Front office staff is incompetent. I was asked to pay cash for urgent care when I have insurance. I was told I needed to make an appointment in the office, which I did and waited two weeks to get in. At that appointment I was asked to pay cash again. I complained to insurance company and "magically" was called and told I could return for the third time for treatment. Ugh no thanks, if you can't get that part right I do not trust your doctors. I have been a patient for 15 years, such a shame
Dr. Shah is an amazing, caring physician. Recommend him to anyone who is looking for a board certified internist for primary care.
I personally have seen Dr. Shah in the office over the last two years and he is amazing! I love the compassionate care that he delivers.
I will never see this man again. He is the absolute worst. Decides that our first appointment consists of him telling me what he thinks I should take vs. what I've been taking for years. Talks about the DEA and the Medial Board of RI, brings up my outstanding balance and basically told me good luck finding a new doctor. Avoid him, you will waste time, and you will leave feeling worse than when you came and waited 2 hours to be seen with an appointment scheduled. AVOID
Amazing Dr. Who has compassion for his patients. I've received care from this Physician for many years and he always takes the time needed to make sure all your questions are answered. I've had a few medical issues over the years and always trust his diagnosis he knows his medicine! The referrals are amazing as well and would recommend Dr. Shah 100%.
not his practice anymore, new company and had me see a nurse practitioner today and before even talking to me she already decided that she was changing my medication which I've been taking consistently for several years each person has their own individual situations and circumstance which doctors evaluate and then prescribe medication for. my meds are a controlled substance that has helped me turn my life around and this woman didnt regard any of my previous history and just wanted to play god
This doctor has a few facilities with his name on it however he is never there and you very rarely find an actual doctor there. Urgent Care, Primacare and Biltmore Medical. The bathrooms always disgusting. Never cleaned properly anywhere. This is a paycheck to this man please be cautious. Often people are sent away without proper treatment. Their lab seems to be decent.
Dr. Shah is an amazing primary care doctor. During a routine physical, he noticed a skin lesion on my back and recommended that I immediately get it biopsied. He biopsied it the same day and a week later, it came back with early melanoma. The dermatologist that Dr. Shah sent me to said that Dr. Shah literally saved my life.
Dr Shah is no longer at this practice. He left for Arizona 2 years ago, without ever informing his patients he was leaving. The practice is a takes up to 3 weeks to get an urgent appointment, even for a patient who has been with the practice since it opened 15 (or so) years ago. I left the practice because of this, and it took 4 weeks to have my records transferred to my new doctor. The staff is rude, and doesn't care how long you wait. This place has become a joke,avoid at all costs

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