myself I think she is good for what she does.
I don't think he really listens. At times he says he doesn't know what to do. The least he can do is refer you to someone who can deal with the problem. It's so frustrating when you don't know what to do. And then you get the "patient summary" saying that certain things were discussed and it never happened!
I have been a patient of Dr. Savoretti for about 4 years. I have nothing but good things to say about him and his office staff. He is always curteous and respectfull. He will contact me in a timely manner, to report test or lab results to me.He is always willing to include health teaching during annual check up. I am greatfull to have found such a knowledgeable and caring physician.
Dr. Messitt is the first doctor I've had that makes me feel safe, welcome, and cared for. She has a sense of urgency when it comes to your health, and she cares.
He always listens to what you have to say. He is very considerate of your feelings. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs excellent medical care.
I don't think the doctor is as up to do with physicals as she should be.
Very down-to-earth, straightforward, no BS kind of doctor. Tells it ,like it is, but is also as caring and as supportive as he could be.
I am almost an advanced practice nurse and am finishing up my courses. I recently injured my back at work as a staff nurse. I have seen Savoretti several times in the past two weeks related to this injury and he has not been helpful or resourceful in anyway. His social skills have an oddity about them, and he is unwilling to give out any controlled substances for any reason. I would not recommend this physician. If you use him as a pcp get referrals for all specialist.
I have highly recommended Dr Alberto Savoretti to friends and family. He is very kind, compassionate, and thorough. My health has definitely improved since seeing Dr Savoretti. I have never been more satisfied with my doctor. I feel as if he gave me all the time I needed with him, yet, I have waited no longer than 20 minutes total to see him.He has been my doctor for three years.
Absolutely poor personality, left feeling very anxious about an upcoming appointment for surgery. Absolutely awful bedside manor and has no regard for women's health issues. Didn't take my concerns seriously. Run!
Very bad experience!
Quite possibly the worst Doctor I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. Had to make an appointment with him, as he was the only Doctor on staff who was seeing new patients (I can see why). When I saw him for the first time, I disclosed to him that I have Asperger's Syndrome. He responded, But you look normal. I have to fight him to have tests administered. He also tends to blame things on hormones. He makes up his mind right off the bat, and doesn't listen to all symptoms. I could go on...
Dr terlato explained everything about condition which was a surprise to me in a way that I understood everything that was going to happen before the procedure was done.
I practice jiu jitsu and am exposed to ringworm on occasion.Isaw Dr. Meren 2 times as well as a nurse practitioner and explained that I thought I had ringworm.I was ignored both times and given creams which exacerbated the infection. Went to dermatologist after the infection got really bad.He did a biopsy to confirm that it was ringworm.In addition to giving me cream he had to also give me a prescription because it was severely infected.Can't switch primary there-he would be uncomfortable.
pleasant personality. not pushy especially concerning weight issues. easy to talk to.
I had a terrible experience with Dr. Bansal. she was recommended by a friend so I figured I'd give her a try as u was looking for a new PCP and Coastal was close by. My 1st appt (annual) was very brief. She came in and gave me a limp handshake, her eye contact was poor. I don't think she listened to a word I said. My 2nd (sick) visit she made me feel as if my issue was "in my head". I transferred out after that visit. When I picked up my records she actually wrote "psychogenic" in her notes.
The best doctor I've seen in years , so thourough never have to wait long coastal is run so efficient. Dr. Bansal is so profession and courteous.cant say enough about this doctor. Lori D
Dr. was very strange and would not address my current medications. He just stared at me and smiled not saying anything. I also noticed him mumbling and talking to himself. He made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I do not recommend to anyone.
Dr. Ferri has kept me health for the past 20 years despite my sometimes unhealthy actions. He is very proactive and gathers as much health information regarding his patients as humanly possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Ferri.
He took me off my cholesterol pill but had no follow-up to ensure my cholesterol maintained a good level. I was running out of blood pressure med, & called requesting a new Rx be sent to my pharmacy. He instead sent it to a mail-order pharmacy. My first call was placed on Wednesday. I called the office 3x that Friday, each time I was assured the doctor would send my Rx to the accurate, local pharmacy - he never did. I had to call back and request the Rx from on-call doc - no problem for her
Have been a patient of hers for many years but I am long overdue fir a change. She contradicts herself, she is not a good listener, she seems to have lost interest in caring for her patients.
Poor diagnosis jokes around too much does not spend enough time with patients
this doctor saved my life, the very first time I went to see her she ordered a low dose lung ct scan and the results showed a tumor in my lung which turned out to be cancer and was removed by a great surgeon and now I am cancer free I am forever greatfull to her if you need a doctor she is the best there is
I have been a patient of hers for many years & have been very dissatisfied for the past year.I have major health issues. When I call to try to see her, am referred to nurses who have been very competent but don't understand why I have a doctor if I keep getting referred.I recently had a major health issue,could not be seen by her, referred again & could not be seen right away. I went to an urgent care facility from which I was taken by rescue to the hospital. She talks over you & doesn't listen.
He is very knowledgeable. He also greets you with a smile and a warm welcome. Dr. Ferri listens and cares about his patients......
I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago and I have very bad pain in my hands, shoulders, lower back, and going down my good leg from using the crutches and compensating. Dr. Menon was more interested in what she refused to do for me rather than giving me any options to help alleviate my pain. I brought in 3 different forms of NSAIDS I have taken to try and help with the discomfort including ibuprofen none of which is helping. You will have to keep taking ibuprofen is what she told me, not impressed at all.
I adore Dr. Adieu, kind, soft spoken, 5* bed side manor..great doc!
If you ask any general questions aout your health, she will write out a list of lab tests to be done and will include that in your annual and you wont have a clue..i ended up paying for all the additional blood work and i dint even know they were testing me for it..just thought it to be a regular annual check up and blood work..please find yourself an experienced doctor..dont be fooled by their listening skills and politeness..thats not enough
I am undoubtedly the worse patient if only because of an insane work schedule that makes keeping my appointments difficult at times. Dr Hans appreciates this and works with me in what has to be very frustrating situation for her. I like her because she gives me every minute I need, listens to my sarcasm with a smile and, most importantly, knows her profession like few other doctors I've had. Being a hardcore Type 2 diabetic, I cannot think of anyone better to be taking of me.
I have been going to Barbara for years. She really cares about you. I have been to serval doctors and Barbara knows me so well. I would highly recommend her. I'm so happy that my primary can be a NP.

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