Wonderful Doctor with a big heart in serving his patients.
My relative was referred to dr. vu after the associate dr. stephens was not able to properly treat her. This went on for a year. Her regular doctor got her an appt with the head of USF Neurlogy Dr. Vu. Amazing right? Anyway, Dr. Vu in two visits and not completing all tests sent in the nurse practitioner to tell her she had ALS. Needless to say, she went to an excellent Dr. in St. Petersburg who said that after thorough testing there was no way she had ALS . Pretty Sad. DONT GO TO USF neuro.
Didn't even say two words on second visit. The room was dead silent. My complaint weren't serious enough I guess so he brushed me off to his incompetent nurse Jerrica. Never going back ! I had been suffering with headaches and nerve pain which other doctors suggested it was nerve damage and to see a neurologist. I wish it was them going through what I am experiencing and maybe then they will understand. Just because it doesn't show on CT scan or whatever doesn't mean it isn't so!

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