This doctor is more concerned with getting her runs in than seeing patients. If you are waiting a long time to see her, it is probably because she out running somewhere. Find another doctor.
I had 3 very poor interactions with the same front desk staff at this clinic. I called ahead and was treated poorly on the phone, when I arrived I was again treated poorly by this same person, and on my follow up I was AGAIN treated poorly by the same woman. Her name is Kathy. I also sat in the waiting room and continued to watch her have poor interactions with patients. Her lack of empathy, compassion, and basic manners are a disgrace to this practice. I work in the health care industry locally
I was a patient of Dr. Gross for many years, but each time I went, I'd swear it was the last. Not because of the care I received- Dr. Gross is knowledgeable, caring and thorough. But even with the first appt of the day- the wait is more than an hour. The last time (and I mean LAST time) I had the first appt of the day for my annual physical, I waited 50 minutes in the waiting room, and ANOTHER 50 minutes in the exam room. It was the straw that broke the camel's back- I got dressed and walked out
Unfortunately, I have given this office a few years before deciding to change doctors. As a patient (not walk-in), the wait time is still long, an hour+ usually, maybe 30-45 min. on a good day. I saw the doctor once the yrs I was a patient; almost always a NP. Front desk is overwhelmed. They also require your social security number for ins. (that's what the front desk staff tells patients) and unwittingly it's supplied thinking it's required when really it's not.Ofc needs updating-cleaning.

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