After seeing several reccommended physical therapists for a chronic shoulder problem, Bryan was the only therapist to keep me out of surgery Bryan does not use any fancy equipment and his office is modest, but that is because HE treats you the entire length of your visit. No assistants, no aides, you are with your PT the entire duration of treatment. He does everything manually, not leaving your recovery up to a machine or amateur. He is the best RI has to offer.
Brian is one of the most professional, compassion, and honest people I have met. He will go to almost any lengths to help resolve the problem. He is an excellent listener and very understanding.most importantly he cares very much about his patients and the results obtained. He never rushes you or makes you feel like you are just a case – he always treats his clients as human beings first
RI, Rumford, RI, 02916
All Coast Physical Therapy

All Coast Physical Therapy
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