Though we have been blessed with many excellent doctors over the years, it is always a blessing to encounter one who listens to a fairly complex issue with patience and compassion. Dr. O'Heelan did just that at a time when my son and I most needed it.
Last year I wrote a bad review of Dr. O'Heelan after my annual appointment with her because I felt she made me wait longer than necessary and simply spouted off her standard recommendations to everyone during the examination. I must acknowledge this year's annual exam was much better. There was almost no wait time and she genuinely sought to understand my thoughts and concerns. I'm not sure what changed between last year and this year but I am encouraged by the change.
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. O'Heelan. She listened, explained and I didn't feel rushed. SHe schedule a follow-up which I have already done with her. Again, she was great
I would never recommend Dr OHeelan to anyone I know. She does not listen to the patient when you explain things. Very rushed to send the patient to another specialist because she has no clue what is wrong with you. Horrible that a sick patient is treated like this.
She was walking out the door and standing in the hallway before I was even done discussing my concerns with her, I've never felt so brushed off.
She doesn't listen to the patient; goes strictly by the numbers
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