The waiting room is always packed where people have to stand and they have foot problems, make's sense to me. The staff is not friendly, mostly the receptionist (Kelly) I don't need attitude. Have had to wait over an hour almost every time I go, and the excuses they come up with is just so unprofessional. Not sure what the going rate for a 4 minute exam from the Doctor, I'm sure big bucks.
This should be one of the top 10 doctor's in Rhode Island. He treats with his heart and cares for every patient as of they are the most important person in the world not just the town I mean the whole world. He is an honest trustworthy person and I trust not only my life in his hands but my children as well. You need to look no further for a foot doctor because he is the best ! I have a medical condition which will require care for the rest of my life and he will be my only provider. Thank you.
I was referred to Dr. Glod by podiatrist on staff (Michelle) at Memorial Hospital for a fractured fibula bone. Once in the ER/Operating room I found the staff friendly and to follow policies and discussed medical information to me via my X-Rays results. Dr. Glod spent ample time introducing himself and discussing the procedure. In summary, I found Dr. Glod and the staff at Memorial truly professional and personal and so pleased at the outcome. NO PAIN! TX! I would recommend Dr. Glod to Mom.
I had hammer toe surgery from dr. GLOD in July 2015 and he did a terrible job. My foot swells regularly and is still very painful 16 months later. My second toe it totally crooked and doesn't even seem to be connected to my foot. Do not go to Douglas Glid! I would not wish this situation on an enemy.
At first I thought I was in good hands but after a few months and a surgery (put together tendon) that went poorly I was fooled and should of went to a orthopedic... His staff are not to friendly or helpful. Office is always packed causing long wait times. My last visit with him was post surgery 2 months and he completely misdiagnosed me and didn't know what to do. I was out of work for one year and now have many complications with my ankle. If u have a real issue find a orthopedic!
Very overbooked. Long wait and little time spent with patient.Rushes through office procedures. A lot of confusion at times in office.
left 2 voicemails. no one ever called back to set up appointment.
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