Dr Mega ran a scan on my husband to see if he had any new tumors. One was in his liver, but Dr Mega forgot to tell us or treat it. Months later, another dr. express his sympathy about my husband's liver tumor. This is how we learned about it! Dr Mega was too embarrassed to confront us, so he sent in a young PA to give us the news. I insisted on seeing Dr Mega. He came in and said that my husband was too weak for surgery. Nothing could be done. We found dr. Dupuy at RI hospital and tumor ablated
Dr. Safran is a wonderful oncologist. He has extensive expertise in pancreatic cancer, which I'm being treated for. He is very thoughtful and kind and takes the time necessary to explain treatment options. I opted for a clinical trial he is in charge of. I've been very happy with both Dr. Safran and the RI Cancer Center in East Greenwich.
Dr. Layton was horrible. Though she possesses clear knowledge in her specialty, her demeanor was impatient & angry. Our appointment went longer than she expected & she became irritated while we asked questions about chemo and side effects, even clenching her jaw and rolling her eyes at one point. The appointment ended when Dr. Layton stomped out of the room to get a colleague, and we never saw her again. I was astonished at the way she treated us. She should not be dealing with cancer patients.
My terminally ill father was under Dr. Wittels care when he suffered an injury on his last trip to Florida. The doctors and staff there were very good upon communicating his condition to the doctor here in RI. Upon getting home, he saw the doctor, who had not bothered to look at the information he had received, blaming it on the nurses. This resulted in my father suffering unnecessarily through a month of blood poisoning, because the doctor couldn't bother to review his info.

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