017

Review for Dr. Elias

Lindsey Schiavulliin Providence, RI - Jun 21 2017

Review for Dr. Amass

I've seen Dr. Betit 3 or 4 times now and I find him and his staff to be very friendly, very professional, and very knowledgeable. I feel like he listened carefully to me and made solid medical recommendations. I have no hesitation recommending him to friends and family.

Webster, NY - May 20 2017

Review for Dr. Betit

Claudiain Coventry, RI - May 16 2017

Review for Dr. Elias

Tamarain Rochester, NY - Apr 21 2017

Review for Dr. Betit

Don't bother. All he does is follow up Appts. Never remembers the issues from the prior visit. Not friendly, doesn't care to get to know you. Felt judged. Ego is huge and his nurse is a major crabby. Not a good experience.

Rochester, NY - Mar 10 2017

Review for Dr. Betit

Dr.Brown treated me at the VA for a complicated and serious multifaceted situation. Great bedside manner and she listens. She made adjustments to meds and dietary modifications that helped greatly. Couldn't have a higher opinion. A-1 doc.

Joe Bin Providence, RI - Jan 01 2017

Review for Dr. Brown

Short wait, doctor really listens to me and helps with my problems, knowledgable

Oct 18 2016

Review for Dr. Levine

Does not listen to patients. Says he will order tests and meds then forgets to do it. Does not explain what or why he will do something. Has a God complex. Run away.

Davidin Providence, ri - Oct 04 2016

Review for Dr. Kamal

Smart, compassionate and straight-talking. Respected by support staff

Providence, RI - Sep 07 2016

Review for Dr. Basu

He is very kind and knowledgeable, explained my condition an an easy way that I can understand. I would highly recommend him to any patient!

Maryin Providence, RI - Sep 04 2016

Review for Dr. Ziud

He is a fantastic physician, he always paid attention to my concerns, and explained all the aspects of my case to me and my family. He is very professional and kind.

Amandain Providence,RI - Aug 25 2016

Review for Dr. Ziud

Philipin Rochester, NY - Aug 24 2016

Review for Dr. Betit

Dr Soinski is the most intelligent, compassionate doctor I have ever known. Her help and support have been invaluable to me in dealing with arthritis. She is gentle, patent, attentive and reassuring. I don't know what I would do without her.

Annie Hin North smithfield ri - Jul 26 2016

Review for Dr. Soinski

Excellent bedside manner! He was patient and considerate of my questions. Great experience overall.

Chowdary in West orange, NJ - Jun 10 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

Knowledgable and great bedside manner. Felt like he really listened to all my concerns.

K.Panjabiin Southlake, TX - Jun 09 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

My mom was admitted to Hospital, and Dr Gdhavi was physician on case, he was very kind, and freindly helpful we loved him he spent great amount of time explaining no need for antibiotics.

stacyin Riverside, RI - Jun 09 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

Very professional and has great depth of medical knowledge. I think he is really honest and tells you the things you need to know and do to improve your health.

Avani Shahin Wayne, NJ - Jun 09 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

Great doctor would recommend him to all my family and freinds

Livingston, NJ - Jun 09 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

He was very inderstanding and helpful

Amy Sin Corona, NY - Jun 09 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

Piscataway, NJ - Jun 08 2016

Review for Dr. Betit

if a choice no stars. unprofessional and condescending. had no idea about diagnosis.

Cranston, RI - Feb 11 2016

Review for Dr. Sobota

Horrible experience with this dr at RI Hospital er. Tried to persuade me to not stay in hospital when my heart rate was 138, wouldn't listen to my concerns and just thought he was right.

Renee in Cranston, RI - Jan 24 2016

Review for Dr. Gadhavi

Chicago, IL - Jan 23 2016

Review for Dr. Kannankeril

Very nice disposition, knowledgeable, not an alarmist

Maureen Rin Warwick, RI - Dec 16 2015

Review for Dr. Tecun